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  1. I thought you said some girl screamed at your musty old man and I loved that you were in your realistic sugar daddy era
  2. When Lana says you took my sadness out of context at the Maryland apartment complex then what?
  3. This show is a MESS ya’ll me and my corone-ridden ass keeping up with minute by minute updates on a festival I have nothing to do with like This is so wholesome love the girlies being kind to each other
  4. Girlies at the front hang tight and don’t let those assholes shove you around! God forbid the deserving folks get their chance
  5. The haters living their life while us new material girlies stay winning
  6. Tbh I’m not a big Bleachers fan but I really love the song Secret Life so I’m praying for something in that vibe
  7. The dry cleaner when Lana confronts her about why her white dress is missing
  8. Honestly I think LDR is killing it on tour the vocals are a slay and personally I don’t think twice about her outfits mostly bc I don’t care about that kind of thing (still think she looks great tho imho) anyway the part that I grapple with is that she could go the extra mile to make the show feel *extra* special by doing a unique song if the location warrants it (Arkansas, Texas, Florida, etc) I think the only thing that makes a show location-specific is the “God bless you INSERTTOWNHERE.TXT” which feels kinda bland to me but otherwise she’s doing great sweaties
  9. Wake up babes, if she didn’t do TJF in Arkansas why would she do FK in Florida?
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