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  1. Margaret did 210k streams yesterday. More than A&W, coming for Paris, Texas and then Peppers. Who would’ve thought
  2. What gives it away to me that the NFR version is also the final LFL version is that she said it’s a song about Topanga. I think she initially was going to use the leaked version but then reworked it into the “NFR” version, scrapped it all together, and then finally decided to use it on NFR with no further changes.
  3. I’ll never forget when we were all watching the first MITA show and everyone was excited when and she sang The Grants live for the first time and then the song finished and there was that short interlude and we were all waiting for what was next and the absolute collapse that it was when we heard the guitar intro for Flipside. I go back and rewatch the clip all the time, probably my fav live versions. I fear we’re gonna be chasing that high for awhile
  4. No but fr the white dress has seen some sh*t, she first wore it at Lollapalooza which was a muddy mess, she had mud all over her shoes, legs, and probably even the dress
  5. She heard y’all complaining about the White Dress so she did a complete 180 don’t worry though it’ll be back, it’s just at the dry cleaners rn
  6. Margaret has been having seeing some nice streaming days. Outstreamed the title track yesterday and if it keeps the momentum, Paris, Texas and A&W are next. Looks like Margaret is the HIAB of this album! I truly believe fishtail is one tiktok trend away from becoming a “hit” for her
  7. The dress is cute, let’s not do too much on it. Way better than the 2017/18 adidas.
  8. Okay tbh I was cool with the covers the first few times they were performed but if she’s not gonna release/announce the album, it’s time for them to go and bring back Candy Necklace and Venice Bitch
  9. Not Nikki Lane being exposed on Reddit as a mean person
  10. This is what a Let the Light In music video should look like!
  11. Who would’ve thought this day would ever come. A few months ago poor little Chemtrails was getting scarily close to 250k daily streams, it’s more than double that and getting close to Blue Banisters! Hopefully Tulsa Jesus Freak can benefit from the title tracks vitality and reach 70k daily streams in the next few days!
  12. In my mind, she’s holding the music video for Grammy campaign season and we’ll be getting it soon
  13. Chemtrails Over the Country Club (song) has been increasing like crazy this past week on Spotify. Almost 300k streams on a Sunday. The album should be getting pretty close to out streaming Blue Banisters in the next few days. Update: Looks like the album did over 500k streams yesterday. Tomorrow’s update should be exciting! https://x.com/chartlana/status/1703837822916993041?s=46&t=Y_C0Uj_KV_OJJAPem8WDlA
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