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  1. When she reworks True Love on the Side for this album
  2. Gorgeous!! I love that you kept the font/borders consistent with the BB cover I really hope she has a cover in that aesthetic again
  3. After hearing 90% of Blue Banisters before it was out, I would be here for a leak free digital release
  4. I think it should have been on Blue Banisters, but would not be opposed to her cover of Some Things Last a Long Time being on this album if it's more stripped back Idk. I honestly just need a digital HQ release of it
  5. 1. Cruel World 2. Ultraviolence 3. Shades of Cool 4. West Coast 5. Money Power Glory 6. Brooklyn Baby 7. Fucked My Way Up To The Top 8. Cult Leader 9. Sad Girl 10. Old Money 11. Florida Kilos 12. Your Girl 13. Pretty When You Cry 14. Is This Happiness 15. Flipside 16. Black Beauty
  6. Waist Deep in Icy Waves serving as an ethereal LDR9 song title
  7. The rollout of NFR, COCC & BB was definitely interesting, but I'd rather have a more concise rollout like LFL this time around personally Even though this album clearly will not be very mainstream, and I doubt they are aiming for radio singles, a nice quick but organized rollout for once would be satisfying
  8. regattasinthewind

    Taylor Swift

    Hope 1989 is actually coming this time, and it's not another Wildest Dreams This Love TV sounds great I'm perched
  9. I've been thinking about this 😭 If and when she does tour again, I'm sure she'll sing some songs from COCC (title track, lmlylaw, bus with nikki, dbjag, wah..), but i can hardly see anything from BB being performed i think Cherry Blossom, Arcadia and Thunder (?) will be the ones she carries over. the chances of Dealer, BBS, WFWF, or any of those are quite low
  10. I believe she could do it before releasing anything new I doubt it would be a big tour or anything... I could honestly see her touring small venues between Oklahoma and Texas singing BB and (mainly) COCC songs I do think though that she is thinking about her next release, and that one guy who was teasing Watercolor Eyes on Twitter said she had something coming in the spring, so I also would not be surprised if she put out an album and began touring immediately after
  11. Duarte (where she mentions she is) is one town over from Arcadia Nice to see she's still enjoying the area. Hope we get the Arcadia poem version spontaneously
  12. I believe they dated briefly sometime between HM and LFL, and she was the inspo behind his song Mulholland Queen & Hard to Get Over Also rumored that NFR (song) is about him, but that seems way more speculative
  13. I know Lana has a history with Jonathan Wilson But I'd love to see him produce something for her in the future, cause this song is so ethereal
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