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  1. A visual of what this thread thinks of our baseless opinions: When we keep posting:
  2. The amount of timelines/extensive searching for code/shazam/potential collaborations....this is a full time job.
  3. I'll be excited if a rollout starts. But I'm not expecting anything tbh. She's played with our hearts one too many times.
  4. I hope that track is called: Your Rose's were shit.
  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAH HILARIOUS "you have to be mentally ill to be a cop" OMFG MOOD.
  6. Been lurking/reading through this thread....its a lowkey mess. Everything feels a bit off topic.
  7. You snapped hard bestie ! Hoping theres an NFR/critics, diss song on RCS!!
  8. I just want to say that I just discovered Marina's music today...and I loved it.
  9. Ew, but why?? Enough with the snoozefests!! I love them but we need fire.
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