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  1. Exactly! To me a song like 'Sad Girl' is an example for why the repitive lyrics don't affect me in anyway whatsoever—the whole vibe is just impeccable and intense.
  2. People that act as if lyrical repetition is weak/subpar songwriting, but consider the wordy-mouthful-spoken-unmelodic lyrics better/superior songwriting just because it's more developed or "cultivated" are pretentious as fuck. English isn't my native language, and while I definitely have an appreciation for the beauty/meaning in Lana's lyricism, for me it's all about the delivery and how well it mesh with the melody. I couldn't care less that Ultraviolence (the album) has so-called repetitive lyrics—it's still meaningful and the delivery is impeccable and impactful. It gives so much oomph so the songs, and complements the melodies so well. On some other album, the delivery just isn't as nice and while the lyrics are somewhat thoughtful, it just has no vibe, the delivery/singing style is off and as a listener it just bores me.
  3. Manifesting that Lana works exclusively with producers that will endeavour to make music that matches her talent as a lyricist and uniqueness as a vocalist. Big & intense production truthers rise! Give us mystical, bombastic and cinematic tunes, ma!
  4. I've said it before, I'll say it again. The back picture would've made a more interesting cover than the actual cover. This era feels like a fever dream. I think we're gonna get something good this era, Neil was very involved with the visuals for the BB and they were nice, maybe not on par with Honeymoon or Ultraviolence, but nice nonetheless.
  5. Praying for an album trailer.
  6. He's clearly not the only person involved in this project, if at all. Which is a good thing.
  7. Anna Cofone is interacting--the old crew is back together. It's happening.
  8. It makes no sense at all for her to explore that sound at this point in her career. She's literally been making laidback, organic, stripped down music for the past 3 years, I highly doubt she'll explore a different sound on this album, or even the next.
  9. Kinda fed up with these fraudulent claims
  10. miss badger sees right through your ruse
  11. He's about to post a pic of the cease and desist warrant he has on us
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