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  1. Gonna look great in a vinyl collection
  2. regattasinthewind

    Taylor Swift

    10 second low quality snippets of All of the Girls and Need being objectively better than ME! and YNTCD Her poor business decision-making between Reputation and Lover is something to be studied
  3. This is what I did on COCC (leak day) and BB release day and it was amazing. Absolutely worth it.
  4. my least favorite post-2012 unreleased (minus concept demos) actually
  5. Wow! He's so nice. Thanks for doing this
  6. Exactly my thoughts. She's such an interesting artist I would love to one day know the concept and plans behind each era that changed over time (would love to know how the Blue Banisters tracklist developed)
  7. The only versions of this song I care about (Auerbach & Ford) are the ones not out there
  8. Effortlessly iconic. I love her
  9. For the entire month of November I was getting Lana pop up ads while watching Instagram stories 😭 Very glad she's getting a nice push. Makes me wonder what other plans they have for future promotion
  10. It's interesting LYTAN didn't make the album even though Jack said they were revisiting some older songs from 2018 onward. I'm sure it's a special song to Lana considering it was nearly a title track, so I wonder if she has plans for that one
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