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  1. So whos uploading Dance of the Starfish and Whisper of Waves onto decree or Korokfiles
  2. This is a really lovely song and I'm young when I'm old and I'm old when I'm young when I'm olllllld and I'll follow wherever you gooOOOᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ
  3. They shipped my order for the end of the month this morning! Which wouldn't be a problem if I weren't in the middle of trying to tweak my street address The webstore wouldn't let me input more than 30 characters for my street so I had to put down my address numbers under address line 2 and my street name on the first line The post should be able to figure it out, right?..
  4. "snow on the beach by taylor swift I love this-" "what do you want from me"
  5. boom like that

    Charli XCX

    My favorite covers are probably Pop 2/N1A, absolute classics. I just love how sleek they are and how perfectly they match their respective albums. I hate the cover for Charli (seems like a universal opinion ) Its the grey isn't it The kool aid dipped hair too just wasn't it (also the weird limp ass tentacle thing) She had a vision in mind but it feels moot, but ig it kinda reflects the album in that sense Also as much as I love True Romance, its packaging is so of its time. I was excited when Charli was thinking about reshooting a new cover for the album (which never happened ) cause its so dated. The effects, the font, the aesthetic, like I guess it matches the vibe of the album but I still think the visuals could be better. Its not awful though! and Charli cover is worse by tenfold
  6. The way shes with Charlie getting his tattoo as if she doesn't have a show in a hour
  7. rob grant hitting the charts, #1 on billboard hot 100 setting records
  8. The pearls are a lot smaller than I imagined but the necklace is so gorgeous anyway, excited to get mine in like a month
  9. Oh my god thank you for this, it captures something different from the released version like wow what a serve I'm sure she'll add them on the sister album! they'll totally be on there!! I remember when she first started writing Atropa/MIMA she said she had 11 demos/concepts written and made it seem like the album was coming very soon after (that was in 2020 ) and, I forgot about this, she later shared a screenshot of the demos she had recorded and it had like 16 files I wonder how many of those actually made it onto Atropa Belladonna and how many of those tracks made it through the rework with MIMA.. I hope she uses the scrapped material for this other album cause if not
  10. boom like that

    Charli XCX

    So I may or may not be stalking some of your guys ig's @Cherry Blossom How the hell did you get Lana to follow you!!!! I'm so jealous also you're stunning as ever *blush* @Veinsineon you're hot. but duh, it was a given you'd be
  11. The number 1 hit from billboard 100, Find My Own Way (Move) track 13 off her debut Grammy Award winning album Sirens
  12. I just bought it off the US iTunes store like a hour ago, 1.99 for both versions and 1.29 for them separately. But might as well save yourself 71 cents no because the immaculacy of this throw in my best days, trash magic, and velvet crowbar and you've got me sold
  13. Oh my god the added guitar plucking The subtle buildup before the chorus.. I actually love this version so much its so perfect oh wow oh wow YOU ARE FOREVER FAMOUS DADDY NOWELS......
  14. Loved how it started with the shot of her driving through the pine. It really reminds me of the northwest which is exactly the vibe I get from the song with its eerie production, violins, and the melody. She had such a vision when making this song, I really hope she keeps the energy for whats to come next
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