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  1. this song is my life anthem, its perfect description of undergoing mk ultra style brainwashing from a cult leader type. (and note title BUTTERFLIES-- monarch... i'm suprised nobody has mentioned this)
  2. I thought the wolf thing was just about how song she’s (partly) saying I’m still wild and crazy and free even if u guys think I’m living a delusional housewife life now, and the video reflects that cuz it’s about country club girls who turn into literal wild animals in the secret cover of darkness. She’s showing she’s still a woman who runs with the wolves even if she appears to the world to be tamed. If there is more too it though I’m intrigued
  3. urgirl

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    Lollll I have a side of the hand tattoo like this and I hate it I’m getting it removed
  4. I think she was saying that narcissism is the root of the capistalist problem... thats why narcissism is the real problem. maybe others interpreted it differently. I dont think she was saying oh capitalism is great or capitalism poses zero problems. I think she's saying all problems in society stem from the problem of individuals.
  5. of course im not offended but what do u mean? it thought everyone was trashing her for going outside the liberal talking points, for pointing to psychological reasons that America is going the ways its going
  6. I like thats she's not giving the normal woke liberal talking points, she's saying what she's really thinking, that narcissism is the real problem not a certain political philosophy, and I respect that. if you disagree with her thats obviously fine but idk why we have to pretend like she's done something awful by doing some independent thinking
  7. I actually loved the interview, I think Lana is right that the disease of America isn't a certain political philosophy it is a certain psychological attutitute or psychological derangement, but I didn't like her comments like oh there WERE poc, she should be saying like whether or not there are poc in any particular photograph that doesn't equate to actual fucking evil racism which is a disease AND YAYYYY WHITE DRESS MUSIC VIDEOOOOOOO
  8. I LOVE the crewneck lol definitely my favorite piece of merch from her in recent memory... wish I had money
  9. got my pearl headband and bracelets on just to be extra festive oh and day drinking
  10. yeah its from LMYLAW is there a reason to think its from a different video?
  11. I’m so jealous of u guys who are in summer because I’m absolutely dying to listen to chemtrails by the swimming pool in the sun
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