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  1. I reaaaaally looped it this last month (428 plays) and am trying to do the same now but… OPEN ME UP, TELL ME YOU LIKE IT will just pop into my head and I have no choice
  2. Interscope lurkers HIRE MEEEE I have a degree in this and know the antics of LB, I'm a crown jewel to you.
  3. Tbf we were bound to find it within the week regardless of if they posted or not. I check the same user on Twitter like once a week to see if I can finally grab it lol.
  4. For me: Sirens: Out With a Bang AKA: Pawn Shop Blues BTD: Off to the Races Paradise: Bel Air UV: Old Money HM: Terrence Loves You LFL: Heroin NFR: Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman like me to have - but I have it COCC: White Dress BB: Wildflower Wildfire
  5. I'm betting on Grandfather or Paris, Texas. Sidenote, this has to be one of my favorite covers if not my favorite.
  6. AKA: Smarty BTD: Video Games Paradise: Blue Velvet UV: Cruel World HM: God Knows I Tried LFL: Get Free NFR: The greatest COCC: Breaking Up Slowly (B&W cover) / Wild at Heart (alternate cover) BB: Violets for Roses
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