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  1. The way some of you truly think Lana lurks this forum. Like gurl. Get real. She's probably googling "what's wrong with the men I choose"
  2. I have a strong feeling this album is coming out April 2021.
  3. omg, the album is totes gonna leak while you sleep and get taken down when you wake up. Nighty night. xx
  4. hon, I hate to break it to you, but, nothing is coming today.
  5. Currently listening to LFL album after resigning the day of waiting. Y'all need to go do the same with your music. You all deserve a break from this forum. I'm at peace.
  6. NOOO, unless you don't mind getting in trouble with Elle!
  7. I'm listening to the god knows I tried demo right now. Fits the mood of our waiting.
  8. Btw, all of you that were trashing lana for wearing that face mask can all put it to rest. Check out Alex's insta. The mask is full coverage.
  9. No worries! I'm laying in bed ready to sleep... and then maybe lights up a joint.
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