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  1. speaking of superlove... the demo
  2. that marshmello song couldve been fun idk why they thought it was a good idea to try and sell a super ruff demo..
  3. dont disrespect arca like that.
  4. sorry to be this person but does anyone have a hq updated zip of #that album all the dbree links suck
  5. here if anyone wants it... its a video for a remix https://wetransfer.com/downloads/18978f51a458e0d920a6960a7ba0309020210504153754/4585c4
  6. nobody talking about this hello
  7. some final mixes leaked hooked on you (sugarfall) rockstar pull out
  8. finally more easyfun
  9. the "real" version is real, just a tad bit sped up (maybe to match the live version)
  10. the only rip of born to play is full of background noise i think it's pointless
  11. she played that live a few times, sounds real but it may be a remake
  12. this one sounds nice to me https://dbree.org/v/78ea0a
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