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  1. Hellion


    Indie P4 Legend tbh.
  2. Hellion

    Azealia Banks

    Oh this is cute. *adds to BWET* (Album slays btw. Taking back any bad thing I ever said about her. Printing out my Kunt Kard rn.)
  3. Hellion


    Happy Rihvember, everyone. #R8 is upon us.
  4. The passing thought of AHS having any type of depth was more entertaining than this analysis, tbh.
  5. Hellion


    Y'all won't sully my thread like this. Rihanna is Rihanna. She needs no comparison - unless we're talking about breaking records with number one singles
  6. You think we shouldn't worry about someone who is showing clear signs of being clinically depressed?
  7. The way I perched in this chair when she mentioned Mr. Campbell.
  8. it's been so long since btd/p, this all still feels v. surreal. excited tbh.
  9. all my faves in one room together lana and kanye discussing a collaborative album kim and lana sharing surgery stories kim and lana discussing blk dique a honeymoon night threesome kris setting lana up with rob me i am elizabeth kardashian the chanteuse
  10. Crying at ppl in the thread. This will be the album that separates the Reyists from the Lipsters. Here for the meltdowns tbh.
  11. Hellion


    Queen ain't doing shit but getting Canadian Papi dique, so enjoy her slaying the Met Gala this year.
  12. @@SitarHero Golden Lana Dolls?
  13. Hi, nice to meet you! whew is voting for BeyHIVe for best tho?
  14. Akuma no Riddle and possibly Blade & Soul
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