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  1. I agree; he's also a massive cokehead (confirmed by Halsey) and the timing fits I can imagine him saying all that stuph to her
  2. Yeah no cherry-picking lyrics to pit women against each other is not witty or cute, cupcake
  3. I just thought S*** because city vs country vibes but idk Honestly I think most of the new songs are about him especially after what she said on the live
  4. I think Dealer was the most streamed on Spotify out of the non singles when I looked earlier
  5. I think it's to add beach vibes? Seagulls? Idk they don't bother me but in my country there's no shortage of noisy arse birds (or noisy arse animals in general) I am, however, annoyed by the lyric about laughing at poor people. That's incredibly cringe coming from a multi millionaire
  6. Lalalalalala unicorns, beautiful unicorns And that's final
  7. Tbh I wouldn't mind more Lana x Miles I think their voices work well together
  8. I thought she was saying "check out my record, turn it around"
  9. Why are people believing her The sis changes her mind like the wind so I wouldn't get too upset about the touring or the vinyl
  10. I like "by the way, thanks for the shoes" followed by the cackle
  11. I wonder when she'll open it for 5 seconds again
  12. I agree and people will defend the absence of one (as always) but it really doesn't take much effort to make one The next era sounds like it'll be even quieter if it's a digital release only
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