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  1. my yellow vinyl is supposed to come tomorrow but the fedex tracking says it’s still on the other side of the country
  2. I knew I shouldn’t have got my hopes up smh I got my clown dress on tonight djdhshsh that was the most exhilarating two minutes of my life when I believed it
  3. Oh wow the way I’m letting myself get my hopes up….. cmon girlies pls we need to put ALL our manifesting power into this . Do not waste a drop on anything else Edit: WAIT I just saw the pic I think it was a joke because that thing looks like a giant blunt and Mike is known for smoking a lot he just meant a smoke sesh…. We lost edit no.2: manifest it anyways
  4. I doubt the covers album would be digital only, surely her label wouldn’t pass up the gift-ability of an album like that, especially if they put it out during the holiday season (which kinda seemed like the plan)
  5. since we’re talking about the trio… don’t hate me but imo the original is infinitely better and the interlude sounds cheap and unimaginative like it reminds me of something you’d hear on a sports channel or something . I’m so sorry yall lmfao
  6. this album needs to see the return of Rick and more of Mike Dean
  7. now someone pls put that vocal take over the orchestral version ❤️
  8. is this literally a commercial for online gambling? is that predatory???
  9. He looks like he knows this isn’t funny but he’s getting paid so much it doesn’t matter
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