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  1. IJBOL you need to log off baby and touch grass it was never that serious… this is funny asf and not the serve you think it is
  2. if she re-releases AKA alongside Ocean Blvd… it makes sense - because she mentioned the album recently so…
  3. if she releases all her unreleased songs then she’s fucking crazy (i kinda doubt she would anyways, she would struggle to find the original files)
  4. Judah Smith Interlude just leaked and it is AWFUL who approved this
  5. I can’t remember, but I was in contact with the person who made it at some point and I think that’s what songs they told me the humming is from.
  6. When You Call isn’t real by the way… the humming is taken from Y&B and Video Games
  7. I have a feeling the account is run by Ben and Ed… it was verified instantly. Hopefully this won’t be another case where they advertise other artists
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