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  1. Blood and Butter is track 6 btw
  2. Chemtrails NFR! Honeymoon Ultraviolence Blue Banisters Born To Die Lust For Life Paradise AKA I expect ocean blvd to be top 5
  3. viktoria

    FKA twigs

    killer is a great song and better than 90% of capriskips idgaf
  4. SZA - SOS SOS Kill Bill Seek & Destroy Blind Notice Me Gone Girl Ghost In The Machine F2F Nobody Gets Me I Hate U Forgiveless PSA Shirt Good Days Taylor Swift - Midnights Lavender Haze Maroon Anti-Hero Snow On The Beach You're On Your Own Kid Hits Different Question Bejewelled Midnight Rain Bigger Than The Whole Sky Would've Could've Should've Dear Reader Mastermind
  5. viktoria

    FKA twigs

    i can't believe the radiant me songs leaked after all this time
  6. i honestly love the got the beat mini rose especially is so fucking good
  7. still dying to know what the rocky candy sweet/blue banisters draft tracklist was
  8. I love punisher but honestly her first album is fucking boring
  9. viktoria

    Miley Cyrus

    this is excellent
  10. viktoria

    Azealia Banks

    her account is definitely not run by her management
  11. @BlackoutZone Do you have any draft tracklists of Blue Banisters from when it was called Rock Candy Sweet?? I know you've mentioned I Can Fly, Fine China, Wild One and other songs were scrapped from the album. Thank you so much for all the info btw!!
  12. viktoria

    Taylor Swift

    Jack has only produced some of the from the vault tracks ffs and none of the standard tracks
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