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  1. aka: mermaid motel, oh say can you see, raise me up (honorable: brite lites) btd: off to the races, born to die, carmen (honorable: national anthem) paradise: cola, gods & monsters, body electric uv: west coast, money power glory, pretty when you cry (honorable: black beauty) hm: music to watch boys to, freak, high by the beach (honorable: honeymoon and art deco) lfl: heroin, 13 beaches, white mustang (honorable: get free and cherry) nfr: venice bitch, fuck it I love you, bartender (honorable: hope and cinammon girl)
  2. thank you so much for the offer but I didn't think about this option before I have an aunt that lives in germany, is there an online shop she could get me the alternative cover CD?
  3. the way I'm poor and live in a place where I can't buy any of this I'll probably end up only getting the og fugly cover CD several months after the album drops
  4. still bummed about the outro vocals not being included into the actual song
  5. I cannot believe this album seriously I'm so proud of everything she has accomplished as an artist I get so emotional watching her lizzy days videos, so beautiful to see this happening
  6. trashy lil edits I made when she first revealed it as white dress / waitress
  7. woke up and played cocc 10 times for breakfast good morning country clubbers
  8. she does a tv show with serena from what I've seen so random
  9. let's not even think about the possibility of the album leaking please we do not need that
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