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  1. These aren't necessarily my favourite songs but it's what I'd choose to hook someone Florence + the Machine 1. No Light, No Light 2. Strangeness and Charm 3. Blinding 4. Delilah 5. Mermaids 6. Cosmic Love
  2. Grace is such an emotional song for me the "you were the one I treated the worst only because you loved me the most" is so relatable for me with my sister We have a large age gap and don't always get along but I'd be lost without her No one tell her though
  3. Rorman Nockwell

    Charli XCX

    Yes okay it should've been done with Lorde in the first place no shade Also I was listening to apple thinking it sounded like "airport" but I thought I must've been wrong because I often mis-hear lyrics but no she is saying airport so now I feel better
  4. This is so unfair They need to give barricade passes or some shit to such ppl so they can get back I'm sorry this happened to you
  5. Why is Ben so bad at live streaming It's always a patch of grass or some electrical equipment
  6. I'm at work and can't scroll can someone pls post her outfit
  7. The picture of them beside the horse paddock up against the fence Did I hallucinate again
  8. Do we think the art is that picture as it is, or that it will be that picture but from directly in front This has been bothering me since they put it up
  9. Rorman Nockwell

    Charli XCX

    I drew Charli cos this one guy (who's an idiot) told me to and he hasn't even bothered LOOKING at it he is the worst so I'm posting it here for attention
  10. Rorman Nockwell

    Charli XCX

    I'm not like a Charli stan (don't dislike her, most of her stuph is just a bit too electronic-sounding for me) BUT I listened to brat and I rly like Sympathy is a Knife and Von Dutch. So I is such a beautiful song and makes me feel really emotional
  11. Cherry Blossom sounds like smthn I would've named my Barbie when I was 7 and idk about naming an actual human that but okay sis we respect it
  12. It's so cute that that fan brought their copy of VBBOTG instead of an album like everyone else I think sis is very proud of it and she would've liked that
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