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  1. Ikr you can tell she just wants to get on the plane but it's not in her nature to turn down fans asking for pictures (or in this case, fans asking for SOTB )
  2. Aw so she didn't wear the Marilyn wig? I prefer this dress to the Rio one, though. I like how the skirt falls and think it's rly flattering on her
  3. Disgust It makes me so angry that these freaks feel entitled to her; she is a human being ffs
  4. I- what? Considering her past history with creeps at shows (the guy in Florida and the guy in Europe who got onto the stage and hugged her) it's not at all surprising that she'd feel worried at the best of times, but if there was an issue in Rio then that explains a lot
  5. I mean people here noticed she was off because we are very familiar with her demeanour and stuff I doubt the majority of fans at the show had any idea, though I just think that she finds performing stressful. Remember the account of how she threw a plate at the stage manager (actually if that was the xenophobic stage manager, I fully support) I can imagine that no matter how many times she does those big shows, there would still be nerves and stress. I mean she literally has thousands of people analysing how she looks and what she sounds like. I don't think I'd ever get used to that no matter how many shows I did
  6. Next up - Glasto on June 24 I also feel like the Mexico City show is gonna have an amazing vibe; already a lot of hype for it on socials
  7. I just got home Why does everyone keep saying the vibe is off? Did she say/do smthn?
  8. Ben should be banned from livestreaming his are always useless
  9. It's especially infuriating considering that this person makes money by travelling the world managing shows, which is a privilege. He is a guest in that country and it's ignorant and ungrateful and disgusting
  10. My friend did a tour there and it looked amazing Good for her
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