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  1. it kinda feels like finally a proper pre-(pre-)release has started at least we have some idea of the potential soundscape for the album!
  2. lanita with the fancy insta fonts love it
  3. really excited about what this new writer will bring to the lyrical content or sound of the album!
  4. the covers album... and whether she was actually working on an unreleased collection back when she had first mentioned it
  5. may i use one of these for my signature? i love them!!
  6. i hope LDR10 makes us feel like this
  7. ^^ AI music will never replace what is made by actual people
  8. i dont hate Blue Banisters, but i sometimes forget that album exists
  9. this is so silly because why would they add the vinyl, possibly also order it to be repressed and then change their minds? makes 0 sense really, especially since it was supposed to go up on the anniversary of the album's release
  10. ok but honestly i love bellevue! some of her laptop demos have very interesting composition and i really hope she goes back and reuses some of them (just like how she did with 'old money' and 'methamphetamines') because some of those melodies would be absolutely great with proper production
  11. fr! i'll eat up whatever she makes honestly
  12. i'd love if we got some more ambient noises as well as bridges a la Honeymoon they were immersive and probably one of the best parts of the songs
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