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  1. Not usually my go-to music, but his new album slaps hard
  2. Exactly that! None of them quite catch the vibe of the album, but the Born To Die one is the only artwork that kinda goes in that direction. Also regardless of what one might think of these covers as pieces of art, it's also the prettiest one imho.
  3. Really enjoyed this, I like how they're just living the bar life
  4. Seriously though the Nikki hate train will have to stop, I'm not the biggest country music fan except a few songs by select artists here and there, but I'm honestly excited for this potential album. They're so cute travelling the country together. Road dogs.
  5. West Coast

    Tame Impala

    Almost two years later I realize how disappointing the album was. I like Posthumous Forgiveness, Breathe Deeper, On Track and like One More Hour on a good day. Lonerism remains his magnum opus imho.
  6. West Coast

    Tame Impala

    I honestly never liked Borderline, nor most songs off The Slow Rush, which as a whole felt like longer, anticlimactic, versions of Currents' songs.
  7. If anything she's one of the most grounded/normal person Lana hangs out with. She seems chill.
  8. People come on here everyday to spew their hatred on Lana, under the guise of "it's a discussion board, I'm allowed to say what I want", which is fair and true—not going to deny that, it's their right to share their thoughts, opinions & feelings. It's just funny to me how much time people spend talking shit about her.
  9. I get that country, or Nikki's music/voice or whatever, isn't everyone's cup of tea, that's fair, but why hate on Lana doing normal things with her friends?
  10. Thank you @Elle for putting so much effort into this, makes it so much more personal & interesting to be apart of this growing community. Your level of dedication is truly unmatched.
  11. CONGRATULATIONS @Surf Noir Your presence on here makes browsing LanaBoards a little more interesting and funnier with each passing day. The biggest Lizzy stan I know.
  12. UFB well copy-paste what I said a few pages back.
  13. I also voted for ufb, which was right and just
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