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  1. Candy Necklace in Dolby Atmos is here fuck me this is amazing we really won those fucking STRINGS omfg
  2. Well girls I’m at home ascending to an edible pretending the album drop in 23 minutes will be my first listen It’s been such an amazing ride with you all catch you on the flipside_lanadelrey.mp3
  3. The whole room looked spooked at the listening party during the fast paced classical piano bridge the people were shook!!! Ethereal, breathtaking, showstopping!
  4. SKSJSJSJDBD yk that’s a good question I can’t tell if I should have been flattered or creeped out but if her point was to make an impression she truly succeeded
  5. You know I thought this one sounded the same as the l34k tbh but a hot daddy at the party distracted me so who knows!!
  6. Candy Necklace was amazing the instrumental slayed me and Fingertips also had a slightly different instrumental than the l34k3d version
  7. The way I was fully expecting her to drop the name of LDRX in that last video post 💀 Hey guys album is dropping in a couple days and I’ll expand on these thoughts in my next record Where Angels Don’t Dare To Tread 💀
  8. HELP there was this gorl who flat out stared at me throughout the whole event like Amy from Amy’s Bakery show yourself sis!!!!! 💀💀💀💀
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