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  1. well I'm not white and not american so I hope I have your blessing
  2. maybe elton john but I don't think so their fanbase seems to operate differentely than us a bunch of sluts hungry for every type of physical copy available on the market
  3. blue banisters is lana del rey's upcoming 8th studio album the singer songwriter will release her record on october 22nd 2021 this is her second album release in the same year apart from the title track, del rey released other 3 songs: godflower godfire, text book and arcadia
  4. that was supposed to be white dress mv and didn't happen I wouldn't get my hopes up
  5. random useless info but I just saw BB will drop on the 12th year anniversary of this event where she performed boarding school and yayo and apparantely also met ben and ed edit: that was 12 years ago not 11 luv
  6. she literally said the video was directed by nobody I actually like the video and the filming, the effects not that much
  7. we gotta wait until next week's gossip magazine arrive with some news then
  8. I didn't know she said that that's why I asked it has nothing to do with being obsessed with social media
  9. probably a rumor so people won't forget to talk shit about her appearence
  10. I know a lot of things but I don't know about that one
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