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  1. Also imagine a billionaire going after a fucking student just for highlighting publicly available information. This is a weird and petty battle for her to fight and not a good look. I was actually rooting for her over the whole IA picture scandal, but this is bizarre.
  2. If anything this is just going to encourage more people to track her flighting logs down, and this is not adressing the actual issue as well.
  3. So we should cut Taylor some slack because she's already at the receiving end of so much "criticism" and because other celebrities/billionaires have questionable environmental practices? She's the one sueing, so I don't see why this concerns other celebrities/billionaires. Besides, this is publicly available information posted after a 24h window... there's very little concern over her safety. We all know she's touring anyways. A lifetime of paper straws won't do shit for the environment with these people around.
  4. We are seated and perched for this. When the world needed her most, she vanished...
  5. I support successful women supporting other successful women, and call me a conspiracy theorist, but Taylor's overly supportive energy during the entirety of the evening just made it look like she thought Lana wasn't able to shine on her own, as if she desperately needed her help for that. Sometimes less is more.
  6. I think there’s a way to acknowledge someone else’s impact, and show them affection, and it’s not by forcibly dragging that person to come on stage after they lost an award to you. But then again, Taylor always gives main character energy and her actions often come across as performative. I agreed with what she said about Lana thoughβ€”she deserves her own flowers. Anyways, the Grammys are still a scam, just another weird, circlejerky industry thing where actual talent doesn’t necessarily gets recognized or acknowledged. Lana should not even bother attending at this point, she should just make music and dip honestly. These things are only as important as we make them out to be.
  7. Love this photoshoot, but hate this bad wig Okay Paul McCartney
  8. Taymid Swift will most likely wipe it all, but I hope Lana wins. She deserves it.
  9. West Coast

    Dua Lipa

    Insiders and stans alike were pretty adament about DTNA being the so-called transition single, and this new single being forward and "experimental"
  10. West Coast

    Dua Lipa

    As much as I love Tame Impala/Kevin Parker, a lot of his collabs just feel like an extension of his own work. This song could've been on The Slow Rush--and it suffers from the same flaws as well--it's repetitive and all built up with very little release or an underwhelming climax. Such a safe single, to think Twitter/X gays convinced themselves she's "coming to save pop music"... well not with this one.
  11. Her denying not getting any work done when her face was looking the way it did in 2011/12/13 was honestly camp.
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