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  1. Neil Krug's story... THE ALBUM COVER IS COMING
  2. I have a feeling we're getting a trailer, tracklist and date on the 7th. But that's some wishful thinking
  3. The picture of the blinds... iconic. I'm here for it
  4. Forgot Jon Batiste and her had that session together. Very perched
  5. This part. I have a feeling that's what's going on and this is why she addressed it (in case anything private including messages/photos/songs/music leaks) A terrifying situation. I hope she gets the hell out of LA
  6. I just woke up fro a long nap... what is going ON
  7. Adding multiple to some AKA- Get Drunk (reworked by David Kahne) BTD- Serial Killer, Paradise, Take me to Paris Paradise- Hollywood, Wild One, Starry Eyed, Angels Forever UV- Cult Leader, Your Girl HM- Serene Queen, Crazy for You, Life is Beautiful LFL- Valley of the Dolls, If I Die Young NFR- Looking for America (released, but still would have loved it on the album) COCC- Summertime BB- I Talk to Jesus, UFB, Fine China, Some Things Last a Long Time Aware that Angels Forever is post-Paradise and Serene Queen is post-Honeymoon but they both sound great on those respective albums
  8. Lana having collabs with a selection from Taylor Swift to ASAP Rocky to Father John Misty to Cat Power to The Weeknd to Ariana Grande to Bobby Womack to Kacey Musgraves to Miles Kane to Miley Cyrus Iconic
  9. 1. Ride 2. Young and Beautiful 3. American 4. Hollywood 5. Cola 6. Yayo 7. Gods & Monsters 8. French Restaurant 9. Body Electric 10. Wild One 11. Burning Desire 12. Starry Eyed 13. Bel Air 14. Blue Velvet 15. I Don't Wanna Go 16. Angels Forever And yes ik FR is from BTD sessions and AFFA is 2013 but the Ride-Wild One-Angels Forever punch makes this a real listening experience Listening like this definitely helped me give Paradise an identity outside of BTD repackaged lol
  10. Love this! I know it was repackaged with BTD, but I wish Paradise had a couple more songs. Especially Starry Eyed and Hollywood. I have a Spotify playlist for listening to it with those tracks added
  11. Taylor has been absolutely terrible at single choices since 1989 so I would not be surprised if the she makes the rumored Ed Sheeran () collab a single rather than the Lana one But you never know. Even if it's an album track, knowing Taylor, it's still gonna pull insane numbers
  12. regattasinthewind

    Taylor Swift

    I'm gonna lose my mind if they actually collab A dream come true for me
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