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  1. better lead than von dutch… delusion is real!
  2. my theory is that spring breakers is actually a writers demo from that movie
  3. this is literally my tweet lmao…
  4. why did people think sticky and naked were on the album…
  5. spring breakers just isn’t the same vibe as the brat songs… it’s like taxi charli vibes
  6. it’s just an alternative shot
  7. I love Spring Breakers but is anyone else feeling its generic? Production aside at least? It feels generic for Charli. It’s like you asked Chat GPT to write a Charli XCX song Idk there’s something vapid and hollow about the song and I can’t put my finger on it. I guess it does feel like a potential writers demo
  8. This should have stayed in the drafts boo
  9. i think this is the actual tour
  10. i think charli is focused on having intimate novelty parties with this albumz. i think she’s aiming for the PARTYGIRL sets to be the sought after iconic gigs ie. exchange, pop 2, all eras
  11. the studio version of the vd remix eats omg
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