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  1. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Honeymoon vs Wait for Life
  2. I still hope for a song that will punch me in the stomach. I miss her lyrics that hit without mercy.
  3. Anthony

    Song vs. Song

    Tulsa Jesus Freak (Instagram Snippet) vs Religion
  4. Although I'm a widower of Ultraviolence, I like the fact that each her album is unique. And I think this versatility is one of the things that makes she interesting. But after NFR, I confess that I'm afraid that her art will become too simplistic to the point of losing that "spark" that only she had.
  5. I was really more interested in this new album in September than I am now, although I love Chemtrails and I'm curious to hear TJF and For Free. All the delay, the number of tracks and the titles discouraged me a little. 😕 But despite that, I believe it will be as good as the previous ones. She usually doesn't disappoint when it comes to her music. 😉
  6. Really? I read some comments saying that he posts things that reference her to gain followers. And that he made his profile public after his name was mentioned on some websites that posted about her. But I don't know how true this is. I don't follow him.
  7. This "who" is funny when himself seems to be a kind of "Chase 2.0": She posts selfies, landscapes, the cats, the dogs, her friends, her siblings, her sister's boyfriend, random guys... But nothing about him. lol
  8. Everyone is posting about MLK, she didn't write any nonsense this time, the last few months have been hard a lot... Can we let her breathe for a minute?
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