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  1. Stoooop I’ve been confused for hours thinking “wtf is an Ocean Bald”
  2. I mean Queen Mother has said herself it’ll be a wordy album so it’s only accurate for the title being long. Come through, DYKTTTUOB
  3. Literally, I had a hookup lol I could’ve made it less vague. Anyhow it’s funny seeing Boulevard spelt like BLVD because I keep reading it as BALD and that’ll be us on Friday
  4. March 10th right before my birthday
  5. OK wtf y’all I didn’t check for a few hours and BAM 70 new pages more. Has anything significant happen or is it our general group chaos???
  6. OK February is acceptable but this album should’ve come out months ago already
  7. This screamed ALBUM COVER the moment I saw it
  8. I actually would love to hear RBFY and YTH on an LP, but I don't know if any possible rework of the latter will top the leaked version
  9. I wish she would release Yes Yes Yes
  10. Furor Poeticus


    Happy birthday to Queen Mother Supreme
  11. Pls Lana release YTH finally I know you’re reading this now’s the time
  12. I want a song where she drops a c-bomb
  13. LanaBoards is one of the forums of all time
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