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  1. sorry I'm dumb, but this is from my Target order - is this when they will be receiving the items, or when I will?? I haven't even gotten a shipping notif yet, this was just in my confirmation email like that's clearly earlier than the release date so I'm inclined to think it's when they will have the stock but I would appreciate some clarity
  2. I know this is beyond early but since we know the general sound of cotcc now I am beginning to manifest a spaghetti western theme for the next album I welcome anyone to join me so that we may combine our powers. Thank you
  3. She can’t win lmfao
  4. I used to be a collector just like this tho I understand exactly where ur coming from but it’s like..... what is the point!!! I feel like it’s wasteful to have so many copies that are essentially gonna go unplayed, and it’s a waste of money. Just pick ur fave version and buy that!! That’s what I do now. I didn’t mean to be rude but I knew people were going to feel upset at what I said no matter how I worded it..... idk it’s just not worth it imo. Pick things that are meaningful to you... not just every copy of something so that u can resell it later 5x the price I have a bunch of lfl records just sitting around and I plan on selling them eventually (at the original price) once I get stuff organized but I would feel terrible knowing I’m making a fan pay so much extra for something they really want and may be breaking the bank to purchase... everyone is different but I think it’s good to at least be mindful of what you are doing and why
  5. @White Hot Forever @Venice Bitch same with my car, I have cds and tapes but I only really use the cds and certainly don’t buy new tapes bc they’re literally terrible they must just be making them cuz it’s ~*~vintáge~*~ and you can make them in lots of colors so ppl will want to collect them all not to be a wet blanket but.......the consumerism in this thread so many copies is unnecessary and I hope y’all know you’re getting scammed
  6. I’m so confused, seems like lots of ppl have noticed her eyes/brows too but I also feel like her face looks thinner?? Or maybe it’s just her hair falling around it that’s creating an illusion idk. Either way, she looks so good hope she keeps this hair for a while
  7. Is anyone else confused at this weird tape revival that’s been happening...... it’s literally like the worst music format
  8. literally what i was thinking lmao. she wont see the light of day
  9. omg i just want to give her a hug
  10. while i totally understand and even agree it would be wonderful if someone sat down with lana and explained things to her, i think being disappointed that she isn't some woke queen is like ... idk you're only gonna keep being disappointed. like that's never been her, idk what made everyone suddenly want that from her other than it now being trendy to perform allyship for other's satisfaction. i also think a lot of the ppl who are cringing at her might be newer stans, i've kept up w her literally since i was in middle school (im 22 now) when i first saw the video games mv and fell in love. she's been treated horribly her entire career. i'm happy that she's finally standing up for herself and finding her voice. i know she's acting messy and causing drama and i'm not trying to excuse her privilege, but i think she keeps talking about herself and issues regarding her and yall keep turning it into other things like wanting her to understand racial history (which again, nothing wrong w that & i agree) but it's just like so missing the point. she's not a politician, she's clearly not super educated in this department and so to keep expecting this from her is just setting yourself up for disappointment and only perpetuating the very thing lana is tired of and speaking about here. even besides that, she's fully allowed to have different opinions than what you want from her, and she doesn't have to speak about certain things if she doesn't want to. i'm sorry if this doesn't make sense i can barely keep my eyes open rn, i just feel like some ppl might have a narrower perspective of what she's been saying ever since her qftc. she has said some pretty stupid things and i'm not excusing that, but i think ppl are focusing on one specific aspect and missing the bigger picture. i wish we would stop forcing celebs to be politicians it's so weird and unhealthy, and again it only further perpetuates your disappointment in her and her frustrations with us, so this mess will only keep on going
  11. ok i finally read it, whats the issue with what she said idgi - she's fully allowed to defend herself
  12. idk what she said i haven't read it yet but maybe this is part of her publicity campaign??? like being controversial on purpose to boost interest, hence why she's doing it so much?? like maybe this is supposed to be her new "brand" or smth idk lmfao maybe she just really acts like this tho idk
  13. Definitely not real cuz they would’ve advertised it specifically but my first thot when I saw the alt neil cover this morning was what if it’s lenticular or whatever they call it... would explain the eye situation and also would be kind of a serve, she should do that some time
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