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  1. Sarah Klang 1. Call Me 2. Love So Cruel 3. Endless Sadness 4. Mercedes 5. Creamy Blue 6. Left Me on Fire
  2. Old Money, Terrence Loves You, Grandfather (with Rob on piano), Country Roads, a cover of HENTAI (with Rosalía), This is What Makes Us Girls (shortened), and Hope.
  3. What are you guys gonna do in 12 minutes? Personally, I'm going to bed.
  4. He just released a song last week. I'm not toooooo sure.
  5. She borrowed Whitney's vocal chords for the night I see.
  6. Would love to hear Lana do this one alone. But this is cute!
  7. Fair. I think this could've been shaved down a bit, yeah. Especially the ending. The back-up singers are amazing but like... she's got a fine to pay.
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