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  1. the way this thread has almost surpassed the amount of pages that the NFR pre-release had.
  2. okay i think i need to log off this thread for the next couple of days so i don’t get spoiled anymore. i love being on here but its so tempting to read everyone’s thoughts. and i really want to go into this album blind (or as blind as is now possible).
  3. ok but like… considering candy necklace is missing, is this the longest an LDR album has gone without leaking in full before the official release?
  4. never ever forgetting this beautiful day in my life. was too stoned to remember a LOT of it, but the overwhelming joy and euphoria i felt at this show still lingers. <3 i remember waiting in line outside the venue in the california heat, meeting this wonderful girl and her mom who smoked a joint with me and my friends. it was true camaraderie. also the venue was so intimate and tiny; i just loved how close everything felt. there was this one girl who was sitting on the shoulders of someone else in the pit nearby and she was a smoking something so loud that i wouldn’t be surprised if lana herself could smell it from the stage. the security didn’t even escort her out or anything, but what’s funny is they shined their flashlight on her so we all got to see her sitting on someones shoulders and smoking. to be perfectly honest, i wish i hadn’t gotten high, because i forget a lot of the actual concert. but i know i started to sober up just a little bit around when she played west coast which was towards the end. and oh, what an experience hearing that one was. i really hope she tours again soon so i can see her one last time. it’s my dream to meet her and have a conversation with her, but if i could even just see her one more time, that would be enough. ❤️
  5. does there have to be a new fight every fucking day in this thread. please yall go outside im begging
  6. have to cancel my vinyl and merch orders because i unexpectedly lost my job today. :’( the grants has really been helping me through this difficult day in my life.
  7. it feels like a catharsis to me. very much a mixture of grief and growth. it feels renewing.
  8. the grants really feels like the beginning of a fucking movie… im so obsessed with how it builds and swells.
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