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  1. Think about how well this would pair on a tracklist next to Zodiac
  2. Not this Walmart special I really manifested this with my Walmart tornado story from earlier
  3. I just know Rob's wrist is SHAKING right now carrying the weight of the live keep it going Nepo Daddy!!!!
  4. I smell drama of the year’s winner at the next Lipsters
  5. Help one time (coincidentally also in Massachusetts) I was in a Worcester Walmart and a tornado touched down and they moved us to the back of the store where the excess merch is with sirens yelling ‘code black’ over the speakerphone pls it was so trumatic we are not manifesting this
  6. When Lana goes live and does an acoustic show for us like Covid times 🥺
  7. The only real winner here if the show gets c*nc*ll*d is grindr that shit gon be popping OFF in Boston if there’s no show
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