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  1. what ever happened to the gurl I threw in tha wasteland, come up short and end up on the news Hay AHAYAAAAYYYAY what ever happened? what ever happened? HAEYYayyeAYYYYYY heaAYyAYYYYY
  2. Oh lord not another fake insider
  3. I'm just hella confused abt that random ass video
  4. I got goosebumpsthe melody and the guitar chords are just so good
  5. the alt ver prob has some different lyrics? I remember boz teased "I think that you're sweet like rock candy wild like beaches that leave me sandy" it could've been on accident but could b the other version also I cant imagine this song being on bb or cocc in a million years
  6. she hasn't lost anything. she just chooses when to and when not to use a register like any other singer, also, wildflower wildfire & vfr exists
  7. The way her voice in this is like a perfect mix of babydoll lizzy, paradise, crazy, jazzy and white dress lana.
  8. Not The lfl redemption era again… I’m getting memories of BB prerelease
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