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  1. From a promotional standpoint, releasing White Dress a week before the album makes complete sense. Releasing it then will give everyone enough time to digest the song by itself without it getting too stale when the albums out because it'll only be a week gap. Not only that but it'll catch the attention of the gp and gain hype for the album, "New single by Lana Del Rey, album out next week." Whereas "new single out, album out in three weeks" will definitely lose the attention of the gp from the single when the albums out, three weeks is close to a month. Considering how stripped down this era is, its already hard enough to gain traction. It makes complete sense to release it on the 12th, the best option really I could see it out this week though. Two weeks isn't that far so its a pretty good time aswell
  2. Listening to LMLYLAW is so comforting now that we've had it for months It feels so familiar and fun jiving with it. It brings me back to the late autumn early winter from when it came out Giving us that time to let it grow really is gonna make us love the album a lot more. So glad it came out as a single first instead of being an album song, we'd definitely would've looked over it 100%
  3. It says its exclusive to all tiers aswell so I'm guessing that includes the $1 tier (theres only 19 of them left though)
  4. The fact that Brooklyn Baby is one of the four explicit songs on UV when its one of the more friendlier songs on the album makes it clear, not explicit =/= mainstream/catering towards the gp But yeah I wouldn't be worried about this album being "mainstream" especially when Lana stated that its a fight for her to listen to the album, Mojo magazine also calling it a personal album
  5. I honestly don't think this album will have her catering towards the mainstream media, like at all. I think it just happened to not be explicit, without any intention too. And Honeymoon only has one explicit song (High By The Beach) and its her most authentic, least mainstream album.
  6. Yeah that comparison gives me hope too But wasn't it also like described as "Garden Party"? Thats what gets me second guessing
  7. I have a gut feeling that Dark But Just a Game won't be the song we expect her to be. Like she will be very different from what any of us are imagining her to be if you know what I mean? Like the title makes her sound mysterious and cryptic, strange production with a dark undertone, but my gut is saying it won't be anything like that?
  8. I think so too because shes really emulating Dorothy trying to find her way back home again this era
  9. Everyones fighting while I'm over here still wondering if its arkansas or our kansas?
  10. TASTE They're my absolute favorites too!! COCC really coming in to join them
  11. Idk this era is giving me Honeymoon AKA 2.0 vibes and I'm really feeling myself and the era.. I'm so excited for the album I can't wait for the pure servery
  12. I still think its coming on the 12th, but the music video looks so fucking good!! I can't stop replaying the teaser
  13. LMAO, I love Tamaryn I forgot to mention her, Cranekiss was an incredible album and it doesn't surprise me Jorge was the one who produced it And really everything hes produced is just so fucking good, his music is just so soo good. I'm excited for REMYNYS especially since Down In Flames is apart of the soundscape.
  14. The only way Yosemite could be sorta bad is if the printer paper had already made its entrance in the studio when it was recorded Get out of my blood, photo copy paper
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