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  1. what in the lizzy grant is this marvel, she looks insaneeee
  2. lili

    Instagram Updates

    She’s Lana fkn Del Rey headlining Coachella. Your analogies don’t make any sense. This time it’s sickness, what about the other hundreds of times? She cannot be that unlucky now come on. She’s an inconsistent performer and fans have trouble accepting it for some reason. She should have hired a vocal coach a long long time ago.
  3. lili

    Instagram Updates

    I mean, I love her. The fact that her live vocals are sometimes not it doesn’t change what a legend she is and how mesmerizing she was at Coachella. What made her charming was never her as a live performer. I just meant she doesn’t need such long passive aggressive explanations because she didn’t sound half-healed, she sounded vapey as she sometimes does. And it simply didn’t sound believable to me which means nothing. Anyways, I think Friday will be much more special, too
  4. lili

    Instagram Updates

    I’m only saying it’s always something. If it’s indeed a mic problem, just hire the best and have a backup plan. If it’s indeed some sickness, maybe don’t stay in a cold warehouse like some indie artist? Unfortunate stuff surely can happen but it sometimes feels like she can’t accept she underperforms sometimes, so it sounds unbelievable even if it’s true. Also she did say she sounds breathy because she fell out of a tree as a little girl, so yeah she lies about such things. Her history of doing so makes me question it.
  5. I would also like to add that Courtney Love has been over for more than thirty years. In fact, she was over before she even began. There was never a time she was not over. A cult favorite, sure, and a favorite of mine, too. But never a good overall image in mainstream media. She has a terrible personality and it’s fun to see its emanations in her art which I think is genius. But she’s nobody’s friend. Not even her own. Name dropping her is cool and all but she will turn on anyone soon enough
  6. lili

    Instagram Updates

    Meh. Her live vocals have always been on and off, depending on the day she sounds gorgeous or weak. It has always been that way, even when she had Pete. She’s a great studio artist though. It’s a bit boring that it’s always other people’s fault. She just sometimes cannot sing due to nerves or whatever. Laryngitis thing and total warehouse is total bs imo
  7. I’m a huge fan of Courtney’s art but she has always been a fickle person. However, I might get grated for this opinion but I’ve always felt that Lana initially befriended her because of her fascination with Kurt Cobain, and not necessarily Courtney’s own art. It was obvious Courtney would shit talk one day, that’s what she always does. Sean Lennon is another example of someone she befriended out of her love for his parents. I’m not saying she’s wrong to do that but I mean, Courtney comes with drama and always will. Tbh, I feel like it would suck to be friends with most of our idols, I wouldn’t follow anyone promoting Judah Smith in my real life for example. *insert that one meme here where two surgeons lie on the ground exhausted and the caption says “separating the art from the artist”*
  8. lili


    Never really been a Beyoncé fan though I liked Lemonade but this record is sooo good. She’s so soulful? Also, she’s not afraid to be vulnerable which is refreshing. She has that special combination of power and vulnerability which was what drew me to Lana in the first place. “Daughter” is such an exceptional track which blew my mind the first time I heard it. I’d die if Lana did something like that. The only tracks that don’t do anything for me are Levi’s Jeans and Jolene, I’ll be spending a lot of time with the rest
  9. lili

    Song vs. Song

    TV in Black and White vs If You Lie Down With Me
  10. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Bel Air vs Is This Happiness
  11. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Lake Placid vs UFB
  12. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Dragonslayer vs Wild One
  13. I've always thought the Bill hypocorism referred to Axl Rose whose birth name is William Bruce Rose Jr.
  14. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Cult Leader vs Poetry in Motion
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