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  1. I think of Lana whenever I listen to this song. Especially this part: “Oracle of the mystery Of the changing face of time, Echoing through the centuries Your clear voice fills my mind”
  2. My humble impression from what I’ve gathered from songs rumored to be about Jimmy Gnecco is that they are indeed about him being dismissive of her. I think they knew each other, but not that well. Lana might have come too strong on him, as least that’s what I gather from Facebook posts and lyrics. He doesn’t seem to be a narcissist though, he simply may have not liked her.
  3. I mean I can get over lyrics like « Life rocked me like Motley » or « Dear lord when I get to heaven…. » because those songs are absolute absolute masterpieces to me personally. I don’t know maybe the Tulsa thing reminds me of Sean, so I can’t fully enjoy the song. Wait… I always forget it’s called Cinnamon Girl. You’ve reminded me again. Now that I think about it, Neil Young has a song of the same name which is rumored to be about Jim Morrison’s wife Pamela Courson. Knowing Lana’s fascination with references, maybe there’s something there.
  4. Hahaha. Yeah, I dread the day it’ll relay how Robster spends his day will have me slayed…not in a good way.
  5. I’m not sure if this is unpopular or not, but I truly dislike the lyrics of « Tulsa Jesus Freak ».
  6. The fact that we never could pinpoint the quality present in her music was what made her so great, influential and haunting. That quality which made you feel like you’re witnessing something never been done before, revealing nooks in your brain which you didn’t know to exist… That is the magic of truly purely great music to me. I still respect and am happy for people who are able to find the same magic through her music, and as much as I’m going to be following what she’s up to, I can’t say I’m that interested anymore.
  7. « Much more abstract way », that’s the key to me as a listener. She emphasizes being a poet, and to me, poetry is essentially about word economy because it’s pretty much a condensed form which plays with images beautifully and telling the ugly or beautiful in an evocative manner (at least, the great ones). I say poetry, because I’m sure she considers her lyrics to be poems first now. And the music seems redundant to me when the lines seem to be trying to fit into it rather than bringing melody and lyrics together brilliantly which she’s very much capable of. Arcadia sounded better than others to me, but still comparatively, because it also sounds as if someone tried to write what their conception of a Lana song is. I can’t see what her trajectory will be like either.
  8. This. Personally, I’d add that I feel like she’s not all there anymore. It’s very interesting to me because her lyrics seem to be more soul-baring than ever albeit in a diary-entry level, and not the unique self-expression she’s known for. I guess she’s all tired of it and just puts it out there now, trying to explain herself in the most « authentic » (according to herself, I think) manner, and if it works for her, it’s all good but it falls a bit flat for me. Overall, it’s interesting to see her change over the years.
  9. Ahhh, I forgot about that song lol. Thanks for the clarification
  10. Oh dear God, has she name dropped Sean? Please say you mean she sings about Sean. I’m still scared we’ll get a Sean name drop in a song called “Cop Blue” or something.
  11. lili


    I’m relatively new to him but love his music so much. His lyrics are incredible, the perfect mashup of religious and sexual imagery which could easily go wrong in the wrong hands. With a divine voice and a smile to drive you off the road. I stan.
  12. Yeah, I understand. It’s hard to say where the music becomes inconsequential, and I might not be a good one to comment on that because I’m an English Literature graduate but English is still a foreign language to me. So the lyrics don’t hold the same immediacy they hold for native speakers which I assume you are? So I can ignore the lyrics. But I see what you mean, I agree they’re somewhere between spoken word and a song.
  13. Even though I’m on the side that enjoys the new songs, I think I see where @Rorman Nockwell is coming from regarding the poetry comment. Okay, we know that some artists, including the great Leonard Cohen, were essentially composing music over their poetry and turn them into songs, but with Lana it’s a bit different I think. Cohen’s poetic diction always read like it could easily be a song lyric, whereas Lana’s is more Ginsberg and Whitman style, and I don’t find anything in VBBOTG as similar to her former lyrical content. So, with the new songs, I think it sometimes sounds like they were scrapped into a song with a change of mind now that we know her poetic style. That said, I enjoy them, but I can see why some people might not. And that’s okay. Don’t know why it even became an issue. Everyone can have their opinions, otherwise why would there be Lanaboards? Again, I don’t want to put words in your mouth rorman, this is just my take on what you said. Much love to everyone ?
  14. lili

    Text Book

    My interpretation is that she was very much influenced by Sylvia Plath whose relationship with her mother was quite strained as Lana’s own relationship with her mother seems to be. Sylvia’s mother is suspected to be a narcissist and had this idea of perfect womanhood Sylvia felt like she failed to fit into. Lana might have experienced the same thing which explains her affinity with Plath. I think with “the issue of her” in this case, Lana could be either referring to her mother, or the perfect Elizabeth Grant she was deemed to be mold into or both. As for the line in HIADT, my opinion is she’s talking about her mother.
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