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  1. This new song sounds so good! I'm pleasantly surprised
  2. I think this song works perfectly for its purpose of being a soundtrack song for Euphoria, and that is all
  3. Watercolor Eyes sounds very pretty and I'm happy it's coming out (haven't heard the full yet) but I do wish they used Dealer additionally in an episode It's already pretty well-streamed for a non single and Euphoria exposure would boost that heavily. They could even use footage from the episode it would be used in, and pass it off as the official music video, like they did with Labrinth songs last season
  4. I really hope we get the song on streaming, but I'm not expecting it I don't want to have to listen to a vinyl rip from #that website to hear it
  5. This sounds so beautiful This + Watercolor Eyes are so unique (I know this one technically isn't her song but still) I'm so excited about the musical direction she is going
  6. The melodies of Afraid & the chorus of Hawaiian Tropic have so much potential to me, even 10-12 years after they were made Valley of the Dolls of course as well, I barely would touch it cause I think it's so ethereal, even if it's just a concept demo
  8. I forgot that DNC has absolutely nothing to do with this single We have so much to look forward to
  9. Trying to stay away from snippets of upcoming songs after I spent 35 days listening to Dealer pitched up But the descriptions of the snippets from people who have heard it look promising!! I'm excited
  10. Nasri produced a couple of songs for Chloe x Halle's latest record (Which was amazing) so I'm actually very excited
  11. Have we figured out if Watercolor Eyes or whatever it's called is the same song as "I think that you're sweet like rock candy, wild like beaches that leave me sandy"?
  12. The fact that we have gotten COCC, the RCS announcement, the BB announcement, the three singles, Arcadia, the music videos, BB, a live television performance, the Euphoria single, and the FJM collaboration/cover in the same amount of time that it took between MAC and NFR! album release
  13. Strongly wondering if that is the song we are about to get A nice little Rock Candy Sweet tease before she announces the album and single of the same name, out in early June
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