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  1. Guys. Can anyone sum up for me what happened? I was just stay offline for a day and here we are: Page 937 wtf?
  2. Im sure as hell that i wont be happy if we're clowned on Wednesday, it will be worse than @TheDollClub's tuesday because it will be LANA herself does all the clownery.
  3. maybe one of my LDR9/X dream will come true after all I once dreamt that i bought LDRX from her webstore on the release date & when i download it, i saw a hidden zip file that says "unreleased collection" - she literally released an album within an album in my dream.
  4. 2-3 month is still better than MAC/VB - NFR pre-release - NFR album release I say we'll eat what she gives us
  5. WAIT. If it ends up to be that same photo he posted on ig in 2017. Let us remember what she HAD TO SAY IN 2017 - a collection of 25 Lana's fav leaked songs album. I am sensing an unreleased album concept - as LDR9 - using that particular photoshoot/theme and LDRX will be coming later later 2023. HER DOUBLE ALBUM ERA IS REAL OMG
  6. Okay it might not be THAT SPECIFIC photo but how about the fact that he CAN'T POST IT YET? It doesnt have to be this photo, maybe what he is about to post next week is a completely different photo for Lana's new album rollout. He just kinda use this photo for the sake of the insta story announcement to hype. I use my old grassy/flower photos as canvas background for my story notes all.the.time. WE STILL ON OUR WAY WINNING WHORES. Dont stop the DELULU. IT'S NOT OVER Y'ALL
  7. I am not ready to see Yes to Heaven & Roses Bloom For You in the same tracklist
  9. no y'all they ate with this theme
  10. Y'all i just woke up. WHAT HAPPENED? We are at page 918 wtf? Better be something good omg
  11. i'm fine with 2 - 3 high budget music videos with 4-5 cute homemade camcorder/fake-camcorder filter apps on iphone music videos. But if Lana lovess making these homemade video thie much then im surprised that she still hasnt filmed homemade videos as visualizers audio clip for everysingle song in a particular album when posting them on youtube. It'd be cool if she was too lazy & over for high budget things atp. It'd be nice to see she pulls an A.K.A and goes film simple homemade visuals for all the songs in an album like the Lizzy days.
  12. alright guys time to #voteforchange team whore @DragonWhore team dollies @TheDollClub team 666÷6= @111 team Delulu @King team French Husbandos @lustforlife team Tropico (Tarot readers)
  13. y'all Lana Del Rey is low-key trending on twitter right the fuck now. Imagine a re-activation for her verified ig, an official announcement TONIGHT?
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