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  1. That insider sounds fake af. 'Crypto Crashing' seems like it was taken from Sweet Carolina when Lana sang "Crypto forever'
  2. The Peppa Pig feature is incredible
  3. Why is everyone saying it's coming this month? Did I miss anything?
  4. If I'm being honest, I think BB is far better than NFR and COCC. Yeah okay we got a old songs on it, but overall the quality has been better than ever. With NFR, especially during Cinnamon Girl, the mixing was SO bad like the volume is just so up and down. I hope for LDR9 we get the same mixing we got on BB. As for Jack, he's okay but I wish Lana would find more producers to experiment with
  5. Newport divorcee hosting garden parties with pink lemonade and lines of coke
  6. I'm not really getting the 'umbrella' word, so I'm going to agree with @takemetothegasstation and say that it's actually 'old fella'. Also remember how Lana posted that picture of the guitar too? Let's just hope that this is the only piano song and the rest aren't
  7. Ya'll need to understand that discussions work when two sides have different opinions, otherwise it just becomes an echo chamber of praise which doesn't evoke much into the conversation. Let people like it, let people hate it. You're not going to evaporate into mist if someone doesn't kiss Lana's ass
  8. It does actually sound similar but just in a higher key in her snippet. Mark my words!
  9. Katy Perry is doing just fine with her Just Eat jingle coins ma'am
  10. Honestly, yeah. The deep vocals were GOLD. That's why I really like WW, especially during the verses. However with this new snippet, I feel like she's gonna go low in some parts. She tends to mix her voice a lot these days
  11. I feel like she's saying "rocker fella" like her man is a rockstar (isn't her new bf in a band or something)?
  12. Only if we include violets with her albums (but we don’t)
  13. I just woke up and heard the snippet and OMG it sounds so beautiful?? I can hear the guitar
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