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  1. This made me think: 1) It’s the 22nd of October today or, 2) The album is getting released early or, 3) You knew the album was gonna l34k today in which case who are you…. I’m with you though bestie!!! I want it and I want it nowwww ahhh!!!!
  2. Do you have this one? If so how do you think the track will be received by the general public?
  3. Where is dis hunny, has she leaked yet?
  4. Ok but can we talk about how the guy filming the first video gave the most unenthusiastic rendition of happy birthday? SIR if you’re gonna half ass my birthday song don’t bother coming!
  5. I haven’t given the full album a deep-dive listen tbh, I’ve only heard it in my car. From that first listen my standouts were: Cherry Blossom, Simple Times, Camera Roll, Hookup Scene, and Gracias a la Vida. I replayed Camera Roll like 8 times in a row tho, so I think it’s safe to say that’s my favorite
  6. I heard some basic betches in the park yesterday say “omg I hate Kelsey Musgrave’s new album”
  7. If your curiosity gets the best of you I would say don’t listen to the l34k because After getting over that hurdle I can say I’m definitely on the love train! She’s sooo good
  8. Ma’am, according to Lanapedia the Great Drought was from end of May til the Arcadia announcement came. We have new songs including our leaked sister Dealer to hold us over
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