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  1. even though im 90% sure were not getting anymore vinyls this era i have a delusional clown inside me thats expecting a new drop with a blue vinyl or something
  2. Well its a RSD so I don't think it goes on preorder. You kinda have to rush to your local record store and grab one before they are gone
  3. the way COCC gets another vinyl and its blue and am I still gonna get it, of course! This gives me so much hope she'll release a prettier variant of BB in the future maybe for a RSD Dare I say maybe she'll use the smiling cover..
  4. So I'm thinking about settling for the white pressing since all the variants have been revealed unfortunately but i think I'm gonna wait till people start receiving their vinyls first before i buy it. I've seen some other white translucent vinyls and it can be deceptive cause the actual vinyl itself ends up being literally just clear. Gonna wait it out and see if thats the case with Lana's vinyl or if it really is a mystical white foggy day trapped in plastic dont mind me just rambling aloud on the merch thread
  5. im literally.. im just so.. like i wanna cry like why did she just decide not to use the smiling cover its literally so beautiful The way I also have to choose between getting ugly ugly or ugly Feeling like I don't even want to spend 40 dollars on a vinyl I'm not even happy about
  6. icon !! that's exactly what i wanted.. give me that baby blue/periwinkle vinyl with the smiling cover pleasepleaseplease
  7. I think I know exactly the right person too
  8. we'll do one of those group sueings and i'll be at the forefront with you
  9. So for COCC preorder UO announced the sage green vinyl on the 15th of January which was a Friday. Then for NFR! preorder they announced the pink vinyl on the 2nd of August, which was a Friday My guess is UO will announce the exclusive tomorrow could be wrong though
  10. Whats this about? I haven't heard about this
  11. I was thinking the exact same, kinda unfortunate huh Manifesting the smiling cover being used as a vinyl cover with a gorgeous gorgeous custom colored vinyl periwinkle baby pink or lilac I manifest
  12. NFR was around for a year and a half before they stopped selling them. Honeymoon one was around for a while I think, I remember my other Lana stan friends saying that UO exclusive Honeymoon vinyl was selling in every store for 20 bucks for a long while. So you should have well over a year to snag yourself a copy for this era. I mean you can still get the COCC vinyls now too.
  13. Did someone spill that the indie exclusive is the tractor one? Would be weird for them to give indie record stores the same version as the one you can get at your local target, doesn't seem like much of a indie exclusive to me
  14. If I remember correctly the red HMV vinyl for COCC sold out within a day or two but then restocked not too long after so I doubt the yellow one is sold out sold out praying for better variants, this era is too gorgeous to only have white mustard and (another) red vinyls praying the UO and indie exclusives serve much harder
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