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  1. dat1guitarguy is going to hell and i’ll make sure of it
  2. Me too to be honest I’m not quite sure why I didn’t
  3. Watching her cracking jokes etc on stage, she seems so much more confident and comfortable this era and I love it. When I saw her in 2018, she was powerful yes but quiet and reserved on stage, I’m so proud of her continual growth and evolution!
  4. Cherry Blossom

    Song vs. Song

    God Knows I Tried vs Cruel World
  5. the way i just rearranged 3 lana albums and they were so good but then the thread was moved and deleted my post Goodbye
  6. 1. Live Or Die 2. I Caught You Boy 3. Never Let Me Go 4. Back to tha Basics 5. Hundred Dollar Bill 6. You Can Be The Boss 7. Driving In Cars With Boys 8. Resistance 9. My Best Days 10. Us Against The World 11. Last Girl On Earth
  7. Yosemite Treacherous Love is a Laserquest If You Lie Down With Me All Too Well Sinner’s Prayer A Case Of You Venice Bitch Landslide so many. autumn is the best season
  8. Cherry Blossom

    Charli XCX

    Why is How Can I the best bridge ever constructed ever
  9. Submarine (2010) Edward Scissorhands Truman Show Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
  10. I’m rereading The Book Thief and it’s incredible. Maybe my favourite ever. I finished The Great Gatsby a month ago, and I’m hoping to read To Kill A Mockingbird after.
  11. The screams of the fans! I’m dying. Lana cant even hold in her laughter that is so funny. Cant believe she posted a pic at the trailer park. Ldr10 is about to slay so hard I can feel it. the giant scrunchies are making me giggle shes so cute
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