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  1. gucciovermybody

    Charli XCX

    i guess people just assumed it cuz of the ammount of remixes she teased and released? i mean we had 365 (teased at boiler room and performed) siak, mean girls, talk talk (teased at boiler room) von dutch (2 remixes released) 360 (remix released)
  2. gucciovermybody

    Charli XCX

    playing demos on my iphone
  3. do we know which version of expensive was considered for fresh meat
  4. yea its def this one! it has all the songs listed on the sophie tracker im seeing. tysmmmm luv
  5. gucciovermybody

    Charli XCX

    well i guess the remix album was just a vibe after all
  6. anyone has the 2020 draft tracklist for transnation/2nd album
  7. 1. Ultraviolence 2. Norman Fucking Rockwell! 3. Born to Die 4. Honeymoon/Lust for Life 5. Did you know that theres a tunnel under ocean blvd 6. Lana Del Ray 7. Blue Banisters 8. Paradise 9. Chemtrails Over the Country Club
  8. cherry blossom, living legend and nectar of the gods all deserved reworks that were more blue influenced, just like thunder and probably dealer, so they could blend better on blue banisters. i rlly like how rough they are but id enjoy them more if they were finished
  9. hole/courtney love masterpost?
  10. cheap futuristic aesthetic, cheap lyrics, cheap music made to blow on tik tok and working with someone who has a doubtful personality... thought pink friday 2 would be the only album featuring all of this but katy really outdid herself
  11. gucciovermybody

    Charli XCX

    close! thats a mixtape💜
  12. gucciovermybody

    Charli XCX

    enough drop 365 remix
  13. well the album kinda mid no shade
  14. gucciovermybody


    this is kinda crazy if u think abt it
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