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  1. It seemed like she liked the album, but I swear to God, by the way she was acting I got this feeling like she already has another album up her sleeve. she's always miles ahead of herself and we always have no clue about it.
  2. I was thinking lithium ? she was saying how that one word described everything that happened and maybe that was what effected her emotions and personality growing up and messed her for forever. plus wfwf is like the most revealing song.
  3. I love how she was jumping on every opportunity to sing. I'm really happy Lana talked about this album and especially the unreleased tracks it makes me fall more in love with it, knowing she's into it too. she barely talked about chemtrails so I felt like I didn't know her thoughts about the album and it was sad
  4. Gurl who the hell was snoring in arcadialovesong’s live i almost pissed myself
  5. started sobbing at living legend. crazy how Lana always drops albums right when I need them the most.
  6. black bathing suit. black bathing suit. black bathing suit. black bathing suit.
  7. wow. well I just finished the entire album. my full thoughts and review:
  8. I'm actually starting from start to finish to hear her full story. text book hits so much more wow AHHHH
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