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  1. urgirl

    Instagram Updates

    She is living her truth and not just preaching it. I respect that. Ig is stupid. and being a fan is better when u don’t except updates, I’m sure being an artist is better when u don’t have to deliver promises too. LOCK THA THREAD!
  2. urgirl

    Lady Gaga

    Now I know why ur banned
  3. are Lana and Jane powers still good friends?
  4. urgirl

    Lady Gaga

    Babylon haus labs ughhh after all this time and drama...
  5. that’s when I told her I love you Girl but I’m not the answer for the questions that you still have
  6. Am I crazy or did this use to be a pre-release thread not ‘pre-pre-‘??!!
  7. urgirl

    Song vs. Song

    Hollywood vs Salvatore
  8. urgirl


    its not an exciting album but its a big big step up from melodrama... that album was so cheesy. so I guess im glad she took a hiatus, she's heading in a better direction now doesn't come close to pure heroine/love club but nothing ever will so i'm trying not to compare
  9. I wish we knew more about her life before fame. Like her whole life before BTD release. I know I have no right to that info obviously but I want it so bad tbh. This was an iconic moment in American history
  10. urgirl

    Taylor Swift

    Self titled is her literal masterpiece
  11. Wishing Phoenix a long beautiful life
  12. good article from a surprising source-- points were made!!!! my dad just sent it to me!! https://lawliberty.org/facing-reality-under-the-chemtrails/
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