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  1. Livestream about to start in two minutes. The ig lives are a mess.
  2. The fact that we’ll be stuck in this suckfest for 30 minutes…
  3. This new version of SYTH has been hitting my G spot real good
  4. People choosing QOTGS over Dragonslayer on the poll is wild to me
  5. SAME. I always start with those three songs. They're laced with something.
  6. My exact same thoughts. At least they could've included a sticker. Kinda similar to what Lorde did with Solar Power.
  7. Same with Apple Music. They had COCC title track lyrics so wrong on the bridge: "It's beautiful, LSD..." Madly and Pink Champagne are songs that could work on a 10th anniversary repackaging.
  8. Wait what. I always thought she was saying "Pink Champagne".
  9. Me and her ( @nikkilane77 ) being madly af
  10. I totally agree with this. Madly and Pink Champagne (in my opinion) are core UV tracks. I wish she still included them on the album. Everything about this song is so insanely good idc.
  11. How dare you say this! We'd never hate on NFR! and LFL.
  12. My Top 20 The order of some songs is weird as fuck. It should be 1. Venice Bitch 2. Flipside 3. West Coast 4. Get Free 5. Black Beauty
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