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  1. march 8th: preorder for 16 vinyl variants, 7 cassettes, deluxe edition boxset with sky ferreira bondage straps, masochism clothing merch line, and an announcement of a masochism plushie only available exclusively through claw machines in Japan
  2. boom like that


    Bought earlier this week I hope it looks pretty in person
  3. Well its in my purse so and if you look at clown nose under the scope it says for blt aka biblical literature teachings in fine print
  4. Oh Elle!! For me?? you shouldn't have had!!
  5. @Surf Noir Congratulations omg wbk it was you
  6. Well maybe tell her to get nominated next time
  7. Chemtrails cover reveal now I know thats right
  8. @Elle Congratz for the double win @Venice Maybe you were snubbed but its no denying the universe how stunningly hot you are
  9. And it was an honor right back No us underrated nominees are the iconic crew like no one does it like us
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