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  1. Just did a quick edit for a Lasso artwork. Manifesting southern gothic concept for this era
  2. Has Anyone Else Died For You? has to be a title
  3. So is this gonna be in Lasso or LDR10 or Quavo's album?
  4. No. Yesterday i can still access the website without any password needed
  5. y'all the page is not public wtf is happening? IS IT UPDATING?
  6. right at the beginning of cancer season? this is so homophobic
  7. Y'all ive just noticed this new logo...... are we MOVING???
  8. Angels Forever was always a Paradise track for me ... but actually it deserves to be astand-alone single and gain all the SYTH fame fr
  9. UV 10th anni came and went but... Ultraviolence X (Ultraviolence 10th Anniversary Edition) designed by me.
  10. Good. Then she has a chance to release more MVs to Ocean Blvd era 😔
  11. SalvaWHORE

    Britney Spears

    thank you so much queen
  12. okay these are giving Miranda Lambert meets C,XOXO camila Cabello
  13. SalvaWHORE

    Charli XCX

    i can feel like in ten years, Brat will be in top 10 or even top 5 albums that defined this decade
  14. it's 12/06 here in australia, yea... i guess we are getting nothing
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