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  1. This. The moment she teased I knew not to expect it till 2026
  2. Omg, I was wondering about this months! Thanks for the clarification
  3. Question: Was it confirmed that Earthquakes has another "final" demo? or is it just something we just collectively made up assumed is real? Cause I missed the part where an insider said it exists
  4. Honestly her 2010 plat blonde was the best like homegirl spent years with bleach fried hair and finally got it perfected only to then dye it red after just one year
  5. A strong vision that shes passionate to execute perfectly on LDR10. Something conceptual, gorgeous, breathtaking, and that'll leave us awestruck in a coma-stasis cause of its sheer power. Thinking like solar flares violently wrapping around our atmosphere and shattering into millions of borealis to remind us that we could've been doomed and destroyed And My Best Days finished sitting as track 9
  6. Just need to say it again that Super Sunset is one of my favorite projects ever and still holds up strong 5 years later
  7. In title track the line where she says "Lennon in my back, whisperin' in my ear 'come on, baby, you can thrive'" into "but I can't" really breaks me. Followed up with the final chorus, like the urgency and desperation that it conveys. It really feels like a call for help, to be heard, and waiting to be answered. Its very relatable which is tragic
  8. https://www.tiktok.com/@movieposts7/video/7316567847377882414?_r=1&_t=8iUBxxydgw4 Trisha Paytas also confirmed shes doing a collab with the weeknd, Lana x weeknd x Trisha bop incoming?
  9. Wasn't it said to be Everything I Do was the LFL version and LA Who Am I the post-LFL Jack rework? or am I getting it confused nvm
  10. I think some do, no one had Candy Necklace because it was a last minute addition and only an old unmastered version of the album was in circulation..and guess what was on that old draft?
  11. Her music is amazing, I found her work through Jorge and dove into her discog. I love her style and her compositions are always so perfect (Lana could take a few notes for LDR10 and future projects in general )
  12. I want something like violet's in a pool yeule even did shoegaze on their new album, I was thinking whens it gonna be Lanas turn?
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