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  1. I actually really like it ngl. Like I didn't expect much when I read that it was just another piano ballad. So I guess cause of that it was better than my expectations? I am expecting the rest of the album to be sonically different and a lot more boom though, yk. Like I get fire-y vibes from the other tracks. Also I thought she was saying "we could get high on paint chips" in the bridge but "St. Tropez" makes a lot more sense
  2. I think a lot of people actually speculate that. When she was at the boarding school or whatever when she was a teenager didn't she get close with a teacher? They introduced her to Nirvana and Guns N Roses or something. I remember reading someone saying somewhere that she said that in a interview, but said the teacher was a woman. But when people looked into it no female teacher had that last name but they did find a male teacher with the same last name who was on the younger side or something And apparently the way she spoke of them was a lil too fond so you know
  3. Ugh omg this comes across my mind a lot and honestly I've been completely fine with the delay because all I care about is for the album to at least sound good (preferably amazing) Like for me personally the past two Lana albums have been... Theres only a few handful of songs I really love and ever return to on both LFL and NFR. Its not like I can control my taste (if I like it I like it, if I don't I don't) so its been disappointing for me and I just really hope this album she really brings it like she did with UV HM and AKA. If it does flop then at least I'll have maybe a couple songs that I might like I guess posting this a hour later after the ban scare
  4. Yes!! Ugh legends only I guess objectively speaking West Coast, SoC, Brooklyn Baby are some of the best songs off UV but something about Sad Girl is just much more special than them in a way, to me anyway. Same with Religion but I have to say some of the other songs off HM are at the same level such as the TBD. As you said they really are underrated masterpieces. Sad Girl getting the recognition shes always deserved Honestly I like the second half a lil better than the first half of HM too. Honeymoon (the track), TLY, and Art Deco are some of my favorites off HM but I feel like the second half is better collectively and has amazing songs like Religion, Salvatore, TBD, etc.
  5. Sad Girl was my favorite UV song when I first listened to UV and still is my favorite UV song now. Its just so sexy yet melancholy and the production is just so good. And the last part of the bridge when she sings "hes got the fire and he walks with it hes got the fire and he talks with it" for the last time is just so chilling how it goes quiet with just the guitar and her voice Religion is the same way for me aswell from Honeymoon. Another amazing song that people tend to dislike over other songs on the album. To me though they're the best songs from each album.
  6. I listened to her discography and I already love her music Her new album is soo good like
  7. This was just so stunning The sonics kinda reminded me of those old outer space 90s (80s?) educational documentaries on VHS tapes they'd show at elementary school and it just felt so nostalgic and warm. The poems were so raw and the storytelling was just so stellar, she was so vulnerable. My favorites were LA Who Am I To Love You, Sportscruiser, Tessa DiPietro, and the last three poems (such an amazing way to wrap up the album) I honestly thought this was gonna be just a cute project that I'd only play it once (some clown shit really ). Like I really didn't expect to be hit in the back of the head with a bat so hard
  8. boom like that

    Taylor Swift

    I think the 1 is cute, thats about it though. Maybe cause its the first song and I remember it better than everything else that kinda just blurred together? Its pretty cool though that she was able to make such a long album a year after her last! But I could tell it was written all in quarantine
  9. boom like that

    Taylor Swift

    I don't like it But I really like the 1, invisible strings, and hoax The rest I just really don't like and its so samey i can't get less than a one star so i have nothing left to lose
  10. Not me having to choose between Chelsea Number #2, Children of the Bad Revolution, and Color Blue (also this chet baker erasure )
  11. Omg wait theres a Fuck it I Love you alt? Like I already adore FIILY but I would love to hear another version. Sorry I'm out of the loop, I dipped from the board once the leaks first came out like a week into August since I wanted my first listen not to be spoiled.
  12. Maybe other people complained about it but I honestly love piano ballads haha. If I remember everyone complained about the first snippet of cinnamon girl because they found it boring while I was bopping to it. I personally think that a stripped back version would've made the song better but in time I think I'll like the official release. It just took me by surprise that they took another direction with the song LOL.
  13. Here are my thoughts Norman Fucking Rockwell: shes cute MAC: Literally still one of the best songs on the album I love it Venice Bitch: I love Venice so fucking much its still like the best on the album Fuck it, i love you: Its a really cute song I really like it Doin' Time: It doesn't fit honestly but like whatever Love Song: I'm really sad because it disappointed me the most, I found everything past the snippet boring Cinnamon Girl: I think its really good the very end gives some BtD vibes honestly How to Disappear: Literally the worst production choice for the song ever LOL. Its an emotional song, it should've been stripped down and raw like the apple performance. Literally so bad California: I honestly didn't care for it at all, whenever I hear the the pre-chorus I keep catching myself expecting her to start singing fuck it i love you The Next Best American Record: She should've kept the original The greatest: I honestly found the song boring when it first came out and I still feel that way oof Bartender: My absolute favorite song from the album that we hadn't heard yet, its so fucking good I literally creamed Happiness Is A Butterfly: Not the biggest fan but I love the second half of the song, mostly the ahhh part before the 'happiness is a butterfly' part hope is a dangerous: I think it could've been a good closer if I liked the album more but I wasn't feeling it by the time I came to end of the album I wasn't really feeling this album but I bet it'll grow on me eventually like any other album, I'm just disappointed on my initial listen. Maybe I was expecting too much? idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I really hope the rest of you guys liked the album a lot more than I did cause it was like a year long wait LOL
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