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  1. Candy Necklace

    Taylor Swift

    The music is good but she’s exhausting
  2. Candy Necklace

    Taylor Swift

    This is not a good look at all for Taylor
  3. This and Eternal Sunshine are the top 2 releases of the year so far, it’s hard to decide which one is #1
  4. Why do so many people get upset about guests at a show they aren’t attending
  5. Swifties are the most insecure fanbase It’s funny how they’re coming after Billie now
  6. Did we listen to the same song??
  7. Is this really that big of a deal?
  8. Yeah I wouldn’t be here for a Melanie collab but if it does happen, I trust Lana
  9. Honestly leading with Tough is a better idea than Henry. Tough is a bop and perfect to start the summer, Henry can come later on in like July when it’s so hot out and all we want to do is lay in the sun and not do anything
  10. I’ve been saying this year feels like 2017 again
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