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  1. OMG Troye and A.G. Cook??
  2. SlowGinFizzzz


    Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet. Stunning performance on a German late night TV show (with an orchestra!):
  3. SlowGinFizzzz

    Allie X

    I... don't really think it's about mental health in her case.
  4. SlowGinFizzzz

    Kylie Minogue

    Impossible Princess 25th Anniversary Edition now available for preorder! Violet marble vinyl with art print (general release): Kylie.com-exclusive transparent violet vinyl: Indie-exclusive orange vinyl: Kylie.com-exclusive picture disc:
  5. SlowGinFizzzz


    Madonna and Stuart Price are on the latest episode of the Song Exploder podcast, discussing how they created Hung Up! Imagine if they've been working on new music together, I would probably die.
  6. Imagine the serve if she had released this final version of Push x3 instead of Homework and then turned all the singles from Era 1 into an album. Probability would've been the best pop album in history.
  7. Can't believe this remix is real. What an era! Also, NUMBER ONE with both Act I: Renaissance and Break My Soul! 25 years into her career, without even as much as dropping a proper music video. Absolute legend, I'm so damn proud of her! Who's doing it like Beyoncé?
  8. Now that we know those songs are all scrapped for good, could someone post a link please?
  10. The fact that I literally bought the Ultraviolence 2LP deluxe edition for € 11 from Lana's official store back in 2019.
  11. SlowGinFizzzz

    Charli XCX

    Justice for Number 1 Angel.
  12. SlowGinFizzzz


    She has a big campaign of re-releases of her earlier discography planned starting later this year as part of her renewed contract with Warner Records, so I'm sure we'll get quite a few of those unreleased songs. The 50 Number Ones remix compilation is only the beginning.
  13. Beyoncé made this song for hot bitches, so if it's not hitting for you...
  14. SlowGinFizzzz

    Charli XCX

    What a banger, I need to hear this in a club THIS INSTANT!
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