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  1. Besties, could someone please kindly catch me up, what’s all the info we have/what is the general consensus we have about the situation?? I haven’t been on here in so long 😢 and I’m so confused reading all these posts lol is anybody on the same page!!
  2. She needs to have her jagged little pill era asap
  3. So tired of “”fans”” begging for her to go back to her ‘music’ and ‘singing’ era she’s in a different place in life like just get over it, she’s 37 which means she’s practically geriatric.. Imagine how embarrassing it would be if she started making songs right now
  4. Besties I’m at work please catch me up she posted a snippet?? What does it sound like?? Lyrics?? She tagged someone?? Please help a girl out I don’t have the time rn
  5. LFL ROUND 2 LETS GOOOOO album out on the next strawberry moon
  6. While we’re on the subject I definitely count Honeymoon (the song) as a Morricone inspired piece, and her Trio remix makes me cringe it sounds like something you’d heard on the sports channel but the original is one of the best songs ever idk how she let that happen
  7. album photoshoot at Graceland would kind of slay for this, if we’re ever getting it…
  8. I’m in the mood for put the radio on vibes
  9. Why was my first though upon seeing this “LDR Village”
  10. tbh I’d rather get visuals than a song snippet, I would like to see a thumbnail or a still from a music video or really lq album photoshoot teasers or something
  11. Poor girls maybe lanita is next… but I have a hard time imagining her complying with whatever the label wants lmfao
  12. I get where you’re coming from but I think we should be allowed to say it’s not okay to promote eating disorders it’s one thing to have a cringy teenage blog but the things these fans romanticize put them in direct danger and risk their health and wellbeing
  13. I can’t stand the coquette lizzy grant anorexia heroin chic black swan dior brunette iced coffee and cigarettes girlblogger scene… all we can do is pray for them I guess
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