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  1. LFL ROUND 2 LETS GOOOOO album out on the next strawberry moon
  2. While we’re on the subject I definitely count Honeymoon (the song) as a Morricone inspired piece, and her Trio remix makes me cringe it sounds like something you’d heard on the sports channel but the original is one of the best songs ever idk how she let that happen
  3. album photoshoot at Graceland would kind of slay for this, if we’re ever getting it…
  4. I’m in the mood for put the radio on vibes
  5. Why was my first though upon seeing this “LDR Village”
  6. tbh I’d rather get visuals than a song snippet, I would like to see a thumbnail or a still from a music video or really lq album photoshoot teasers or something
  7. Poor girls maybe lanita is next… but I have a hard time imagining her complying with whatever the label wants lmfao
  8. The glowing tan the red nails the diet coke the church attendance her mental state rn ik her voice memos app going crazy
  9. I wish there was a way to reply with audio messages so I could copy and paste the three I just sent my friend with a link to the OP and the sound of me screaming
  10. We need TENSION in the studio… Jack is too nice and his music is very “nice” like no lines are ever crossed that’s why maybe it sounds pretty and cute but it feels empty or hollow… she needs to be paired with someone where there’s a little more friction so things turn out more intense … theory
  11. The thing is Jack just doesn’t have the vibe…. Even if there are 808s Lana needs someone with a different vibe… Mike Dean is giving mature, he’s giving gritty, Jack is giving Westside Story extra it’s just not what I need.. what happened to that guy from ig she was with y’all were calling nasty and such…? How is Jack supposed to make songs that match his vibe.. I can’t see it
  12. if this album doesn’t have a cover of stormy weather she can keep it… Literally
  13. I’m going thru a depression rn and I feel bad that I’m not really hyped for anything but I’m sure that will change as soon as we get a snippet Lana take the hint
  14. San Francisco by Scott McKenzie confirmed if you’re going to San Francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair the return of flower crown Lana
  15. yall I’ve been gone for weeks where did SF come from..? is she covering san francisco by scott mckenzie that would be cute on a small little compilation EP with looking for america, watercolor eyes, season of the witch, and a few more original songs in that style <3
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