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  1. Dear Lord let us all take the time to consider that he dated Lena Dunham for five years. Amen
  2. This was my first thought upon seeing the post too which makes me think it’s a poem, but why not just post the poem then?? The fact that it matches the white dress post is what’s making me think it’s a song, or maybe she’s doing another audio book (or only recording one or two poems for promo?) ????
  3. She can delete it and post for dmx
  4. stop stereotyping people lmfao shouldn't yall know better by now
  5. Obsessed with this cat eye phase she’s going thru
  6. Tbh I think this will happen because there is Nikki to hold her accountable to a certain timetable, if they’ve discussed what the release will look like. No fake dates with this one I think, otherwise I think that speaks more to Lana if she continues to do so even with projects where someone else is equally involved. That’s irresponsible and immature, not to mention unprofessional
  7. I don’t listen to country music but I’m open minded to what it can be and I’ve let go of the prejudices I had about it like a simple music history 101 class would really benefit everybody! It’s influence in Lana’s catalogue is pretty consistent and prominent, keep an open mind and I think she might surprise us
  8. wonder if this is part of the project? or just something for fun
  9. if you combine it with her other caption of the same image, I think it does?? Maybe Clay was trying to control her too much, saying she should do this or that, instead of letting Lana live her own life and make her own choices (the personal sovereignty part). Perhaps she's saying I don't need to everything you say to make you (or herself) happy (like the butterfly part)
  10. i think that's a reflection of her phone screen while she was taking the pic lol edit: nvm it looks like a clip or something attached to the butterfly ??
  11. she changed the font lmaooo
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