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  1. Billie

    Katy Perry

    is she mocking feminism in the MV? i don’t get it
  2. i’m confused… so did he write the chorus originally, and clay reworked it?
  3. Lana’s backing vocals in Quavo’s verse… wow
  4. sorry to be bumping this, but… i’ve always wondered if we know whether or not @nathandeirey on X/Twitter is/was Lana or if it’s just a fan pretending to be her?
  5. What photoshoot does the Lana picture on the American flag come from? I can’t remember
  6. how has this song still not been found on any registering sites
  7. waiting for the day when someone meets lana irl and asks her about tropico and she spills all the tea about it
  8. i believe it’s because of interscope/tap. they also released a sped up version of summertime sadness: because of tiktok! they’re obviously doing it for the sake of charts but i don’t think lana has anything to do with sped up versions or remixes i think you’re right, sometimes she cares about charts and other times she doesn’t
  9. what’s the title of the cover Lana and Quavo registered recently?
  10. I just found the american flag in the Tough music video… don’t click the spoilers if you don’t want any!
  11. has the song shown up on any registering sites?
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