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  1. yeahhh with the 2099-esque spatial beat
  2. still giggling at people hoarding bubble pop of all songs… why is it so elusive
  3. twinkle snow powdery snow best song of all time btw
  4. and we can thank god for that
  5. cd but its 10” lp sized if im not mistaken
  6. who else is excited for… nothing!
  7. this is the second time it wont embed wtf am i doing wrong?!!!
  8. https://youtu.be/l6p8FDJqUj4?si=jc0kg7OhNvI13Qzl heejin had one of the best title tracks of the year ^~^
  9. that being the best tv track woah?
  10. theres sooooo much her label supposedly “demolished” </3 not to mention all the demos/sessions that have been previewed by producers. if her label wasnt so possessive and greedy we would have so much more than just the live albums they keep pumping out…
  11. let me see ya w big freedia
  12. ms. buzzin in my buttcrack bitch clearly
  13. https://x.com/pinkpantheress2/status/1707033223748796437?s=46
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