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  1. its your prerogative what u post and i'm not trying to argue but i'm a little skeptical that you'd put tw in front of any other religious group that has caused harm to LGBT communities especially any non christian religious group. for instance you didn't put tw catholic even though catholicism is mentioned specifically and evangelicalism is not mentioned at all in the article you linked.
  2. she's catholic, whats with the tw evangelicals ????? not that anyone should be jokingly putting tw in front of any form of religious belief, but she's not even evangelical.
  3. She’s wearing the same hot pink bra she wore to lunch the other day. Good.
  4. urgirl

    Lady Gaga

  5. Same.. she actually said she wanted to make her own until she was asked to do Gucci guilty maybe in 10 years ...
  6. urgirl

    Instagram Updates

    Cuz smoking on stage is only gonna hurt her whereas this driving could kill a family of 5
  7. This account only has 1500 followers so why am I seeing their stuff posted here every fkn day, is it a lanaboards member running it? Anyone know this witch?
  8. Lana told us back in 2012 that she trusts in the decision of the law
  9. I thought she said Nikki, but I hope she said Neko omg
  10. I understand that you'd feel like that, but for me personally "nothing happens for mistake" actually is a rosy idea for me who has experienced extreme traumas, because I believe God has a plan for me and my pain is not for nothing
  11. but Boarding school + TIWMUG is about her getting sent to boarding school right lol..? not a mental health facility
  12. when she was 19? Ive never heard about that do u know the source?
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