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  1. love deluxe

    Venice Bitch

    you can literally look up the stems. she says losers
  2. please take me back to this… what simpler times. i was still in high school. about to graduate that upcoming may. this album rollout was so long but i really miss it. feels like so much has changed since then.
  3. love deluxe

    Venice Bitch

    the way almost no one posted for the anniversary of her best song… im so sad
  4. one of my fav poems from violet. the whole project is perfect though my favorite is definitely paradise is very fragile. bedroom is so great though and it makes me happy to see her acknowledge it along with terrence which is one of my favs from honeymoon
  5. i think this is actually really good. i finally got around to listening to it. the lyrics are heavenly and she sounds gorgeous. i really relate to it in a lot of ways so it makes me sad to see so many not liking it at all, but what can ya do? everybody has an opinion yknow?
  6. i feel like no matter if it’s winner winner or winter we’re not in, its kinda a silly lyric anyway so just sing whatever lyric you think it is!
  7. congrats! @boom like that (i will own this vinyl someday, but not today)
  8. i’m actually super happy this got delayed (if it comes at all) because it’s my biggest ISO (i actually think lime green is the perfect cover for NFR) but i also have no money to afford it. hopefully she waits till after next friday to restock ^_^
  9. another day another argument about genre… can we please get some news so we don’t have to have the same fight we’ve been having for about a decade.
  10. venice bitch will always be the craziest song to me… i love it so much
  11. “that stevie nicks singer” if you don’t sit down and learn some music history…
  12. do u guys think there’s a chance she’ll restock one more time 🥲
  13. anything from paradise or honeymoon would fit to be honest. would love yayo, american, lucky ones demo, honeymoon title track, terrence loves you, or art deco
  14. thank you so much!!! seeing this in hd gave me life
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