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  1. the way its not even far off since Lana has mentioned before that she really likes that song
  2. so true. I was so confused because they're always the first ones to cry for trap/beat/rock stuff and now that she put 4 songs like that with extremely heavy production they still find a way to complain. I have a feeling they didn't even listen all the way through full of essays talking about 'I listened to Lana since forever and loved all 49582 albums until NFR I'm so disappointed she will never leave her yeehaw era'... l
  3. bye I just went to read the album discussion thread on reddit out of curiosity and the reddit stans all hate it lmao
  4. I have a feeling this will be THE comprehensive LDR record. It will contain all the essential LDR sounds and lyrics you ever need all in one album while still feeling like a cohesive body of work. An essential in her discography
  5. rhubysyrup

    Song vs. Song

    Carmen vs French Restaurant
  6. it felt like she was a bit more nervous and emotional than usual, compared to when she got artist of the decade award, at least
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