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  1. This is still probably my favorite performance of hers, she sounds so ethereal
  2. Do we think she will tour this album beyond just the odd festival here and there? I hope we get some news about it soon
  3. I’d be so here for a deluxe tbh, I don’t know if I should just wait to hear Mushroom Punch once the album drops because of how many singles we’ll have to tide us over…
  4. I wonder if there were any last minute additions/tweaks to the tracklist?
  5. I know! I loved Elias and Sky together, their dynamic on Painkiller especially made me see them as this Kim Gordon-Thurston Moore kind of couple. She directed a video for his other band, wore Iceage merch (I always thought that was really cute), he helped play guitar on Downhill, etc. They were such a good match especially artistically, I’m kinda sad for her/how it all went down.
  6. Pretty soon after the Downhill Lullaby release, around April-May 2019 I believe? Although the cheating was probably going on for a while ddd. The groupie posted pictures of her with Elias in bed all over her Instagram and another Iceage fan had to dm them to Sky
  7. A few years ago I read in one of Zachary’s interviews (might’ve been with NME?) that he would use drugs and constantly lie about it to Sky, to the point that he once overdosed on her. She has generally had bad luck with boyfriends, Elias from Iceage was also pretty shitty to her (he would cheat on her with groupies and Sky had to find out through a fan who dmed her on IG )
  8. Does anyone else really like her collab with Iceage?
  9. this all kinda blew up in her face… play stupid games, win stupid prizes
  10. Dunno why the thread was re-opened teebs we’re just going in circles as always. At this point it’s not even worth typing essays over it (especially from those who say they don’t care about her) because really it’s all been said before. Sky is Sky and she won’t change anytime soon, people are giving too much energy all over a flop video we would’ve all seen no more than twice anyway. Let’s all just go outside, soak up the sun, grab a cold drink, etc. If and when something materializes then speculating will be fun again
  11. I didn’t really interpret it as that tbh I just thought it means she’ll announce it properly some other day (even though she really should just move on to the next song)
  12. At this point I’ll believe it when I see it on streaming She obviously has been keeping busy but she seems to change her mind a lot (look at Child King being slated for a standalone release at some point last year and then her completely forgetting about it)
  13. vitriolkisses


    cautiously perched that account has been talking about an Arctic Monkeys album since 2020 though IDK how reliable they actually are
  14. I’d rather she just move onto Descending than get the DF video tbh her videography is a little whatever to me (Lost In My Bedroom and YNTO music videos are cute though)
  15. I agree with this, especially because she was talking about Courtney Love (who was around 30 years old at the release of Live Through This), Fiona (whose arguable magnum opus was released 16 years into her career), Aimee Mann, Tina Turner… This even applies to Lana who got her flowers during NFR! era at the age of 34. Now more than ever I think we’re moving forward from subjecting female artists to a short shelf life and instead letting their music speak for itself.
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