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  1. scrapping Needle and Thread is heresy. It would fit portals easily like Idk what she was thinking
  2. She really elevated TV to the next level wow its easily one of the best of the album -and the unreleased sessions
  3. you are so mother for that sis thnk u ❤️❤️
  4. It leaked or maybe just mq recordings from the listening sessions but wow they are decent
  5. Nymphology is very Melanie Martinez-ish I loved it
  6. Spider Web sounds like 2 different songs lol that chorus and drop really destroys the vibe
  7. me going to the movies to watch k12 with children and -18 ppl
  8. She’s starting to piss me awwwf with all those tik tok vids and not announcing any release date like Maaam cmon
  9. Were ppl able to buy the alternative cover album during the listening party?
  10. I need someone to record Evil I just wanna talk
  11. hope you slip on soap, crack your head like an egg, wanna see the yolk, you were such a hoax she came for blood ps: the egg cracking sound at the yolk part
  12. Streaming Barely Juice imagining it as a cute interlude between these songs on the album
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