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  1. Lana is so social! She has friends that are rappers and books. She is everyone’s girl.
  2. I bet that's all she was telling herself during the entirety of the event.
  3. I love how we are basically participating in this virtual workshop on 'Spotify Music Business' for free.
  4. Seriously... This is worse than her weird era of saying "soon" to define time, whether that was days, months, or years.
  5. It’s so good! She sings the words “the” and “a” throughout the song.
  6. How about we stop decoding what she said and we start acting like we don't care about Lasso so it comes out faster.
  7. Paris Hilton

    Taylor Swift

    I am just jealous of her money tbh.
  8. Hello girls! It's me ya girl RuPaul (Also known as 'Roop' in Italian and Vietnamese) I am honestly so happy to be back with everyone, except with THREE girls... @Daytona Beach Sparkler Why did you leave three anti-being a drag queen pems under my bed telling me to watch my back? Are you really going to forget that time @bia threw away your cherry coke flavored vape? I see right through you. @DemonMic2003 Porkchop. Jealousy is a disease. Feel better soon. X @TheBoss You NASTY girl! How dare you do the things you put me through. I already contacted RCA to look for you. Enjoy working with them for 20 years with NOTHING in return. I now own the masters for BB/ANG3L. I'd like to take the chance to announce my album RU/ANG3L! Give it up for RU/ANG3L you guys! I went through so much in this competition: The girls gave me LEAN; I was isolated from the group; Taylor Swift snatched my tuck and now ion even got it on me; Lana Del Rey punched me in the left side of my prosthetic breasts; and I was almost killed by THE JUDGES themselves after one of them served me uncooked fish. I mean I like them fishy but not like this!
  9. I WON LANABOARD’S NEXT TOP MODEL????? I can’t believe I am the first drag queen to serve in the North Korean army and to win LNTM at once. Thank you judges for seeing something beyond this beautiful snatch! And I’m not talking about the lack of wig on my head that I lost due to severe excitement. My Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent is overflowing! Thank you to the judges and Lindsay for this beautiful opportunity. To all my fellow models, you were so fun and talented! After all the drama, you are all my girls! Except for some unsolved business I am going to address with one girl… Watch your Back.
  10. Backstage, moments before the final runway, the tension was palpable. RuPaul, still livid about her missing dress, confronted Mitski… — I know you took it, you weird freakzoid. I will dismember you… she accused, eyes blazing. Mitski, maintaining her calm, and sweetness retorted: —I didn’t touch your stupid dress, you stupid bald bitch. Stop blaming me for your Amnesia you old hag… Anya, AGAIN, caught in the middle, tried to defuse the situation, AGAIN… — Can we just focus on the show? This is our moment! We might serve in the North Korean army for 5 years!! Don’t forget it girls Kim Kardashian, lieutenant of the south North Korean base stormed in, barking orders: —Enough! Get your fucking ass up and strut the runway. It seems like nobody wants to strut the runway these days As they moved to their positions, RuPaul leaned in to Anya, whispering: —Watch your back. Anya, exasperated, just shook her head. The models took their places for the second runway, the drama still simmering beneath the surface.
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