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  1. I think “angry acoustic guitar” in AW will sound similar to “get drunk” guitar sound idk why, something in the vein of happier than ever or some nirvana songs
  2. Katy Perry has a song, her voice breaks at 0:10 Something about the way she says, "like a plastic bag"makes me feel like I wish I could extrapolate some small intention Or maybe get your attention for a minute or two
  3. What if the sample will be from video games and it will end the album or something 🥹
  4. I tried to understand what RBFY stands for for the last 10 minutes and still have no idea pls tell me what it is haha
  5. hope it's not called "Rockefeller, my umbrella God, I love you, baby" haha it could be storyteller also
  6. Weirdkowski

    Song vs. Song

    Kill Kill vs Venice B*tch
  7. Why you removed energy? It's the best song on the album
  8. Weirdkowski

    Song vs. Song

    The Greatest vs Venice Biatch
  9. Nikki Lane ruined BUS, this song and Lana herself. She gave her that twang that nobody likes and ruined her pre-cocc vibe that she had. Also Her vocals are kinda disgusting and I wish I won’t have to see her singing with Lana ever again
  10. Weirdkowski

    Song vs. Song

    Yayo (aka) vs Yayo (paradise)
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