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  1. Congratulations Lana on 10 years of devotion WE LOVE U
  2. urgirl

    Lady Gaga

    im seeing her for the first time tmrw at Fenway
  3. Lana is def feeling spicy recently. We’re gonna get something hot and wet.
  4. urgirl

    Miley Cyrus

    this song is fucking amazing
  5. I want her to cover under the graveyard so badly she would kill it. today I woke up and I hate myself…
  6. urgirl

    Lady Gaga

    I’m thinking of buying a ticket to Fenway show One one hand tickets are $300+ and I don’t have anyone perfect to go with on the other hand I feel i will hate myself forever if I don’t see a proper Gaga show while I’m young
  7. Do we know 100% that DNC is something she custom created and not some brand/jacket she purchased,.?
  8. Glam JAZZZ like Why don’t You Do Right is the record we need more than any other
  9. urgirl


    The question changed my life. btw I believe this thread doesn’t belong in conversation area
  10. urgirl

    Instagram Updates

    Can someone sumarixe her last post cuz I’m too drunk to read straight I will love and appreciate you forever
  11. urgirl

    MARINA (and The Diamonds)

    I really thought I was a hardcore fan UNTIL NOW cuz I’ve legit never even heard of this song
  12. I’ve never heard that I can fly and wild one we’re gonna be on bb?!!
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