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  1. honeymo0n

    Ethel Cain

    hi guys! i've been meaning to get into Ethel's music for quite some time now, her style looks very unique, where should i start?
  2. nahh the energy is so chaotic i sense a lana announcement soon
  3. can't wait for another thread getting locked because of someone's dupe
  4. i wouldve never thought one day i'd open lanaboards and see a thread like this on here
  5. i don't think so since velvet crowbar was produced by Justin Parker, while The Flight produced tired of singing the blues
  6. omg big spender roses beautiful player pt2
  7. L - loved A - you S - then S - and O - now (in actuality tho i'm hoping lytan is on this album)
  8. i feel like ocean blvd was the monumental album that closed this past chapter of lana's style (which i guess started with NFR), so honestly now i don't even know what to expect from lasso, but that's what makes waiting for the new era to properly begin even more exciting
  9. saw this thread was with the 'hot' label and got jumpscared
  10. also, i know that a nadia lee cohen album cover would slay, but i think neil krug's style would encapsulate this western country vibe the best
  11. im just hoping we get some guitar-based songs, lana sounds so amazing over a guitar
  12. i'll never get over this transition
  13. we're finally at that stage of the pre-release when we are getting insider info, i missed this
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