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  1. kind of sequence to this? idk ARTPOP Singles/Promo rollout
  2. no i dont think so, she mentioned dropping smth on march 8th and it would be either h4u or idoz and in the end she didnt dropped neither one
  3. i mean idoz final tracklist is shaping so ig she already finished h4u? she prob just wants to finish polishing the albums to release em all ig
  4. Henry, Come On - snip available, no one commented abt it again til now Lasso - annouced, country>american book songwriting or wtv the name was>"oh god"; possibly scrapped tough - snip available, no one commented abt it again til now well!
  5. happy 10th anniversary to the best sophomore album ever
  6. everytime we get lasso info its basically lana saying its one step to being scrapped im crinee
  7. can someone make a cute artpop act ii cover thats similar to the artrave/artpop ball cover already
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