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Ramona Lisa AKA Caroline Polachek.


Ramona Lisa was originally in the synth-pop duo, Chairlift

She announced her solo career in January 2014 and also stated that she has been performing in bars under the name Ramona Lisa.

On twitter, she stylizes her genre of music as "Pastoral Electronic"

Being a new artist, she doesn't have much content. f6cd49e5.jpg

Arcadia, her debut album, is being released on April 28th 2014, but a stream is available on thefader.com

Listen to Arcadia HERE



I really do love the album and I love how it's just recorded using her MacBook and Midi instruments


Listen to some of her songs here

:flutter:  :flutter:

Lana.pngAngel-Headed Hipster

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I haven't heard about before, but she's interesting! I like Arcadia, so creepy - sorta reminds me of music from Final Fantasy VII.

Need to check her record out someday...

i am nothing and should be everything

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Oh my how have I slipped this thread through? I



Caroline Polachek.

She's one of my favoritest singers in the whole fucking world. She's so damn perfect. Arcadia is one hell of an album <3 I love everything she does,  all her collaborations are astounding. I love her accent, her looks, her way of writing songs... She's just... Perfect.


And there's a final fantasy reference in the thread. Can this be anymore perfect?? <3

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Caroline Polachek


Ex-lead singer of Chairlift, common collaborator with artists surrounding the PC Music sphere (Charli XCX, Danny L Harle, A.G. Cook), has just released her lead single of her first solo project,



Produced by Danny L Harle, Jim-E Stack, co-written with Daniel Nigro




listen here:


Apple Music





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