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  1. i’m planning to go live with lana and then ask as many questions about ldr9 as possible and aka rerelease and roses bloom for u and btd anniversary
  2. i’m ctfu at ed saying it was Pretty Dark and then actually seeing the screenshots and the kid is just sending gifs
  3. I’ve always loved these songs, but recently I’ve appreciated a lot more Brooklyn Baby Black Beauty Diet Mountain Dew 13 Beaches Change
  4. They didn’t have it so I bought Illinois and Carrie & Lowell by Sufjan Stevens, Back To Black picture disc and evermore Green pressing
  5. Going to HMV today. Searching for Blue Banisters to see if they’re selling early
  6. this is such an amazing year to be a lana stan 2 albums 4 music videos living legend, thunder, cherry blossom, nectar of the gods official release 4 beautiful neil krug album covers riverside official release lana and the last shadow puppets collab
  7. currently listening to i talk to jesus as i leave the trailer park
  8. on my way to rob you yeah. yeah. yeah. lock you doors mr big spender. yeah.
  9. i really hope we get an interview (that’s actually about the music) and a performance of nectar of the gods or sweet carolina imagine lana sitting at the piano and performing cherry blossom IMAGINE LANA AND BARRIE PERFORMING RIVERSIDE
  10. the album leaked at the exam same time that my grandparents surprised my family and arrived on our holiday i listened to the album before saying hello to them
  11. the last hour of my life has been the most stressful hour of the life
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