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  1. I get what you mean! I really hope Lana goes deeper into what lead it to be THE cover. Without all of the inclusivity talk.
  2. Idk what lead to the choice of album cover. And I was definitely confused/underwhelmed when it was revealed! Remember all of us predicting FIRE, for the cover. But now having time to understand it. I just choose to trust her creative process. This while era seems to be a very unique one.
  3. Sad for you I guess. But then again. I feel like saying it's "lack of effort" is a bit short sighted. How is it lack of effort if it's what Lana intended in the first place. The alt cover is beautiful. But it's also very plain. From the beginning, Lana mentioned this album was inspired from her closest. The album cover she chose seems to be exactly what she intended. Capturing a perfect moment between she and her besties. It's not a lack of effort. It just is what it is. I get the want for an aesthetic. But in the end. It comes down to the music.
  4. I know, excuse my outburst! I had a moment.
  5. I really.dont get it anymore. Like, are we even allowed to choose our future childs name? Do we have to choose a name appropriate to its fucking race?? ITS NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!!! Race is so fucking pathetic. Y'all, I hate and love everyone equally, idgaf about race. I respect it's history. But wow, this shit gets taken way too far, and way too extreme nowadays. That lana article is INSANE.
  6. Oh lovely, we've been moved to this thread. Anyways yall, I'm fucking pissed about this article. There goes yet another attempt at silencing Lana's career for no fucking fuck reason. FUCK! UGH.
  7. ARE 👏YOU👏FUCKING👏KIDDING👏ME👏BITCH!!! Someone SLAM this puta .
  8. I really wonder what Jack thinks about this era. Norman era, in hindsight, was fun and about the music, and was very much critically acclaimed. COCC era seems so chaotic and most of all destructive! Lana seems really annoyed/disappointed! I really wonder if losing the grammy award affected Lana in such a bad way! I'm super excited for COCC. But I so have to say that i wish this era was about the music. This album is definitely going to be a painful one!
  9. As she should! Like who tf are they to dissect someone's whole life/career like this. Calling her "not fake, but also not real" Like fuck me. If it's one thing I really hate this COCC era. Is that it feels like Lana is getting more blacklisted in Hollywood/media, than ever before. And for no real reason too. They really just want to tear a person down. Fuck.
  10. Ugh, the title alone made my eyes roll. Thx for the link btw!
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