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  1. Tension by Kylie Minogue Padam Padam Hold On To Now Things We Do For Love Tension One More Time Green Light You Still Get Me High Vegas High Love Train* Hands* Just Imagine* Heavenly Body Drum Somebody To Love Story *Bonus Tracks 10 out of 10 is an abomination. Note - edited after she released 2 more bonus tracks
  2. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    preorders finally going up at other retailers. alt lps aren't available but the alt cds are hmv exclusive for the uk and jbhifi exclusive for aus/nz.
  3. viktoria


    the new album is amazing
  4. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    pretty sure thats under disney records
  5. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    capitaylism strikes again! i bet the bonus track is bad blood remix she needs to hurry up and put preorders up on other retailers and not just her webstores/target
  6. viktoria


    hopefully they'll be on aftermath which is supposed to be out 6 months after powders... scripture is my favourite song by her so i need it on physical media...
  7. viktoria


    so excited for this album but why aren't scripture and mitosis on it... hopefully they're on the next album
  8. Made up concept album since Girls Generation-Oh!GG doesn't have any albums and probably wont nnnn Girls Generation-Oh!GG — Attitude Attitude (original by fromis_9) Eve, Psyche & The Bluebeard's Wife (original by le sserafim) Rose (original by got the beat) The Baddest (original by tripleS) What I Want (original by fromis_9) Classic (original by ive) Nevertheless (original by billlie) Lucid (original by odd eye circle) Cool With You (original by newjeans) Speed Love (original by tripleS) Concept Art
  9. I liked sour but LOVE this album wow
  10. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    lovee the pink version cover. the standard is probably the best though but i love this one lowkey hate the other two nnnn
  11. pretty sure it was welcome to my island, smoke, dang, sunset, bunny is a rider and billions. not sure of the order.
  12. i think there was some ruling that said if all members leave the original company they can get rights to the name.
  13. new hybe girl group that'll debut early next year. won't lie the final lineup is disappointing and name sucks
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