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  1. 1. Text Book 16 (+) 2. Blue Banisters 15 3. Arcadia 15 (-) 5. Black Bathing Suit 21 6. If You Lie Down With Me 18 7. Beautiful 14 8. Violets for Roses 16 9. Dealer 16 10. Thunder 17 11. Wildflower Wildfire 16 12. Nectar of the Gods 16 13. Living Legend 16 14. Cherry Blossom 13 15. Sweet Carolina 15
  2. 1. Text Book 15 2. Blue Banisters 15 3. Arcadia 16 4. The Interlude - The Trio 9 5. Black Bathing Suit 19 6. If You Lie Down With Me 17 7. Beautiful 14 8. Violets for Roses 15 9. Dealer 16 10. Thunder 16 11. Wildflower Wildfire 15 12. Nectar of the Gods 16 13. Living Legend 15 14. Cherry Blossom 15 15. Sweet Carolina 12
  3. Clayton also seems very interested in being famous. I don't know, when I listen to this song for the first time, I immediately remembered that post of hers from March/April about "personal sovereignty". 🤔
  4. Her giggle amid the "chaos" in the "Black Bathing Suit". I always laugh together. 🤭
  5. Although I had already done my track rating in the pre-release thread, over the past few days I've already shuffled all these songs again. lol And at the moment I find myself attached to this masterpiece: "If You Lie Down With Me."
  6. I have been following the Honeymoon account since it was created. But does that make me more of a fan than someone who started following her career a little later? Because you can be a dedicated and respectful fan, who is passionate about everything she does, who goes to her concerts and buys everything she releases... And you just couldn't follow her on the Honeymoon account because you missed "the moment". So, I don't know, I think this is very relative - "The biggest of fans" is something complicated to define. There could be a lot of "biggest fans" outside too - I think that's why some people are upset and I can understand the frustration. But all this has already been discussed extensively here and the tendency is for the conversation to spin in a circle whenever she posts something there. lol And it's normal for people not to reach a consensus. After all, we are all different people, with different opinions - And as long as respect is maintained in disagreements, every discussion is valid. So, let things spin! lol
  7. Probably filmed by Charlie and/or Chris Ripley, and directed by herself or without a pre-set script.
  8. 1) Ultraviolence 2) NFR 3) Honeymoon 4) Blue Banisters 5) Paradise 6) BTD 7) Chemtrails 8) LFL
  9. She has every right to be upset and defend herself. But wasn't her manager already taking care of that matter? And he could also deal with the person who created the idiot rumor - It's the kind of situation she could have let Ed handle, without her having to be directly involved. But it looks like she really can't handle this kind of shit - To the point of bothering her and making her react. And it's sad to see it keep happening to her, even more coming from people who claim to be "fans". People should leave her alone. Well, the stupid boy already had his lesson - People should stop bullying him too.
  10. My rating is that way for now - But nothing prevents it from changing over time.
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