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  1. West Coast

    Taylor Swift

    She's just very insecure and greedy there is literally no other way to describe it. It's pathetic and it makes her so called "success" feel inorganic and desperateโ€”and ironically it's all at the expense of other female artists. It's worrisome how she doesn't seem to be concerned about a potential collective fatigue too. It's also quite hilarious considering that she's doing the most to what's already an overlong album that was met with mixed/tepid reviews. The lack of quality control is truly astonishing. I was a casual listener of her earlier work, but she's become this unbearable, insane egomaniac and the music isn't even worth fussing about.
  2. Listening to Flordia Kilos in Florida in summer 2014 was honestly a religious experience.
  3. This album is the very definition of a cultural reset. The shift from baroque, trip-hop pop to jazzy-blues-psychedelic-desert fusion rock--lives changed when this album dropped. Thank God she met Dan Auerbach at that one NYC bar in late 2013. The earth shook a bit then, and still does now when you think about it.
  4. There shall never be a track run as strong as Cruel World to Pretty When You Cry. Whew the whirlwind.
  5. The best album of all time. Dan Auerbach's impact, she was on top of her game despite all the hate. An album for the history books--she cemented herself as a versatile legend. There's just something so raw, vulnerable yet grand about this album. Her mind for that. That era was a short lived fever dream... Summer of 2014 lives rent free in my mind. Forever thankful for this โœจMagnum Opus.
  6. Mind you this is the woman that times the release of her 1728393th exclusive variant at the same time as other big releases to make sure she keeps on topping charts with her mediocre double album--so Lana's comment makes total sense. I think it's hilarious how Swifties cannot fathom that: 1. Taylor Swift is not the humble girl's girl that supports other women, and a valid critique of her conniving, self-serving, hypercapitalist ways IS NOT an attack on feminism; 2. We are NOT obsessed with her, we are being force fed content and updates on all fronts, like we are certainly not asking Lana these uninteresting questions.
  7. These news outlets feeding into Taylor and her rabid stans' main character syndrome as per usual. Sick and tired of being force fed Taylor content.
  8. People are gullible, and these AI generated pictures are getting more and more realistic.
  9. She made beige not boring--she served mother nature, tree of life, etc etc
  10. Lmfao I'm not active enough to engage with that petty shit
  11. wasting airtime on somebody who's already being talked about every other day of the year
  12. Of all things to ask this Queen, why ask her about this dumbass album
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