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  1. Lana really did the least and so did he His fx rack did all the work Next
  2. A&W Easy choice The mental imagey/world that this song evokes is above all of her other recent releases imo You could just about make a movie based on it Annoyed that she didn't do a really dark mv to go with it
  3. She probably just broke up with her boyfriend or smthn We all know she'll be back Idk what Barrie's deal is, though. I worry for that man. He seems to have really been struggling since his mum died.
  4. Can someone fill me in pls? As usual I woke up and didn't see any messages What did Barrie say? I can't see anything on his account about Lana
  5. I don't like Elvis but I'll watch this cos Lana + Alanis is a serve I can't imagine Alanis singing an Elvis song though
  6. Legit, speaking as an Australian (and I think I said this near the beginning of the thread, not sure), our media and politicians were very pro-Israel at the beginning. Then people got mad and started protesting, and the language changed. I do not think that Western governments expected their people to care about the plight of the Palestinians. They think we will just fall into line, but gen z won't put up with as much shit as the millennials and boomers
  7. Yeah I saw someone pushing a person in a wheelchair along the highway in Gaza and it made me so sad thinking about what might become of them, and others with disabilities It's difficult enough being an able-bodied adult there; what hope is there for others
  8. Nothing against her as a person Like it could be anyone really As I said, that external perspective is missing
  9. This is what I mean. This shoot is good, largely because an external photographer has brought their own vision and ideas
  10. Not to be rude but this is why it's frustrating when Chunk shoots things The external perspective and creativity that an unrelated photographer brings is missing cos they're sisters It's fine when it's Lana's idea cos then that doesn't matter as much, but for magazines n shit ... I wish she'd stay away
  11. I don't like DYKTATUOB I just can't get into it For me it's a wishy-washy blur of vague concepts that don't feel polished I really like A&W and Peppers, though Candy Necklace is okay but not amazing
  12. Also I would've liked Hope to be done differently Imagine it if it were more dark rock, almost UV style As it is, it has zero replay value and it's a shame With that said, many if her songs seem to have several versions in terms of style and she should normalise releasing them
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