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  1. I don’t think it is bc wouldn’t Lana have also liked the photo of weyes… and also doesn’t explain the ocean wave since Weyes didn't use that picture anywhere
  2. Rockafella my mascarer
  3. Moonfall …very boring, formulaic, predictable
  4. Well From this video it seems like he doesnt have an accent
  5. Guys his shirt says Drug Dealer Dealer 2.0 (lanita’s version) is coming
  6. she sounds like lizzy here
  7. rhubysyrup

    Song vs. Song

    Making Out vs Is it Wrong
  8. Not her breaking streaming records left and right oh wow
  9. rhubysyrup

    The Greatest

    Sorry but the piano outro always gags me
  10. Mmm Jack trying out new things in the studio for ldr10
  11. I had a strange dream that the album title was called Cosmic Spiral, and it came out next week
  12. I can’t handle this ultrasilence
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