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  1. Yes I think it was the main point of the album honestly
  2. Embach

    Instagram Updates

    I seriously thought that the first slide from the newest post was from Endless Summer Tour 2015, specifically from that Atlantic City show on June 6. Probably because of those curtain bangs! She never changes, her beauty is immortal!
  3. Let's just let her do what's she's fucking doing! I trust Lana and I'm 100% sure as always that LDR 10 will be a masterpiece!
  4. From Genius website's comment section which was about White Mustang lyrics...like what the fuck
  5. Found these from Deuxmoi insta stories, idk if they're true or important but I just leave them here. Just cute random info ig
  6. Embach

    Taylor Swift

    Her new boyfriend's looks reminds me of Jack Donoghue and idk why.
  7. I wrote a similar thing like this about Lust For Life a couple of months ago:
  8. Tropico movie score EP deserved to be released physically, not in iTunes or other streaming service "special" only
  9. Embach

    Taylor Swift

    Idk what to feel about her new bf, my heart still "bleeds" from Joe but if she's happy she can stay happy
  10. I haven't seen Lost In Translation (2003) and Cold War (2018) from the start to end, I have more seen different scenes and clips from those movies and not gonna lie, the melancholia and themes around them and the endings of these movies, especially the latter's, which was sad as fuck, made me cry not gonna lie but is Lost In Translation really that depressive? wasn't it labeled as rom-com?
  11. I've seen all three Bridget Jones movies like many many times too I stopped watched Grey's but the actors and the older seasons still have my heart
  12. I wouldn't say that these were life changing but definitely had some kind of impact on me, at least when I was younger: Movies: The Sound Of Music, Bridget Jones' Diary, The Devil Wears Prada Series: Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, The Mentalist (especially this one, this drove me insane, totally obsessive lol)
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