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  1. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Pretty When You Cry vs West Coast
  2. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Dark But Just A Game vs Peppers
  3. That was really cool to see. Happy for you, Elle!
  4. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Dreamgirl vs Dragonslayer
  5. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Ride vs The Greatest
  6. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Lucky Ones vs Swan Song
  7. She is so sweet! Congratulations!
  8. I'm too old and tired to follow this thread. lol But I see people are excited about what they've heard so far. I'm looking forward to listening to the full album on the 24th - I only listened to "Did You Know..." and A&W.
  9. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Arcadia vs Buddy's Rendezvous
  10. Anthony

    TikTok Updates

    Best video since "Stargirl Interlude" in the kitchen. 🔥
  11. "I mean, look at me: Look at the length of my hair My face, the shape of my body" She knows she's spectacular! 🔥 I'm still trying to process everything I just heard. 🙃
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