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  1. Nothing super rare, but aside from an almost complete vinyl collection except for the 12" Blue Jeans picture disc and the Love/Lust For Life single FML I have the Paradise Tour programme, the FNAC-exclusive Ultraviolence CD with the Flipside bonus disc, and the glittery NFR cassette. Oh, and the coke necklace, which is probably my favourite merch item ever (not just from Lana, but in general).
  2. The way that their standalone collabs are all so much better than their other recent releases...
  3. The way people on Twitter and on other forums are pissed about this remake and the lack of BotW 2 news and I'm like IT'S WHAT YOU DESERVE FOR CONSTANTLY SHADING SKYWARD SWORD!! Can't wait to completely focus on Ghirahim's tongue... in HD and 60 FPS!
  4. I wonder how much work it would actually be to remaster/upscale Ocarina of Time 3D and Majora's Mask 3D into HD? I suppose it wouldn't be quite as easy as turning Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword into HD games due to the low resolution of the 3DS?
  5. I would absolutely love for the Oracle games to be remade, I never got to play them so far and they seem super interesting. I'm a bit surprised we didn't even get a little teaser video for BotW 2. As for other ports/remakes... I have no doubt Twilight Princess HD and The Wind Waker HD will come to the Switch sooner or later, but there's no way they'll do a three-in-one bundle for games that they can sell as individual full-price titles.
  6. Skyward Sword HD out in July, let's gooo! BotW 2 news later this year.
  7. Positions is interesting because to me it doesn't really have any "huge" songs like all of her previous albums do, so I never really put it on for a specific song. But when I do put it on, I think it's a very enjoyable listen from beginning to end. It's super consistent, whereas most other Ariana albums (aside from TUN) have at least one total clunker that I don't like at all. It's very cohesive (maybe even a bit too cohesive to the point where if sometimes feels like songs are blending into each other) and I definitely commend her for releasing an album that goes in a different sonic direction than her previous ones, and also for not working with Max Martin and Ilya this time (as much as I love their stuff). One thing that's rather unfortunate is that none of the singles feel like proper (future) classics. Like, you just know that in ten years from now Ariana will still perform Into You, NTLTC, GIAW, TUN at every show, but the singles from Positions all kinda pale in comparison and I just can't help but feel like the era will be forgotten rather quickly. Ideally the deluxe edition will add the one outstanding mega bop that this album lacks, but I suppose that's unrealistic.
  8. Way ahead of you, darling. As far as I'm concerned, this bitch ha career is over.
  9. SlowGinFizzzz

    Dua Lipa

    Ddd everybody seems to hate Not My Problem and I'm here happily bopping.
  10. It's coming u little bitch. Well, presumably. I'm PRAYING they don't fuck up the Sinnoh remakes. Sun/Moon and Sword/Shield were just incredibly disappointing, but since Diamond/Pearl/Platinum already provide such a strong basis, they should be able to deliver this time around.
  11. Fuck... I can't believe this is true. Rest in peace, Queen. What a trailblazer in so many ways.
  12. Excuse you? There's no fillers aside from maybe Orange County Girl.
  13. By the way, hating on Lolita is NOT a personality trait. It does NOT make you edgy or skinny or pretty.
  14. The most important and impactful music era of the 2010s, easily. It's incredible how massive she was with this album, especially considering what the music landscape looked like back then. Over here, she had a number 1 with the album, a number 2 with Video Games, and two more top 10 hits with the title track and Summertime Sadness (the original version, not that ugly remix); and Blue Jeans and even Dark Paradise were radio hits, too. I know people throw this term around a lot, but with Born To Die, Lana really did pave the way for today's artists (both in pop and in alternative music) in terms of sound and aesthetics. The album itself remains incredible and hasn't aged a bit, thanks to Lana's captivating storytelling and Emile Haynie's timeless, cohesive production. Happy birthday, Born To Die!
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