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  1. The way this thread still has OUT September 2024 in it's title. Bffr.
  2. Her poetry book preorders must be tanking. She knows an album announcement might help
  3. OMG SHE ANNOUNCED ALBUM 6 https://x.com/MarinaDiamandis/status/1812526973802946738?t=jOPagZSKgggrSeQVyu7EfQ&s=19
  4. This thread name could literally be a Lana song title
  5. Oh idk maybe to make the song that literally just came out. Just a guess.
  6. I meant in this recent cancellation danger ere we're in
  7. The western collapse we needed and got Mark my words, all the pop girls who were afraid of guns are gonna make guns part of their aesthetic because of LDR
  8. Your lana MV's always ATE On the description it also says it's distributed by Quality Control Music. The label he's in.
  9. Teaser looks great! We are finally winning!
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