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  1. Ya'll I've been inactive for like months, what's going on. Just a real quick rundown thank you
  2. Omg a new album? I love the name of it, let's hope she keeps it RIP Rock Candy Sweet
  3. She NEEDS to cover Goodbye Horses by Q Lazzarus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zILmrAJgzSc&ab_channel=QLazzarus-Topic
  4. Ya'll remember that leaked snippet called 'Sugary Sweet'? I hope that will be on LDR10. It sounded so gorgeous
  5. 300K people marched in London in support of Palestine. Why are Hollywood celebs like 'something doesn't sit right with me'. Like? I'm sorry but the majority of people I've seen have been pro-Palestine so how tf are these celebrities getting shit mixed up and supporting Israel?
  6. I've noticed this too. It's especially bad on Fishtail which is a shame because I really like this song
  7. Rust Dress uses an UV pic, and Lana is re-releasing SYTH, an UV outtake what is Lanita doing
  8. I've been hard for this song ever since it's snippets leaked in 2016. SYTH will have her moment
  9. Does anyone know what this is for? Just a standalone single or is it part of an actual album?
  10. No one will care but here's my in depth review of each song on the album The Grants - 6/10: I didn't really pay much attention to this song when it got released but it has grown on me quite a lot. The piano is very nice. I strongly dislike the gospel choir at the beginning, it just doesn't fit and I think the song needed to begin more smoothly? It suits the ending though. The lyrics are good but it does feel slightly repetitive, but I do like the lyrics towards the end where she sings "rocky mountain high" and then you get a big build up. It's an okay song with a good message Ocean Blvd - 3/10: Ya'll are gonna hate me but I just can't get into this one. It's flat, boring and just...same old? It feels like a continuation of LMLYLAW. Poor choice for a single. It doesn't 'stick' for me? I do like some of the lyrics but it's not enough for a 10/10 rating Sweet - 8/10: I really like this one. I love how the melody is reminiscent of Wait For Life and RBFY, and it quite literally is sweet. I get very vintage romance vibes from this song and the orchestral parts are gorgeous and full. I also like how the verses and melody shifts throughout the song. There's many different layers to it A&W - 7/10: I like the verses. They're so real, especially the first verse. I like the mix of piano and guitar in the beginning and gives a 90's grunge-lite vibe. The lyrics are great and tells an interesting perspective. The shift from the guitar/piano to the trap beat is interesting. It doesn't switch too abruptly which is nice as the song gently seeps into a dark yet atmospheric abyss Judah Smith Interlude - 5/10: Ya'll probably know how I feel about this Christian bum, but I'll try to be unbiased. The instrumental itself is actually really good. I love it, actually. It's slightly sinister but also very beautiful? I just can't get past the shouting or the background laughter, it's too distracting for me. It's not something you can't really play out loud in front of people without getting weird looks. I just hope we can get the instrumental without the sermon at some point Candy Necklace - 10/10: When I first heard this one, I was almost reduced to tears. It's tragic but pretty. I didn't really expect it to be so sad sounding based on the Rockerfeller snippet we got, but nevertheless, it's great. I do feel like the 'young and restless' part is a bit too repetitive and I wish we got different lyrics for that. Just something more thought provoking? Anyway this song is one of my favourites from the album, and I enjoyed Jon's part in the end. His voice goes well with Lana's Jon Batiste Interlude - 6/10: Instrumental? Great. Love it. I don't mind the talkative parts, but it sounds too abrupt for me. I think it's just a sensory issue on my part. I do like how Jon's part sounds like the background vocals in the BTD album, it feels like a very subtle throwback which is nice Kintsugi - 10/10: I love this one. It's pretty, emotional and sullen with a hint of hope. The lyrics are very raw and I like how even though the lyrics are somewhat sad, Lana tries to find the light in the dark. I have an appreciation for that kind of lyricism when done right. The meaning of the song itself is very nice, and I think the title 'Kintsugi' was a perfect choice. I adore how this song builds up and it reminds me a little bit of HIADT, especially when Lana references her dad. It's personal and real. Her vocals were gorgeous too Fingertips - 8/10: I feel like this song isn't very popular on here, but I adore it. Even though the melody itself is a bit disjointed and there's no real structure, I think that's what makes this song so unique to the rest in the album. The lyricism is right up there with HIADT. I'd even go further and say that this one tops it. Lana gets real and pours her truth and past without shame and I appreciate that. The orchestral parts are beautiful and it builds up with opulence and then slowly collapses with each line Lana sings. Lana's vocals sound very Disney princess-y in this song Paris, Texas - 10/10: I've always been a big fan of SYML, so I'm used to his piano playing and it felt very familiar to me and Lana's voice really suits his style. It's a simple song, but it's filled with carefree visuals of a person with wanderlust. It's nice and calming and Lana's vocals are very soft and sweet. The melody instantly got stuck in my head when I first heard it Grandfather - 10/10: I said this before but the piano reminds me of the music in the movie in Coraline which is quite funny but I think that adds a bit of innocence to it? Lana's vocals are exceptionally clear and bold in this song. The lyrics are interesting and carefree and the music is powerful Let The Light In - 6/10: I think someone said on here that the beginning sounds a lot like Hotel California and I have to agree and it's actually a nice touch. I will say that when I first heard this song, I was quite underwhelmed, especially since I've had high expectations for a Lana x FJM collab for years now. I think the quality of the vocals didn't blend well? Lana's vocals sound full but FJM's sounds quite tinny and weak? So that was a bit 'meh'. The melody is okay but sounds all too familiar in the world of folk. It's not a terrible song though, and I think the song reaches it's peak towards the end where Lana's voice gets higher and harmonizes smoothly with FJM's voice. I think I need more time with this one Margaret - 9/10: I didn't think I would like this one because I find it a bit cringe when singers write about their friends and stuff, but the message is nice. The melody really sticks and it just sounds great. It did take me a few listens to fully appreciate it. The additional vocals of Jack (I think that's him?) was quite good and went well with Lana's voice Fishtail - 9/10: I love the lyrics to this song and the melody is great. The use of autotune was actually really good and fairly subtle. It was a nice change of pace. I will say that I wasn't a fan of the overall quality. Lana's voice sounds quite muffled which is a pet peeve of mine and I don't know why it's just on this song it appears like this but whatever Peppers - 5/10: I'm not a fan of Tommy, or of rap in general. Very bleh. Her part just sounds 'off'? Lana's parts were cute though and the lyrics are cool. The song didn't really wow me though. I do quite like the ending part around the 2:52 mark to 3:15. I think I need more time with this one Taco Truck x VB - 8/10: I've said this before but the very beginning reminds me of a Metallica song so that was cool. It's quite different from the usual. This song feels very NFR and I love the VB throwback. The verses give me an early Lana vibe when she intertwines the Spanish vernacular with the lyrics. I love her Lanita persona lol. The shift between Taco Truck and VB is so smooth and it goes very well Overall this album gets an 7.5/10 for me. I'll do my Lana album ranking at some point
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