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  1. Same lol. I have always suspected I am somewhat visually dumb, but this game truly calling me out 💀
  2. Death Never Came. (This title has probably been suggested before, I can't remember. Although I don't think she would go this dark, I'll still entertain the thought). A track about how one's fame outlasts one's life. Both acknowledging the impact and legacy of the artist but not without a certain aggression resulting from the desire to disappear sometimes, Todestrieb, death drive. Or not as dramatic but simply becoming a face in the crowd and enjoying being anonymous, starting a new life. Love-hate relationship with fame she has always dealt with. But she comes to a conclusion and accepts this time that "death would never come". I imagine a Blonde Redhead - Misery is a Butterfly type of sound with her own twist on it. I almost never make up songs this way, don't know where this one comes from. Donoghue N Courtney. K, this was bad. Shutting up.
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    Wordle 348 4/6 🟨🟨⬛⬛⬛ ⬛🟩⬛🟨🟨 🟩🟩🟩🟩⬛ 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩
  4. "that call" as in a call from Jeffree Star https://twitter.com/JeffreeStar/status/3895308045
  5. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Big Eyes vs GBAAATBWIT
  6. Lana - For the way she built herself a world of her own, shaped her surroundings according to her own reality and drew great art from that source to touch so many people; for being hard-working, powerful, resilient; for showing there's beauty in fragility and sometimes in tragedy, too, for it always teaches you something and life goes on with you stronger. She also made me more comfortable with my femininity, my ever-changing tides of mood and encouraged me to let go of my former perfectionist attitude towards poetry and life and relationships in general. She made me appreaciate little things, too. Just things you wouldn't think of as big happenings, but they leave their mark as happy moments in your life. Courtney Love - Behind the media drama and a drug-fueled relationship with a famous rock star was one of the most incredible lyricists of all time, humourous, bitter, sarcastic, romantic, witty, incredibly charismatic, a true feminist figure (all in the span of one song sometimes) Kurt Cobain - I still catch myself using clever tactics I learned from him in my teens when I'm writing poetry. On top of being a genius musician, he also wrote very simple but interesting lyrics. For example, in Dumb he sings "My heart is broke, but I have some glue/ Help me inhale and mend it with you." where "inhale" shows up completely unexpected. I thought it was the coolest shit ever. Also, he was the perfect embodiment of masculine fragility, rage channeled in art and incredible sense of humor combined. Jim Morrison - for his myth-building and spiritual leanings Leonard Cohen - incredible lyrics Elliott Smith - just a freaking genius Edit: I forgot Grimes! I'm pretty new to her but it's insane that she does everything regarding her music: composing, production, artwork, videos herself.
  7. Four songs that I keep playing these days: 1. t.A.T.u. - Stars: This is a very magical, atmospheric song, I really like it. 2. Alexandra Savior - Crying All The Time: I discovered this gem so late, so I keep playing to make up for the lost time. 3. Robbie Williams - Love Supreme: I came across this song years later and for the past few days wake up with it playing in my head. The lyrics really speak to me around this time. 4. Lana Del Rey - Cult Leader: It's like watching a long-lost short film. I can't really put my finger on how she is able to capture such eerie, atmospheric vibe.
  8. My updated ranking: 1. Ultraviolence 2. Lana Del Rey AKA Lizzy Grant 3. Born To Die 4. Honeymoon 5. Blue Banisters 6. Paradise 7. Lust For Life 8. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 9. Chemtrails Over The Country Club *did not include Sirens, I love it, but it feels so different from the rest, couldn't decide where to place it.
  9. https://disembodiedpoetics.tumblr.com/
  10. It seems almost unbelievable to me that this album exists, yet at the same time I can't recall a time in which it didn't. It's all so surreal, as if Ultraviolence has always existed, transcending time and space and this angel had to grow a new heart to channel her way through the dark nooks of the soul for those who were lucky enough to happen to be there to bear witness. All my experiences before this album are imbued with it, all my future recollections will be bathed in it. It echoes the chronic emptiness and disillusionment "the flesh is heir to", yet never hopeless, always holding onto the image of "cherries in the spring", the "magnificence" of it all if we could only give up on our used-up prosthetic eye through which too much beauty goes unnoticed. This album, to me, is a lament to the beauty of the existence and the burden and the ensuing loneliness you find yourself to be laden with when you are the only one to see it all, the beauty, the sun and ocean blue. But what is to see, when it can't be shared in the way you like it to? It's limiting, depressing and violent. But she still goes on. Dancing the night away. Sorry, I get very emotional over this particular masterpiece. Edit: I originally wrote this entry on @Ultra Violet 's blog on UV since I wanted it to be on this thread, too. Hope that's okay.
  11. You're such a sweetheart. Thank you
  12. 1. Hole - Best Sunday Dress 2. Lush - Kiss Chase 3. Wolf Alice - Your Love's Whore 4. Hole - Northern Star 5. Porcupine Tree - Sentimental 6. Pink Floyd - Cirrus Minor 7. Elliott Smith - Son of Sam 8. Alexandra Savior - Crying All The Time 9. Tamino - Cigar 10. Lana Del Rey - Ride 11. Father John Misty - I Love You, Honeybear 12. Barrie James - Mary 13. The Do - Dust It Off 14. Grimes - New Gods 15. Chris Cornell - Can't Change Me 16. Alan Parsons Project - Silence and I 17. Brazzaville - Bosphorus 18. Lana Del Rey - Wildflower Wildfire 19. Nirvana - Dumb 20. Andrew Bird - Sisyphus 21. Tori Amos - Leather 22. Fiona Apple - A Mistake 23. PJ Harvey - Plants & Rags 24. Alice In Chains - Nutshell 25. Jonathan Wilson - Mulholland Queen 26. Tom Waits - No One Knows I'm Gone
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