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  1. SlowGinFizzzz


    She really said "It's Pride Month, lemme feed my little faguettes and Medonsters!"
  2. SlowGinFizzzz

    Charli XCX

    Need this to happen so badly.
  3. SlowGinFizzzz

    Kylie Minogue

    Pretty sure it was done via an "Enhanced CD" section. So basically you would insert the CD into your computer and in addition to the actual audio files, it would show something like a Kylie.exe file. Those usually contained picture galleries, videos in like 240p, lyrics, and sometimes links that would take you to a download site for download-exclusive tracks. However, in my experience, those CD-ROM bonus tracks were never stored on the actual CD, and I'm 99.9 % sure that the link isn't working anymore since it's been quite a while.
  4. Somebody from the US wanna order a signed copy for me and ship it over here afterwards? I'll PayPal you the money obv.
  5. For me it's kinda giving Clarity, which is probably my favourite Kim era visually. But you're not wrong, it doesn't really fit the sound of the songs that ended up on the album. But honestly, at this point I'm just glad it has a cover, a tracklist, and a release date. I just want her to get it out; knowing Kim she'll retcon it into a mixtape in a few months anyway.
  6. Not Unholy and Coconuts being on the album. Not gonna lie though, the cover looks amazing. Is this Kimberley tricking me into buying a physical copy of Feed The Beast and succeeding?
  7. SMASH HIT! Now drop Serial Killer and You Can Be The Boss, cowards @teamLDR!
  8. SlowGinFizzzz


    Like A Prayer – 2023 version (feat. The Weeknd) maybe?
  9. Love Ya, Leave Ya deserves a spot on the album.
  10. SlowGinFizzzz

    Kylie Minogue

    Kiss Me Once did give us the iconique Sexercize video, which effortlessly wipes the floor with all of her visual "efforts" under BMG. Edit: The other two Sexercize videos were pretty fun too:
  11. SlowGinFizzzz

    Kylie Minogue

    The song is great, such a bop! Probably her best lead single since Into The Blue (for me, anyway). The video on the other hand...
  12. SlowGinFizzzz

    Kylie Minogue

    I don't have one unfortunately, but maybe @HEARTCORE can help?
  13. I mean, Alone did chart at #55 in the US and #37 in the UK. Aside from Unholy, that's her highest (and only) charting song so far. So while Kim/the label probably expected more... I suppose it could be worse?
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