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  1. Furor Poeticus


    This album is so good...
  2. This song is gonna destroy me like, I'm going through a major romantic disappointment and she comes through with Young love don't always last forever
  3. which way makes me wanna get a good job and leave cuz it feels right
  4. Pamplemousse is too short
  5. Cellophane made me cry when it came out so now I'll shake my bony ass
  6. The soundtrack still slaps
  7. Definitely not me bestie
  8. She could make a MV for Pink Convertible where she drives her pink car and everything is burning and falling apart around her. That's the vibe I get from the lyrics
  9. She could've dropped the Purge The Poison demo too
  10. Do we know how many songs it'll have?
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