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  1. I saw he died by suicide at 35 years old, during his peak. he had tourette's syndrome and depression. there's a exhibition of his paintings going on called "blue view" at the art gallery of ontario settled to be viewed alongside picasso's blue period paintings I think the painting chosen for paradise might be from the same time he painted this one called "the realm of appearences". I really like his style and reminds me so much of gustav klimt, van gogh and ofc picasso himself
  2. no fr the disrespect also jenna said on her IG that BTD is one of favorite records of all time so I think she painted lana's portrait referencing the ride mv still simply because likes lana's expression on that. also, from what I also saw on her IG she has a series of paintings of women watching other women like they're being projected on the wall which I thought it was very interesting, she made the lana painting as part of that. what I'm confused about is, matthew wong died in 2019
  3. prettywhenimhigh


  4. imagine them dressed like that and the photos shows them having fun and cheering at the saloon that'd be such a fun concept
  5. nikki lane looked at us and LAUGHED the song was good so this might be a serve I still can't stand country music but I'll take it
  6. this is surprisingly good! nikki lane's redemption arc is here lmao
  7. guys it's literally a song to fit a specific story line of a specific tv show let's just move tf on
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