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  1. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    not a surprise since she already announced that version days ago
  2. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    karma music video in less than a hour, it just premiered at her concert.
  3. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    ooohh karma remix sucks as expected
  4. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    Why the hell wasn't the original snow on the beach like the new version...
  5. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    i also think she'll do a 'from the vault' compilation album with just the vault tracks, non-album tracks (if this was a movie, eyes closed, safe & sound, all of the girls) and more unreleased tracks from lover/folklore/evermore/midnights eras (idk if there's much left over from folklore/evermore though because the albums were made very quickly)
  6. viktoria


    as amazing as this album is i've barely listened to it because of how dark and depressing it is... i would've played the fuck out of this album a couple years ago when my mental health was shit but now i have to be in a certain mood to listen to this. it's an absolute masterpiece though.
  7. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    it annoys me so much how capiTAYlist swift keeps releasing more versions of midnights but none of them have all the various bonus tracks. i honestly need yoyo,k strings remix and sweet nothing piano remix on streaming.... i bet she'll do an anniversary 2cd edition of midnights later this year
  8. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    an ice spice remix after the matty healy dating allegations is very... interesting
  9. Sungchan and Shotaro have left NCT and will now be debuting in sm's new boy group (non nct boygroup) later this year along with 2 of the 3 smrookies revealed last year - shohei was injured and it's unclear what will be happening with him now possibly solo activities but he won't debut in NCT. Also SM New Boy Group will have the 4 above members plus members of korean and american nationality SM New Girl Group debut in Q4 (Oct-Dec) this year - delayed again lol NCT Tokyo unit will be all new members and will have a pre-debut reality show, last main NCT unit and no more members will be added after they debut. Some members will be revealed through smrookies. Not all members will be japanese.
  10. Taylor Swift - Lover Miss Americana & The Heartbreak Prince Cruel Summer Lover The Man The Archer I Think He Knows All Of The Girls You've Loved Before Paper Rings Cornelia Street Death By A Thousand Cuts False God Afterglow Daylight The other songs can rot. soon you'll get better is beautiful but doesn't fit the album theme at all... Taylor Swift - Midnights Lavendar Haze Maroon Anti-Hero Snow On The Beach feat more lana del rey You're On Your Own, Kid Hits Different Midnight Rain You're Losing Me Bigger Than The Whole Sky Would've Could've Should've Bejeweled Karma Mastermind The leftover midnights tracks can be on the lavender/3am editions as bonus tracks
  11. viktoria

    Charli XCX

    atap, boys and bioyl are pleasant songs. nothing unique but fine to listen to.
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