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  1. not expecting anything new honestly, i sincerely just want her old work to be respected and put out properly. especially since her brother is behind it and he was mixing her stuff, i know he would choose the best :’) this has been such a long thing in the making and i was choosing to be patient cuz i thought it was gonna take even longer, so grateful it’s coming this soon
  2. fully. id be grateful for a rough vocal demo as long as its in lossless lmao, anything she touches is gold
  3. Hmmm… curious about the tracklist
  4. are the tracker links gonna be updated any time soon..? 90% of them have been dead for a while
  5. its genuinely disconcerning to see her throw all of it away as the days go on… mind you, shes said on many occasions that she is mainly doing this for the money. you wont be raking in that money unless you put forth effort. countless viral songs and over 3. Million. monthly listeners on spotify… and what does she have to show for it at this point? being a fan who got into her *right* after she retired and hearing how talented she is via even the most monotonous joke songs; to then being giddy from the shock of her coming out of retirement… and what has been gained? superpuss and a bunch of quick features on shitty hyperpop songs where she clearly outshines the main artists. nobody is owed anything except herself and shes diminishing that. its beyond disappointing. ntns but she was clearly getting better after y*ncc left the picture..
  6. and then turned out to be horrible
  7. its quite cute i think not sure if its real… we’ll know soon enough lol
  8. she said they were working together right? aleph is such a major album id love to hear something like that on brat
  9. that would be fab tho, what ever happened to actual b sides…? like the ones that would be released on single cds/“rarities” compilations. it seems very much like a thing of the past…
  10. donatachi tweeted lyrics to iconic last night, and crapface is a pervert lol. theres a reason vbs wouldnt be released. same reason we dont have sophisticated/ftbu
  11. i mean she invited a bunch of 19 year old gays im surprised we didnt get a bunch more “this album… it SLAYS. she gagged me and tugged on my wig sis..”
  12. two new studio pics and teasing in tiktok replies… ohhh let me not get ahead of myself.
  13. that corny ass live… yawnnnn!
  14. shes been complaining about that channel for like a month lol the cover arts are so tacky and theyre stealing her royalties
  15. i dont let just anyone come play with my toys
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