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  1. Fucked if I know He was like this unhinged hippie cult following freak with like hieroglyphs and fluro spirals n shit all over his page
  2. Yeah some of us found some other freak who was threatening to kidnap Lana and marry her so they could "ascend" or some sort of wild unhinged shit, and we told Sean and he went and yelled at the person and told us to let him know if we found other freaks I will give him credit for that; he seemed very intent on making sure she was safe At least nowadays she seems to almost always go out with a friend or Chunk; back in 2017 etc she seemed to almost always be alone. I'd be more worried if it was still that way
  3. Apparently Ed has followed him for a few months (I mistakenly thought he followed him today) and @Deadly Cruel Girl said she told Ben about him ages ago so they've both know for ages and have done nothing How reassuring
  4. He's still going off his story; holy shit He even 'shopped his face onto the guy out of the FIILY/TG mv Also if these people he's quoting on his story "supporting" him are actually real (and not just his other accounts or his sister or something) then they deserve the electric chair for enabling a stalker
  5. I already showed him and that's when he followed him And I already told Churchome LA I also love how he is trying to somehow say Honeymouns is as bad (or worse) than he is? As if online trolling is anywhere near as bad as stalking and intimidating someone. And I talk to Mr Mouns sometimes and he is a nice boy now
  6. "Lana didn't want me to get hurt" = "Lana expressed that I should "be careful" because she didn't trust that I wouldn't try to force my way past the security to get to her because she knows that I am an obsessive stalker freak"
  7. Ed just followed him so I hope he yells And I think maybe Lana has nfi it's the same guy or she does, and is too afraid that unfollowing might make him escalate
  8. Don't quote me but is he the person who also put on his story ages ago about attending the congregation because she was there? And/or had an IG with all pictures of her car's numberplate? (<-- if anyone remembers this and knows the @, please lmk)
  9. I notified Churchome and they replied and thanked me for the info As I said, most venues have a list of people they ban/look out for so hopefully he goes right on that list. Leave her alone, Ricky.
  10. Oh, 100% agree - I just put in the "woman-speak" simply because I was addressing it to him (if he reads here) and he is obviously male and Lana is female. To re-phrase, it's human-speak for "leave me the fuck alone, you freak"
  11. He really is dangerous Do we have more than one video of him turning up at Churchome? If so, maybe one of us should email them so they can identify him and ban him from the premises. I'm not even joking. I'm scared he's going to go too far. Or like, further. Because he's already gone too far.
  12. Good LORD the delusions and entitlement She is probably too afraid to unfollow him in case he snaps Ricky if you are reading this: it's not us, it's you. Sort yourself out and stop stalking her. Everything she said is woman-speak for "I'm not comfortable and I want you to go away"
  13. For those playing along at home, I believe that that "fan" is dat1guitarguy
  14. First of all, I'm not American Second of all, not to sound cocky, but I have worked in Russia (on the FIFA WC test event and the WC itself). I was there several months. So I befriended many Russians, Ukrainians and Belarussians. Whenever we talk about this type o' shit the Russians just roll their eyes when you bring up democracy and voting. Quote, "I can't explain to you why it's impossible for Putin to lose an election because it's complicated, but trust me, he can't lose." The corruption is wild. It's difficult for people in the west to understand that this is not a democracy and that Putin does whatever he wants. It's a small example, but I remember us having a fight with an FSB agent at the stadium the day before the opening match because they had put huge padlocks on the emergency exits and were manning them. My FIFA boss was like WTF but FSB said it was for "security" because Putin was attending. Those orders came from the very top of the Russian govt. They did not care that 1000s of people could potentially die in an emergency. It took many phone calls, emails and a lot of frustration to fix it. Putin gives zero fucks about human life; even Russian lives. It's just all about power and ego. I'm not saying that other world leaders/countries are without fault but he is not a good person, he does not have good intentions, and he dgaf how many people (Russian or otherwise) die. And his elections are foregone conclusions. I don't think RUSSIA BAD (or I wouldn't've gone there), I think most Russian people are perfectly reasonable, peaceful people but their govt sucks. This is likely true of many people with shit govts.
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