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  1. is there need for doing presale if ur not trying to get front row? pls help I don't get it the price will be cheaper?
  2. I’m going!!! this is going to be my first Lana show
  3. urgirl

    Taylor Swift

    the nice thing about singers being billionaires is u feel no guilt listening to the leaks
  4. urgirl

    Taylor Swift

    froggo predates site owner, what's a god to a nonbeliever
  5. urgirl

    Taylor Swift

    nothing but respect for MY president, queen of simple romantics
  6. Why didn’t they let Joni talk when they gave her the award she looked like she wanted to say something?
  7. No, it would have been 0 minutes max in the Netherlands because yall do not produce a tenth of the artists and entertainment that USA does
  8. Put it in perspective , Some ppl on here hours a day
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