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  1. how was she recording WHILE driving? As far as i remember she pulled over to record herself. The video was very cute. At least she gave us something for that song.
  2. Damn, back to hating on Halsey again then. This shit is 2015 all over again... FUCK HALSEY
  3. That's what y'all get for saying "COCC coming in 2056" because we will now actually get it in 2056.
  4. Chemtrails Over the Country Club - Pre-Release Thread: Out September 2020 Key Words: Something, expect, manifesting, soon, cocc, coming, september, delusions, coming, week, preorder, couple, ed, vinyl, hope, clownery...
  5. I honestly can't say anything about her reckless driving because I drive like the most insane person ever Lana and I are basically sisters. However, driving like that surpasses the levels of insanity...
  6. Drag her, clampi! Your reputation era is coming
  7. I am waiting for the same person to reveal the secret behind this. I was called out for doing it.
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