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  1. I read it at 6am and totally missed the bit about being an angry bitch Idk if I believe her, though According to QftC, COCC was supposed to be a take on the music industry and how she's been treated unfairly and it really wasn't Hopeful but also
  2. I'll keep an open mind but based on that interview it's gonna be more Text Book /Wallflower Wildfire type songs and tbh that would be disappointing I don't listen to music - hers or anyone else's - to hear diary entry (or voice message) recitations That type of lyricism has to be married with the music far better than what it was on BB to work, imo
  3. I don't need her to keep doing any of that stuph (I wouldn't mind if she did, though) I just want to hear a collection of songs that sound different to what she's done previously, and that fit together as a cohesive body of work. I get the COCC and BB songs confused and forget which songs are from which album because both albums lacked distinct themes imo All of her albums previous to those two had distinctive themes and soundscapes. I honestly believe you could give the songs to someone who had never listened and ask them to divide them into albums and they would be able to put most if not all of the UV songs together, all the LFL, etc I really miss that cohesion And the storytelling. I think you really need to reach to find the "story" for COCC and BB. The fact that the visuals largely consist of family fun days with an iPhone doesn't help (with the exception of the COCC mv)
  4. Yeah and ofc I'm glad that she's found someone she enjoys working with because it seems as if her relationships with producers have been tumultuous at times But I feel as if these alt pop girls only have Jack in their contacts and there are so many other great producers Isa (from FatM) could make a killing as a producer for these same girls if she wanted to. I'd love for her to go down that path once she releases her solo album (if she ever does)
  5. Huh? I'm not saying that Jack is a bad producer because of his Grammy, so that makes no sense I'm saying that having a Grammy doesn't mean you're the best. Few people would consider Olivia to be a better artist than Lana at this point in time (she's at the start of her career whereas Lana is established, so no disrespect to Olivia, but that's how it is rn) I'm not saying he isn't talented but as I said, he has a style that he never deviates from. Repetition is the antithesis to creativity. If he comes up with something completely different then I'll be the first to praise him for it, but I won't hold my breath.
  6. And Lana has never won one whilst Olivia Rodrigo has three. No shade to Olivia but that tells you everything you need to know about the Grammys
  7. My Love aka the best song on Dance Fever by far had nothing to do with him. He has a style that he rarely deviates from no matter who he's working with. If you like that style, then good for you, but imo other producers have a lot more variation so it's difficult to be excited about a producer when you know exactly what you're gonna get from him. It's gonna be 15 instrument layers to create a muted sound with a few sirens and screeches from his favourite emergency sound effects library added in as his tRaDeMark. Bookmark me.
  8. Do you think he'll include burst fire hydrant sound effects after the chorus or will it be something more piercing like a truck braking
  9. Jack loves iN oNe Take so he can fit the other 15 girls he's working with into his schedule
  10. Anyone who doesn't like Yosemite should go right ahead and leak some UV outtakes
  11. Rorman Nockwell


    Her debut album (Butterfly Blue) was released on Friday and it is GOOD. My favourites: Teeth Rockstar (Teeth and this are beside each other in the tracklist and the combo is . If you don't wanna listen to the entire album, at least try these two) Surprise Me w Azealia Butterfly Blue (it's like updated Jewel type shit) Honestly no skips; I am loving it
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