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  1. are you looking for songs to get into her? if so, i would say: 1. Nuclear Seasons 2. Grins 3. Track 10 4. Gone 5. party 4 u 6. Move Me (Bonus) 7. Club Classics
  3. Florence + The Machine: Falling Howl Shake It Out How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Wish That You Were Here 100 Years
  4. Cherry Blossom


    Oceanic Feeling you are that girl. Oh look the rays are in the bay now, can you hear the waves and the cicadas all around?
  5. Chappell Roan the absolute superstar you are. I honestly have not seen a pop act emerge so suddenly and grow so big for years... Almost everyone I know at school knows of or listens to her and Good Luck, Babe! is a solidified car karaoke song alongside Red Wine Supernova. I'm gobsmacked... I know she says she feels overwhelmed by the speed of her career but I hope she can channel it positively. The outfit, the vocals, the performance, the set design, the music... She has the whole package. Good Luck, Babe! on Jimmy Fallon: https://youtu.be/vL92xyS0IEM?si=hsZM-yjE9PzEHOYI
  6. Cherry Blossom

    Charli XCX

  7. I just find it hilarious I see more anger at protests like this than I do at the constant daily persistence and destruction of our planet Why do we talk about isolated incidents like this for a prolonged period of time but not the actual problem that exists daily
  8. would anyone be interested in setting up a florence tracker with me? i was thinking about making it my project for the summer...
  9. Cherry Blossom

    Charli XCX

    i’m losing my fucking mind reading the comments on this post. https://www.instagram.com/reel/C8S-ieMuA7V/?igsh=anVtMGwyZnE3YzZp
  10. Cherry Blossom


    where should i start with kesha
  11. The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess 1. Femininomenon 2. Super Graphic Ultra Modern Girl 3. Naked In Manhattan 4. My Kink Is Karma 5. Casual 6. Coffee 7. HOT TO GO! 8. Pink Pony Club 9. Red Wine Supernova 10. Picture You 11. California 12. Guilty Pleasure
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