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  1. wait awee big kisses
  2. cant tell if this was sarcastic but hiii u too <3
  3. does anyone have that video of her ca. 2016 on a stripper pole singing get out by jojo? oomf had it on her fan account but its been since erased
  4. i made a pretty okay one a few years ago fbdjdb https://on.soundcloud.com/ooh3U9hEn7oh3VdM9
  5. i watched henry: portrait of a serial killer a few days ago, incredible film
  6. she is such a troll for that deluxe tracklist
  7. preordered the vinyl im relistening again, the production is so insane on this album it blows my mind… side note did anyone notice they didn’t put we are born to play in the mario movie/soundtrack… really wish it would leak without the annoying background sfx
  8. new songs ‘It’s Goin Bad’ and ‘Lacerate’:
  9. thats why its not in the lana section lol
  10. new wave electropop/witch house duo formed in 2021
  11. listen to crisis i adore that song
  12. theres a snippet of her version of burn rubber and a demo of high school luv but thats it i think
  13. so happy paw finally got a proper release
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