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  1. Ummmm finally she’s a genius !!! Mariposa and her feature on ZDBT and Prado’s Elastic are divine
  2. Furor Poeticus


    Recently I’ve started streaming the shit out of Erotica OMG Deeper and Deeper is a masterpiece
  3. It is decided: to me RENAISSANCE is in like the TOP5 of my favourite albums this year. Who knows, maybe it'll eventually take the №1 spot for me
  4. Plastic Off The Sofa is so sweet I've been having a lot of fun so far with this record
  5. Furor Poeticus


    Can’t she hurry up???
  6. 2 days ago I streamed the most glamorous songs from BTD while shaving lmao
  7. We're getting sexual orientations in an upcoming update! I'm very often critical of TS4 but this is an important and welcome feature
  8. Listening to Thoroughfare and crying about a love I don’t have
  9. I had a dream I saw her new music video for a song we haven’t heard before and it was so good
  10. Furor Poeticus


    California is really sweet but I don't remember the other 3 at all
  11. Furor Poeticus


    Oceanic Feeling will get a music video I can die happy
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