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  1. Born to die when she was touring europe for the first time during some random commercial on tv
  2. Tbh I think her most experimental and interesting music sonically started with some of the dykttatuob’s songs and will continue to develop in the future.
  3. Heroin 10/10 Ride 10/10 The blackest day 10/10 1. Venice Bitch 2. A&W 3. The Greatest
  4. Weirdkowski

    Doja Cat

    Interesting part about her is that she doesn’t give a f about these snowflakes on the internet. I love that she’s mean. People are so fucking dumb on the internet and I’m happy and proud of her that she’s making fun of them
  5. Weirdkowski

    Doja Cat

    I really love the new song
  6. 1. DTKTTATUOB (for sure) 2. Mariners apartament complex 3. Chemtrails over the Country Club 4. Ultraviolence 5. Music to watch boys to 6. Blue Banisters 7. Off to the races 8. Lust for lfie 9. American
  7. White dress, chemtrails, a&w, venice b, tunnel under ocean blvd, dark but just a game, grandfather please stand……
  8. 1. Ocean blvd/ NFR are her best - no skips, greatest lyrics and vibes throughout these records are just something else. Like VB, A&W, Hope, Mariners, The greatest, Fingertips, Paris Texas shit’s on anything that was released before. As a fan since 2013 I feel like her artistry and creativity has evolved so much that it almost reaches pink floyd’s music and I really think her magnum opus will come even later because she’s just getting deeper and deeper. 2. honeymoon 3. chemtrails 4. Ultraviolence (even tho a lot of the songs are a skip for me, especially second half) 5. Blue banisters anything from here is more generic and mediocre Lana that I really loved while these records were released but her creative progress and writing has made these albums sound primitive and boring: 6. Lust for life 7. Paradise 8. Born to die (her most generic piece of shit) sorry not sorry
  9. I think it would’ve been more impactful if those behind the scenes episodes came later in the video like after the second chorus or something. Cuz now the story isn’t fully developed and bts shots took most of the time
  10. Pink floyd, fleetwod mac, jeff buckley, leonard cohen, Harry Nilsson - if you get it you get it. No one from our times gives me the same depth, freedom and nostalgia that Lana has
  11. 1. Ocean Blvd 100 2. Honeymoon 96 3. Chemtrails 86,5 4. NFR 86 5. BB 73 6. UV 70 7. LFL 64,5 8. Paradise 50 9. Btd 33
  12. 1. White dress 2. Textbook 3. Cruel World 4. Honeymoon 5. NFR 6. Ride 7. Btd 8. Love 9. The Grants
  13. mine are: 110. Breaking up slowly 111. American 112. once upon a dream 113. dark paradise 114. without you 115. radio 116. fucked my way up to the top 117. Money power glory 118. bel air 119. yayo 120. burning desire 121. groupie love 122. white mustang 123. lust for life 124. 13 beaches 125. old money 126. blue velvet 127. in my feelings 128. some things last a long time 129. nectar of the gods 130. video games 131. cherry blossom 132. you'll never walk alone 133. you must love me 134. swan song 135. beautiful 136. love song
  14. American Whore 1. American Whore 2. Tulsa Jesus Freak 3. Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd? 4. Chemtrails over the Country Club 5. Jon Batiste Interlude 6. Black Bathing Suit 7. Candy Necklace 8. Kintsugi 9. Fingertips. 10. Paris, Texas 11. Grandfather please stand on the shoulders of my father while he's deep-sea fishing 12. Wildflower Wildfire 13. Dark but just a game 14. Arcadia 15. White Dress / Waitress
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