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  1. For me peppers & SHA were the highlights of the night I loved ittt, she looked so gorgeous I hope she has a pink version of that dress aswell it would look so cutee x. Nessa baguette…ima need to recover from that and erase it from my mind
  2. All we need her to do is mumble the word “lasso” at least once this performance was cvnty tho besides the American Jesus mess…
  3. “High by the beach!!” *Plays the grants* she’s really the queen of the idgaf war
  5. Wally is behind this. Him and that damn crocodile sabotaged us lipsters
  6. Not a single live, tiktok, tweet abt how pretty she looks or what’s going on. What cruel world is this
  7. They’ve forgotten us… what about us?!we were once a community who shared everything…
  8. Coming out as a fishtail stan, it’s been on 🔁
  9. Without You

    Song vs. Song

    Poetry In Motion vs Valley Of The Dolls
  10. We should just have a m*****e slander thread atp cause
  11. It’s probably a “life lesson” situation where at first it was recorded for her album but ended up with the partner but idc as long as they release it soon
  12. It’s just a guess! That’s my bad lol should’ve worded it differently
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