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  1. Dark City

    Katy Perry

    Oh… that is so disheartening, she’s been working for the past 3 years on the album, only for it to get leaked by Little monsters on X 😕
  2. Dark City

    Song vs. Song

    Angels forever vs Black Beauty
  3. Someone has an updated katy perry masterpost ??
  4. I’m sorry what’s supposed to be released on the 13th ?
  5. Dark City

    Taylor Swift

    Girlies do you have a taylor swift masterpost ???
  6. Dark City

    Melanie Martinez

    Yet there is no traces of K-12 outtakes 😭
  7. Tbh i think that Lana will either release it In March 2025, or se will just scrap it…and that would be very sad 😕
  8. They were never registered in any database, so at the moment a very small amount of people have it. @Unknown said so
  9. Instead of torturing myself to death, while trying to figure out the actual tracklist, I’ve been trying for the past year, but with no results. I’ve come to a simple conclusion: Use the tracks, that we know for sure to have been considered for Tropico Old Money Black Beauty Guns and Roses Lake Placid Summertime Melancholia (I talk to) Jesus Earthquakes Pink Champagne Hollywood Dragonslayer Ave Maria Angels Forever Money Power Glory Now the “Tracklist” is not in order, but uses tracks that we sure Know to have been considered for the project. I did not put Elvis in this tracklist because it is too raw (don’t misunderstand me, i love that song)
  10. Dark City

    Song vs. Song

    The greatest vs How to Disappear
  11. PRISM - Katy Perry 1. Roar 2. Love Me 3. Uncoditionally 4. Spiritual 5. Legendary Lovers 6. This Moment 7. International Smile 8. Ghost 9. By The Grace of God 10. Walking On Air 11. It Takes Two 12. Dark Horse (ft.Juicy J) 13. Your Battles
  12. Dark City

    Katy Perry

    Well… people that attended the listening party said that out of 8 song, 3 are collabs, maybe the Madonna collab is one of them
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