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  1. rewatched the LFL trailer again and started sobbing
  2. bestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsongbestsong
  3. Haunting of Castle Malloy vibes for ldr9 please
  4. boom like that

    Charli XCX

    Umru's production style is just.. he is an interesting individual !
  5. I knew it.... the vibes I know I'm gonna be obsessed with this
  6. The way my friends are throwing an italian party when Lana herself is in Italy, the stars are aligned and it only makes sense
  7. Group 1: Pink table (I would throw myself into traffic for Religion) Group 2: Crimson (Noir 24)
  8. boom like that


    so lets talk about him
  9. boom like that


    New Zealand born singer/artist, Joji has created a careful craft through his dedicated painstakingly curated catalog of meditative binaural beats and catholic burlesque rap over the past 15 years. Trendsetter for such genres, Joji has released 3 different projects that have impacted the culture heavily, inspiring many artists like lil peep, lil nas, and ariana grande. Growing up in the suburbs of Wellington, Joji grew up learning to play multiple instruments such as the guitar, keyboard, ukulele, and the bongos. He went on to study at the highly acclaimed broadway and theatrics art school Takarazuka Music School in Tokyo Japan. That is where he discovered his self insight in the religions of buddhism and taoism and began his discography of meditative binaural beats. His work was heard and related to by hundreds of thousands, getting appraisal and acclaim from newsletters such as The Guardian, Pitchfork, and TMZ. "His work resides in all our staff here at Pitchfork, his crunchy yet scrumptious basslines in '1 hour of meditative beats to study too' has resonated in all our hearts and has emotionally moved us all" spokesperson Nina Corcoran enthusiastically stated on Twitter. He has also dwelved into many other genres such as his daring yet masterful transition into his sophomore sound of catholic burlesque rap. His new work shocked many with his creative genius, it was too good not to be heavily acclaimed yet again. Joji now lives in Vancouver Canada where he hand makes traditional lacquer wooden dishware, you can support his business following this link https://herriottgrace.com he also has a large back catalog of electronic dance tracks, its quite underground. Song Recommendations: Will He - In Tongues EP Plastic Taste - In Tongues Deluxe Attention - Ballads 1
  10. My hair is starting to finally reach the length of Lana's and whenever I think about that fact it always makes me giddy jxkhckhcch
  11. Aren't you like the last person that should be saying that on these boards lol
  12. I agree, I think NotG does exactly this cause that song is completely depressing. If NotG, a sad ass song, can be on the album then might as well throw in another one This album is fucking phenomenal btw like I think people are really underestimating the power it radiates right now.. She is that bitch, you heard it here
  13. nfr stans complaining about piano..
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