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  1. Is there already a mashup with the official audio and the mv ending vocals?
  2. I hope this can be ordered to EU at some point... this is the superior cover. Those watercolor-esque colors... the artistry...
  3. If COCC the song + video is actually good (as the trailer suggests), everybody will be happy and fed and stanning again
  4. riina

    Instagram Updates

    wow she fucking destroyed me with that selfie.
  5. I'm so excited for the COTCC mv BUT I have also a Swedish exam on the same day, so these countdowns just make me feel excited and anxious at the same time
  6. riina

    Instagram Updates

    Whew, the colors and aesthetic so far is better than anything she's done in couple of last eras. Hope the music will reflect that! I'm positively more hyped than in August!
  7. Agreed! Just think about BAR with Jack's production... the possibilities! And we would still have the demo version as well
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