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  1. their reply sounds so illogical like cmon
  2. this set is basically the only decent cute part of this merch, yet the prices....
  3. this is actually so disappointing.. the prices are insane
  4. i was so confused about that, like what's so exclusive about it..? just a normal shirt
  5. it looks so bad but i'm sure some lipsters would be able to pull it off in an iconic way
  6. let's manifest this into the universe, lytan track 7
  7. along with other songs made with barrie yep yep
  8. i'm starting to believe lana will properly announce the album and the roll-out will start after coachella as many others have mentioned here, it seems the most likely (watch her do this on a random thursday instead tho, i wouldn't be complaining)
  9. yeah it's giving me these vibes slightly too! i know we had a light green vinyl for ocean blvd, but one pistachio variant like this for lasso would be amazing
  10. yeah, me too.. i think this in terms of various music/literature references can be done amazingly well, like in body electric or ocean blvd as you said. but the name dropping on chemtrails (even tho i love the album) and blue banisters just doesn't click with me
  11. we've reached the part of rhe pre-release when mock-up tracklists come in i see
  12. yayo, old money, and cruel world.. love them now tho, especially yayo
  13. need lasso to have the same vibes as this picture but country-fied
  14. oh then it would be so good SUCH A WIN
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