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  1. i still can't fully comprehend that we are so close to the album release, we have basically made it this has been such an eventful, messy and at times insufferable () pre-release but honestly i'm so glad to have experienced all that with all of you here, it has been so fun!! <3 can't wait to speculate and be delusional in the ldr10 pre-release thread a day after this album is officially released
  2. i had a dream that lana released an ep to go with this album, it consisted of 5 unreleased songs (i think serial killer and say yes to heaven were on there) it seemed so realistic that when i logged onto LB today, i expected to see discussions about it on this thread, thank god it was just a dream
  3. mermaid motel - lana del rey my gif:
  4. i haven't listened to the grants too and i dont even remember the last time i heard a&w and ocean blvd preparing for the full album experience. we can get thru this tho, only 5 days left!
  5. this album really grew on me, it has become one of my favs from Lana. it's so sweet and comforting, i love it! happy birthday chemtrails
  6. i rly hope that the necklace will be sold separately and not only as part of a boxset
  7. oh my godddddddddd i just knew that me seeing all those posts/ads for the ldr heart necklace dupe on ig was a sign
  8. you guys are making me so excited for the album i haven't listened to the leaks and plan not to, so we'll see how that goes, but i'm so hyped ! i need to stay strong tho i have a whole evening planned for the 24th
  9. honeymo0n

    Lexie Liu

    omg finally there's a thread for her, i was considering making one myself! personally i also really love her ep "gone gold", it's worth checking it out
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