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  1. You Want It Darker was such a masterpiece. The first album by him i've ever listened to only after his death. I wish i knew him sooner, my deadass even thought Chelsea Hotel was Lana's original back then
  2. SalvaWHORE

    Nicki Minaj

    I'm tired of this trap sound already - Nicki where is your crazy Roman flows + experimental beats?
  3. Lol i dont hate boygenius but they all are so manufactured & overhyped, there is no alternative act even REACHES Lana's impact this year - why cant yall be honest for ONCE? Mitski deserves to be nominated more than boygenius, even Caroline.
  4. SalvaWHORE

    Nicki Minaj

    lol 10 songs and we already heard 3 of them. This better be fake.
  5. SalvaWHORE

    Nicki Minaj

    wait what? where did you see it? I was thinking all these delaying and anticipating and hyping for this era, we were supposed to get at least 20 tracks
  6. A&W was listed song of the year by Pitchfork, NME & Guardian the song is #1 in their year-end top best songs of 2023 lists The amount of recognition she received this year. UGH I CAN SMELL A GRAMMY
  7. a whole mess..Thank God i never ordered anything since everything was so ugly
  8. So how many times she deactivate this damn account y'all?
  9. idc HEART SHAPED BOX has to be in that damn album. Lana DO NOT DO WRONG
  10. Is it just me or she is actually singing this with her 2012- 2015 voice?
  11. Actually, it's kinda so fucking extra for her to DONT HAVE TO HAVE A HOT 100 HIT ON BILLBOARD but still selling out arenas, even 2 fucking stadium nights this year, 5 Grammys for this album only... Iconic. She doesnt have to be a mainstream pleaser
  12. “Despite its state, this daybed, I’m proud of this,” Del Rey tells me. “I got it from Living Spaces. They brought it in the morning and assembled it by four. That’s amazing.” Is it? I wonder. Is this quick assembly of a now waterlogged and forgotten daybed amazing to Lana Del Rey..." - This part of the interview literally reminds me of this very album cover I edited with A.I "waterlogged daybed" needs to be her LDRX signature vehical
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