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  1. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    not again... she'll probably announce another variant at the singapore shows too then announce just before release week all the "exclusive" variants are available at retail stores worldwide
  2. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    i noticed there wasnt a standard jewel case for this version .... i wont be surprised if it gets announced a few weeks before release as being a store exclusive version at target, hmv, jbhifi and other retailers across europe + a japanese version
  3. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    capitaylism strikes again
  4. viktoria

    Dua Lipa

    great song even though it took 20 years for her to release it now bring on the album preorders
  5. the new tracks are good but i can see why they are bonus tracks
  6. viktoria


    this ep is so much better than nymph .... wish she added cleo and bde to club shy tho
  7. Shygirl - Nymph Woe Come For Me Angel Firefly Coochie Heaven Crush Poison Playboy / Positions Honey Wildfire Woe (Bjork Remix)* Heaven (Tinashe Remix)* Wildfire (Eartheater Remix)* *Deluxe Bonus Tracks Shygirl - Club Shy Cleo 4eva f@ke BDE mute tell me mr useless thicc Poison (Club Shy Mix)
  8. viktoria

    Charles Grant

    von dutch doesn't come out till feb 29 tho
  9. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    lowkey shocked at the new album coming i was expecting rep tv. what i now think will happen is rep tv gets announced at the london shows in june and released august. debut tv gets announced at the final show of the tour in december and released february.
  10. viktoria

    Ariana Grande

    i like the production but hate the lyrics
  11. ITZY - Born To Be Bet On Me Born To Be Untouchable Cheshire Mr. Vampire Snowy Freaky Blossom 365 Kill Shot Dynamite Escalator
  12. Arca - kick iiii Whoresong Esuna Xenomorphgirl Paw Queer Witch Hija Boquifloja Alien Inside Altar Lost Woman Found About Her it annoys me she scrapped about her last minute.... this reminds me that i'm still so annoyed she didn't do bonus tracks for kick ii-iiiii
  13. viktoria


    the way nobody knew about the leaks until she mentioned it...
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