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  1. Chemtrails will always be one of my favorites, I have such a soft spot for it. The run from White Dress -> Tulsa Jesus Freak is flawless. Yosemite was my most anticipated track after being teased for 4 years and it was well worth the wait, it’s probably in my top 10 Lana songs. Dark But Just A Game, Wild at Heart, LMLYLAW & NAWWAL are all amazing, everyone did so much on Breaking Up Slowly when it was released, it’s honestly a nice track.
  2. I think it’s kinda funny how we run to rank a song the minute it gets released
  3. I 100% agree, I want them to go away but I know they’re going to be here lol
  4. Literally. If they know it’s coming soon then just stay quiet. I think the only type of insider I like rn is the “Kintsugi” type. Spills some information on songs & lyrics and builds hype but doesn’t ruin any kind of announcement.
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