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  1. We're Lana stans, we live in a constant state of nightmares, so all year counts as spooky season for us
  2. I'm trying not to listen to LMLYLAW until the album is out, cause I don't want to overplay it...
  3. If it is, maybe she will include scenes from the title track MV? I find it hard to believe the mv is not coming soon, after the whole emoji/spooky comments + Lana teasing it on IG yesterday. It would be beyond cruel
  4. Same as LIB? Not saying it WILL leak one of these days, but it's not absolutely impossible. We know that leakers sometimes lose it and start a leak fest out of nowhere, or even Lana could also release it someday, it's not like she hasn't reworked old songs for her albums, so... Don't know if I'd like it to be on COCC, but perhaps her next album
  5. Wasn't the blog that spilled tea on LMLYLAW MV from the UK? It can be a coincidence, or a pattern
  6. Same! I don't know if Elle moved some pages while I was reading, but every time I refreshed or tried to go to the next page, it redirected me to the one I already read so been reading the same comments for about an hour until I finally caught up
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