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  1. Lana better collab with Emile again or we're kidnapping her chickens.
  2. Maybe she's pulling a Marina and changing her stage name to Lana only
  3. At least it's better than Gaga signing with an "L"
  4. https://www.listening-event.com/lana-del-rey#/pre
  5. What if Lana is colorblind and all this time she's been seeing blue as some other random ass color, like Yellow or something?
  6. He said I was bad Let me show you what bad girls do CAUSE NO ONE DOES IT BETTER!
  7. He probably meant to say 20/10 I mean, an album with songs like Shades of Cool, West Coast, Pretty When You Cry, Old Money and Black Beauty?! Magnum Opus!
  8. Yeah... and it's not necessarily bad. I mean, most unreleased tracks are exactly that way. Raw, messy... It's part of the charm. But most casual fans aren't really used to any of this but to the perfect Lana Del Rey they remember from albums like Honeymoon or Norman. Even Ultraviolence was more polished and rich. Again, I don't hate her decision. It might take some time for me to get used to it, but I'm glad she's feeling more confident in her voice. But... it wouldn't hurt if she let the production of the songs shine again, as well as her voice in future records, as I don't really like how simple some songs can be sometimes (especially if there are too many in a row)
  9. In my opinion, they aren't really polished and I understand it's because Lana wanted this album to sound raw, pure and "desperately" fragile but like someone mentioned above, I'm also not a fan of it. It sounds too messy and sometimes the vocals are way too loud (Arcadia, Black Bathing Suit, If You Lie Down with Me, Sweet Carolina) and it hurts my ears Overall, I do love the album... But I do agree the execution failed and could have been done much better.
  10. By the way, thanks for the shoes Your interest really made stacks Your interest really made stacks Your interest really made stacks out of it
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