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  1. This pre-release era already feels like a fever dream, the dramatics and meltdowns
  2. It's pretty obvious critics won't ever suck her artistic dick as much as they did for NFR.
  3. There will be daily tickets available sometime in April, but those will also quickly sell out. I'll keep you posted if you are interested.
  4. Well, thank God I bought a ticket, because all of 125k passes have sold out already.
  5. TREMBLER, PLEURER ET VOMIR I've been begging for this to happen for YEARS
  6. I have one T-Shirt and it's like the standard low tier type of fabric, the printed label faded after a few cycles in the washing maching--but the actual print on the t-shirt holds up well.
  7. The album is literally available across Canada, in the largest records store chain, go ahead and do what you think you gotta do
  8. Okay but do you want to do something that's against the rules of this very forum? If you want to call that gatekeeping, be my guest
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