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  1. Awesome! I'm happy so many people are at least curious about her. Some of the "casual" searchers had to have been turned into fans, right?
  2. I love Mylene Farmer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puQJbvnbycE I actually just bought a ticket to her November '13 show in Brussels, even though I have no idea if I can make the trip yet. I do have a friend there who gave me an open invitation to come visit any time next year, but we haven't worked out the details. It's not a huge deal if I end up not being able to go, but at least it's a possibility!
  3. I like the live version better too, especially for her vocals on it. I don't think the album version is bad, though, at least the melody wasn't messed with.
  4. Over the last week or so... Lana Del Rey - Born To Die (never had a physical copy of just this one, haha) Rihanna - Unapologetic The Weeknd - Trilogy Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire t.A.T.u. - 200 km/h in the Wrong Lane: 10th Anniversary Edition Peter Gabriel - So
  5. Had to vote for "Burning Desire," because it sounds like what it is --- a bonus track. It's the only one not totally integral to the album's story.
  6. "Bel Air" for sure. It's drippy and sad and haunting, just like "Carmen."
  7. Apart from "Bel Air" and maybe "Body Electric," nothing on "Paradise" is as haunting as the best moments on "Born To Die." I'm not necessarily disappointed in the EP, since I like almost everything on it. It just doesn't get under my skin as much. "Born To Die" is one of those rare albums that can still give me chills long after the point I should have overplayed the thrill out of it. I'm not sure if "Paradise" will hold up the same way yet.
  8. I don't have my box set either. Starting to get worried/impatient. :imbeingsarcasticbitch2: EDIT: Arrived today, 11/29!
  9. My "seen live" list copypasted from Last.fm: Madonna Depeche Mode Ladytron (x2) Bjork Parallels Florence + The Machine Bat For Lashes (x2) Lady Gaga Robyn Rihanna Janet Jackson St. Vincent Marina & The Diamonds M83 Alicia Keys Tori Amos Imogen Heap Grimes Mum The Faint Lykke Li Telepathe The Fiery Furnaces Regina Spektor Zola Jesus Austra Young Galaxy Kate Havnevik Peter Bjorn and John TLC (was my very first concert) Natalia Kills SONOIO Cate Le Bon Active Child Coldplay Charli XCX Daughn Gibson Yeasayer Purity Ring Alanis Morissette
  10. I think it's "motel speed sprees." Like binging on drugs in a seedy motel.
  11. Is this the US edition you're talking about?
  12. Fluorine


    "Roc Me Out" is a nod to her record label, Roc Nation. Rita Ora, her labelmate, has the similarly titled "Roc the Life." The others are just slang/Twitterspeak.
  13. I like them both, but I think Lana deserves the award more. She's so underappreciated by the critics, but the more positive recognition she gets the more respect she'll have in the industry. This helps her longevity.
  14. Fluorine


    I actually really liked the snippets. As pure (guilty?) pleasure pop, she's never disappointed me, and this new album looks like it's loaded with exactly the kind of thing I like from her --- grimy beats.
  15. Fluorine

    Crystal Castles

    Kerosene + Affection + Pale Flesh + Sad Eyes + Violent Youth = That said, I seriously love the whole album. I'm not sure if it tops (II) yet for me, but it's definitely right up there with it.
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