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  1. Cherry Blossom

    Miley Cyrus

    what the hell man
  2. Off To The Races Ride Black Beauty Terrence Loves You 13 Beaches hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but i have it White Dress Nectar Of The Gods
  3. Cherry Blossom

    Miley Cyrus

    oh… i wouldn’t put this past dr luke: ‘It was written by Cyrus in 2012 but when she brought it to Dr Luke him and his team stole writing credits from Miley and tried to sell it to Beyoncé’ Ive always wondered why she’s mentioned writing it a few times when it was quite public knowledge that she didn’t. I wonder if she’s spoken about that situation publicly anywhere?
  4. I’d like to say Love but i often feel like an angel in a land of Gods & Monsters so
  5. Cherry Blossom

    Miley Cyrus

    Hm, maybe she accidentally said Wrecking Ball instead of a song like We Can’t Stop?
  6. while i do still listen to it, watercolor eyes takes me back to an awful time
  7. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    apparently the fish refers to joe’s star sign pisces for those confused
  8. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    she can keep vigilante shit
  9. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    when she drops karma short film with ready for it taylor's version b side
  10. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    she defo has a pink lemonade lost mary...
  11. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    in other news… i thought the mv was beautiful. didn’t really think there needed to be a meaning to it as anti hero and bejeweled were. this one was just cute and fun and she’s so hot
  12. Cherry Blossom

    Taylor Swift

    what the hell why is this is even a convo it’s so disrespectful
  13. Guys I was hacked. This wasn’t me. Please. Take it doen.
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