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  1. which is crazy because this was supposed to be so normal I love her so much ugh
  2. live fast and never die I'm moving at the speed of light
  3. prettywhenimhigh

    Song vs. Song

    the greatest vs tomorrow never came
  4. imo we have no choice but to accept that diy is her thing and she will always be making these stuff by herself and of course no one here is obligated to like it, but that's the thing with her, she's not giving a shit and that's kinda cool because she is this big star but she chooses to share iphone videos made by her of her private moments with friends and family that being said, I'm a graphic designer and finishing my visual arts degree, so of course I want a glam era with big productions and well thought aesthetic because I'm a bitch for that kind of stuff, I can spend hours and hours only watching music videos and looking at photoshoots, but I don't see her dropping homemade kind of videos any soon, as much as we complain about it I think it's better than nothing or better than a lyric video at least we know something big and glamorous is coming to balance all of the basic, because I do miss that side of her a lot too
  5. I don't think she can make music videos like the ones from her lizzy times because she's so big now she would definitely get a lot of copyright issues she could use footage made by her or her siblings, but it's not the same as being able to curate videos on the internet, using movie scenes and such
  6. this probably wouldn't even have a video in the first place, why y'all so pressed we know brthr's vid is coming at least we got some new cute footage of her to make gifs
  7. the video is so cute, idc if it's another iphone vid, this song deserved something cute and personal like this
  8. it really is embarassing, not even video games is there and there's two versions of summertime sadness
  9. what??? that amazing black beauty remix was made by you?????? omg!!!! I stan you, first time I listened to that remix I cried my eyes out because you made it sound even more powerful than the original and I was high af lying in the dark waiting to fall asleep it was such a mood great job, you're very talented!!! I'm subscribing
  10. at least we KNOW the era officially started and the album wasn't scrapped or anything I was so afraid she was going to give up on cocc
  11. like I'm not disappointed or anything about this song because it's just what I thought it was going to be, it's not bad at all, but as a first single it's just... cute but I know she's gonna blow our minds with other tracks, she always does in someway or another
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