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  1. This sounds so crazy and different what the faaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwkkkKjdsd
  2. ben follows orgs like Jewish Voice for Peace and ifnotnow and engaged posts advocating for Gaza so I don't think its them that's holding her back. I agree it feels stupid on her part to stay silent since she has propped herself up in the past to speak out especially having songs like Coachella, or Looking for America. She even posted about Ukraine once. Taylor really never comments on politics besides the US election and she has a huge PR team as well as being in the middle of a major tour so it's less expected from her. a lot of lana's friends and people she works with are Palestinian or have been outspoken about this so it just feels weird. And after the massacre a few days ago I saw lots of posts coming from people I wasn't expecting--Jack, Aaron dessner, Finneas, Ariana grande, etc. this is just a huge tragedy in the world happening right now and the tides and public opinion really are turning and it would be really surprising if Lana was not a part of that
  3. The new instrumental on her post it’s giving Solitaire
  4. Ommmgggg I’ve always waited for her to interact with Melanie I can’t believe this Both iconic 2010s alt queens
  5. Did anyone else notice Clayton’s comment under the snippet
  6. rhubysyrup

    Taylor Swift

    just saw someone call her a MAGA over the 1830s line
  7. I need these instrumental vibes on lasso or I'm suing...
  8. I want more random drama tea spilling sesh in the middle of singing pls
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