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  1. Waiting for that cute zip folder
  2. Your taste Next + Driver Go Faster imagine an album run with that. woof
  3. LunaeManifestum

    Charli XCX

    For xcxmas I ask for old material
  4. THE ARTWORK THE TITLEE FUUUUCK SHE SNAPPED!!! the release date tho 3 days after my birthday
  5. LunaeManifestum

    Charli XCX

    we’re 2. Pure Heroine is a masterpiece tho
  6. Child of the Moon is sooo good how come it wasnt in any project??
  7. if anything volume change imo. btw did Trust leak before album release??
  8. Girlie is so polemic but i love her. New Bottega was a step in the right direction
  9. i moved so fast Machine Gun Love like cmon yaaaaal
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