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  1. I mean, Henry, come on Do you think I'd really choose it? All this off and on Henry, come on I mean, baby, come on Do you think I'd really lose it on ya? If you did nothing wrong Henry, come on Last call, hey, y'all Hang his hat up on the wall Tell him that his cowgirl is gone Come on and giddy-up
  2. The way it took me a long time to figure out what was covering her head I thought it was Don’t @ me in my defense I just woke up from a nap
  3. Marty I’m scared Are you asking how to quote someone or…idk I’m scared
  4. Oh my GOD LMFAO me and my coins at ready Hello welcome!!!
  5. The way I keep confusing @heroindealer and @That Venice Bitch’s pfps and it’s sending me into a spiral skdnddfjfbg
  6. Loving the Alvin & The Chipmunks feature in the high pitched backing vocals
  7. Streets are saying they’re still mastering it as we speak
  8. The way this starts like a 90s ballad sent me lmao but the rest transitions into a gorgeous crooning alt track
  9. And that’s okay! But it’s nice to see Lana does
  10. TayLana is here to stay and I won’t hear another word about it
  11. Isn’t Post Mahomes the bro that sang for the Elvis/Graceland Christmas special this past year? If so I remember being very impressed with his voice was not expecting that to come out of him
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