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  1. Lana telling Charlie to stop smoking while also never letting that elfbar leave her hand
  2. HELLOOOO edit: someone in the quotes made a good point and said he might’ve meant a festival tour
  3. duhhh but i wont get mad at it pitchfork giving it .9 lower than it should be :p
  4. 1. ultraviolence (ldr) - 7.1 2. broke with expensive taste (azealia banks) - 8.0 3. natural born losers (nicole dollanganger) - 6.6 4. motomami (rosalia) - 8.4 5. honey (robyn) - 8.5 they need to rate details by frou frou and give imogen her flowers not mad at any of these scores, see when u have TASTE
  5. does anyone have sophie :0
  6. bff

    Nicole Dollanganger

    i am absolutely floored… nicole is so incredibly talented. this album is a masterpiece so far!!!
  7. bff

    Addison Rae

    the fact that the thread i made is still going omg my impact is everywhere
  8. bff

    Charli XCX

    need charli to regularly perform fan favs every now and then, the way id k!ll to hear a N1A track live (specifically roll with me)
  9. bff

    Ava Max

    i’m on the floor… she served.
  10. bff


    album of the year
  11. bff

    Addison Rae

    I just fell to the floor and died
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