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  1. Y'all are so stupid. I'm not saying this is real, but it OBVIOUSLY will be titled "Lust for Life". That is like basic grammar. Just look at the cover, it's the same.
  2. Mess why should she drop something today? Its Kendrick's week basically so she better not release anything.
  3. She's a huge Allen Ginsberg fan and a fan of the Beat Generation in general. Jack Kerouac as well I think. Walt Whitman and Nabokov obviously.
  4. That was so sweet of you! I've been a fan of her since basically the beginning and her loving literature and reading all the classics, made me respect her even more. I bought Lolita after BTD dropped and a Walt Whitman poem book before Paradise. There is so much more though! Her favorite books are definitely "selfhelp-books" and this whole genre of motivational books and the road to a successful life. She named countless of those during her career already. I will update this ASAP I promise y'all! I'm just very busy with finals right now.
  5. Literature, no matter if novels or poems, plays a huge role in Lana's life and being a good writer was always her main goal. This is one of the aspects I always liked about her and thats why I am going to make a thread about everything related to her love for literature. - FULL UPDATE COMING SOON - http://www.thefader.com/2011/10/21/what-were-reading-lana-del-rey/ Her reading list from 2011, she mentions some favorite books
  6. Honeymoon is definitely and undoubtedly her best album and y'all have no taste. Thats all I'm gonna say.
  7. M.I.A.


    No Navy on here? ANTI is still that album. I don't need another one, because sis will have trouble topping this
  8. She really should Europe again next year. I need to see this bih.
  9. Preview of the second version http://lanadelreybrasil.tumblr.com/tagged/orchestral
  10. No it really isn't . It was available on an australian online music store and this one user bought it and uploaded it on tumblr . Interscope must allowed them to release it , whatever. The song is amazing , I love the intro and the chorus. But I am not feeling the hook .
  11. ITS OUTTTTTTT http://dont-lumping-yell-at-me.tumblr.com/post/48532649794/young-and-beautiful-lana-del-rey OMG I AM IN HEAVEN OMG ITS SO BEAUTIFUL I AM DYING OMG OMG
  12. This isn't a crappy LQ leak. This is a official release . He is having it and hes uploading it right now !!!!!!!!!! http://dont-lumping-yell-at-me.tumblr.com/
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