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  1. She’s really never gonna release again
  2. veinsineon

    Charli XCX

    Wow that went right over my head I forgot about that song tbh
  3. veinsineon

    Charli XCX

    I think it could be Boom Clap lol, she goes on to list is as an album highlight but says it’s for locals.
  4. michelangelo merisi da caravaggio whats ur favorite adele song? mine is all i ask
  5. Knowing lanas poor planning we’ll get the Halloween themed album trailer on Nov. 4th and Chemtrails on the 30th
  6. Everything except off the table is repetitive boring and awful... literally an entire album full of radio station filler. So now what? I’m howling
  7. veinsineon


    It’s on bayli’s Spotify and babynymph has 2 monthly listeners but ok
  8. veinsineon


    Maybe 2021 will be the year we eat
  9. veinsineon


    New song Need Ya (feat. ???) and Slime instrumental https://dbree.org/v/155f95
  10. veinsineon

    Melanie Martinez

    google subjective for me bae
  11. veinsineon

    Melanie Martinez

    Subjectivity out the window I see Anyways this one looks like it was uploaded first and is a little bit higher quality than the link above https://dbree.org/v/95c471
  12. Tier 1 01. Gods & Monsters 02. The Greatest 03. Ride 04. Summertime Sadness 05. Black Beauty Tier 2 06. National Anthem 07. Heroin 08. Shades Of Cool 09. Tulsa Jesus Freak ;0 10. Off To The Races Tier 3 11. Young & Beautiful 12. Old Money 13. Mariners Apartment Complex 14. Living Legend *** 15. High By The Beach Tier 4 16. Hollywood’s Dead *** 17. Venice Bitch 18. Terrence Loves You 19. Honeymoon 20. Burning Desire Tier 5 21. Body Electric 22. 24 23. Cruel World 24. God Knows I Tried 25. Get Free
  13. Ermmmm one of the first things Adele said on SNL tonight was that her album isn’t done. So I don’t think we’ll have to worry about that.
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