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  1. I’m sooo happy when she receives the recognition for her work that she totally deserves. Love her so much
  2. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Ave Maria vs Cult Leader
  3. I think she's going for the sounds of the words more than anything when it comes to "cacciatore" and "salvatore".
  4. lili

    Song vs. Song

    Ooof tough one. Off to the Races vs Heroin
  5. Yess it’s supposedly inspired by his drug addiction causing a rift in the band, which eventually led to him quitting Fleet Foxes and pursuing his own thing. It’s really interesting to hear his chilling back vocals on a track about himself.
  6. What a song! And it’s about Father John Misty, too 💀
  7. The Doors - Indian Summer. It would fit her better than her favorite sweater.
  8. Listening to Tori Amos’ “Abnormally Attracted to Sin” album, and I would most definitely die if Lanita cooked anything in the vein of it. Magical, transgressive, hazy…
  9. I hear “let the winter winter in” like she’s cheering on the dude who supposedly snorts like a champ On another note, I made the mistake of looking at this thread today and got hung up on THAT Trash Magic line again. Where did they use to go where he’d buy her a slice of cherry pie, I just need to know…
  10. So, did anyone know about this? https://stanfordreview.org/the-right-wing-straussianism-of-lana-del-rey/
  11. For me, it's definitely Wait for Life.
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