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  1. not that bald bitch giving a 10? suddenly my respect for him has returned
  2. i think he forgot to mention that she's beautiful?
  3. If you want Lana to have a structured album cycle and official singles with dates… tough!
  4. just as I was abt to go on my desktop to download the spring breakers mp3 and put it on my Google drive- thank you for saving me 5 minutes Charli
  5. someone asked me who i was yesterday and it took EVERYTHING in me not to say "i'm a brat when i'm bumpin that"
  6. this album is so cunty i can't stop thinking abt it
  7. This thread is pretty tame compared to the reactions I’ve seen on Reddit and a certain four letter pop music forum
  8. this album is really special to me. i can't stop listening to i might say something stupid- the introverted gay in me is healed i'll post a review and track ranking later xx
  9. ohhhh i just listened- why doesn't she make more songs like THIS i get bored of the ballad-y whisper singing but this is anthemic, youthful and fun! i will be spinning this
  10. the new song is produced by Jack? And it's not that bad- very laid back, summery production. On second listen, it's alr growing on me
  11. oooo i almost forgot she has a new song coming out at 8 hopefully it's as good as espresso
  12. a bit late to the brat profile updates but here i am!! 6 hours until my ears are blessed by this cunt album
  13. chihiro mv is boringggg as hell where is that double album
  14. one of my favs off of SP. it's so sunny and dreamy, it really transports me
  15. jimmyjimmycocoapuff


    Lover's SPIT left on repeat
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