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  1. Omfg I didn’t know Tennis had a RCS-vibe vinyl! I love these guys, I was about to buy plane tickets n fly out to see their “comeback” (post-quarantine) show at Red Rocks but I’m gonna be on a wedding trip Highly recommend if ya’ll want sumn to satisfy your quench for new music. Anyway, less than 40 days for the drought to continue
  2. If u mean bussyqueef.mp3 then yes it’s legit guess who’s lit again
  3. “You can’t escape my affection, wrap me up in your damp armpits”
  4. -Is @wild caged animal checking Shazam again? -Who’s on source code duty? (jk but low key...) -Where are our email drafters? -Customer service caller volunteers? -We need three golden chariots, a live duck, and ten Chris Evans look-alikes. Don’t ask questions just mobilize
  5. All two inches of dick on a screen
  6. I might as well give her my banking info, she’s coming for my wallet with this single lewk and I’m not saying no
  7. Tiddy Del Rey is back!!!!! Also this is totally a confirmation that soft ice cream pink is here to stay for RCS!
  8. Just like Sep 5th was a real fact? Gorl..... re: Lies Lana has told us thread
  9. Is anyone else having a hard time connecting with this era? I’m not as hyped up about the upcoming album as I was with Chemtrails even though she was super delayed. Maybe I’m subconsciously preparing myself for June 1st to come and go without word on the album? Maybe a song snippet on Insta would light the fire in my excitement again. Sometimes I even go back to Lana’s Chemtrails announcement video where we heard “contemplating God under the chemtrails over the country club” for the first time and the spark instantly comes back: the rush of knowing sumn epic is coming; this community’s excitement over the preview; the imminent preorder, etc. Yeah I’m gonna go with we need more tangible receipts and I’ll be super jazzed again.
  10. Lmao can u imagine? “They’re so mysterious” Thing in question:
  11. Did you guys like Purge The Poison? I’m listening to it for the first time as a type this and I’m having so many mixed reactions. Some parts are really good others I’m side eyeing? Idk how to feel. It feels kinda 80s yet modern? Idk this is so weird and good ahahaha
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