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  1. he looks like any regular rock dude I don't see any problem with his outfit either
  2. ma'am this is a rock candy sweet thread LANA DO SOMETHING
  3. gucci lipstick coming and I'm too poor for that
  4. tbh this is a lie I will never blame her for telling because 10 years ago fillers and nose jobs were seen as something to be so ashamed of I remember reading a women's magazine back in the day comparing lana to adele, and how adele was better because she hadn't any work done on her face among other things including that rob bought her career etc
  5. read the entire thread and it's funny how some of the things ended up to be true, there's still hope for RCS
  6. not a fan of dance till we die either besides the bridge but not all who wander are lost is right there It'S jUsT wAnDeRlUsT
  7. blue banisters is a poem she's going fergalicious on RCS and the first single is lanalicious
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