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  1. Time has passed, things have changed
  2. Glass is incredible (another Caroline prod). I hope Hyd keeps the Caroline vox towards the end cause they are gorgeous. From the whole album, I'd say the best (apart from the singles) are Oil + Honey and Living for You. It's a really good debut album! I hope she keeps making music after that.
  3. Heart Wide Shut, Paradise and Tip Toe?
  4. Incredible song, I don't hear a similarity at all though I wish this got a studio version
  5. I honestly wish she would stop reading this thread and many others, got off the internet and focused (and trusted) the amazing team of people she's so lucky to be working with. She got extremely anal about the video and visuals (that she's still trying to save after 10 years of expectations and promises) and it's so embarrassing at this point cause the more she pushes it, the more she builds chances of disappointment up. Anyways, single IS coming today, no B-side, no ep or album announcement. As for full credits: ISRC: USUM72201003 Genre: Pop Instrumentalist: Eduardo Ribeiro, Jeremy Vuernick, Steve Cook Lyricist: Jorge Elbrecht, Tamaryn Brown, Sky Ferreira Producer: Jorge Elbrecht, Tamaryn Brown, Sky Ferreira Mixing/Engineer: Jorge Elbrecht Mastering/Engineer: Heba Kadry Studio: Heba Kadry, Jorge Elbrecht
  6. I feel it's pointless to compare cause every album was released at a different point of the revelation of their identities. I think what made this project extremely magical was the intrigue behind the idea of "you don't need an identity/to be famous to create art" and ofc the clever idea of (which I'm not sure if it was premeditated or not) being associated with so many big names back then. People debating if it was xtina, or gaga, or goldfrapp, or bjork, etc etc was such good promo on its own. bounty had that magic of them being completely and utterly unknown so that gave them boundless creative freedom. kin came with all the expectations built after bounty+their identities revealed to some, so for me kin is their greatest work as of yet cause it had a LOT of pressure to be good, and it was not only good but incredible, having the songs follow one same unique dark electronic sound while every song still sounding incomparable to one another. In my opinion, it's the most cohesive of all the albums (not saying that's a good or bad thing) so as a body of work it's incredible. BLUE had a lot of connection to the fans and kind of was a result of their direct support and input, and also it's hard to release a 3rd good album after 2 incredible albums+hype starting to die, identities fully revealed, etc. KRONOLOGI was a really smart move, cause there wasn't any need of further work, it's a compilation of things that didn't fit here or there. I love artists who do these kind of releases, as I love artists who have their patreon where they release demos, unreleased and covers. This album unfortunately is not having me head over heels yet, but I won't judge until the full thing has come out and I've fully took it in. Lyrically, all their albums are incredible. Musically, everyone will have their own preference. But there's no denying iamamiwhoami is a pure statement about making good art being fully in the hands of the artist.
  7. It hasn't leaked, a lot of people are asuming this due to people scrobbling it. The album has been ready for release since early 2020, of course she stalled it due to the pandemic. A lot of people have "acquired" it very, VERY early on (1-2 years ago). I'm honestly glad it hasn't leaked cause it shows how much respect her fans have for her. The "final version" of it is honestly no different. Great album, the closest album to this is I Never Learn, and imo the best songs are Highway to your Heart, Carousel and 5D. The rest are a bit repetitive but good too.
  8. Finally DF is available for everyone... I can finally share how It totally reminds me of Hands All Over Me, she must *REALLY* love that song Just like it, the rest of the album has been created by really talented people, I hope she doesn't keep delaying it
  9. Anyways, do what you will with facts and information that are out there for you to grab, I don't even have anything to do with this. I'm as (or who knows if more) excited as all of you for this music cause it's written and produced by two of my favorites. So ofc I want it to be released and I'm extremely happy for it to come out.
  10. I'm not comparing her, neither talking about other artists that have others prepare or coach the music for them... I'm particularly talking about Sky's trying to convince people she's behind everything while she's not. Also some nerve to compare this conflicted child with two figures that established themselves in the industry. Although I'm not familiar with Britney or Rihanna's work, I do recall Britney on a random interview saying (proudly) she worked with x and y, and that z was writing songs for her. It's not the method. It's the not acknowledging it, or herself trying to prove she's doing things she's not. Do you think she wrote or produced a single thing on any of the leaked stuff? Or the released stuff (which you can actually access the credits)? Your username is a title of a song Tamaryn wrote 100% so I find it funny you're telling me to shut up.
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