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  1. So, let me get this straight... Lasso, a country album, has been on the works for 5 years, Jack has said it was brilliant, and we even had two teasers! The latest being recorded as early as February. It was also supposed to be out in 4 months... Now it turns out it's not even finished, (yet it should be by now, considering how long the whole vinyl process takes...) but not only that, Lana also said she has no idea what direction is this album going... At least, she said the songs are more melodic... I take it they're not as wordy, and we're getting more of her classic sounding songs, with normal song structures! Which is good, after NFR/COTCC/BB/DYKTTATUOB
  2. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    This makes me appreciate ME! even more
  3. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    For real, tho! Being a casual fan is so much fun. You get to enjoy the music while everyone goes batshit crazy
  4. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    omg pls show me to me Rachel
  5. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    I'm adding these to my eras tour audio I hope she releases a new film, or someone leaks a soundboard, cause I really like the TTPD segment
  6. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    It's giving Serena vs Blair
  7. I've struggled with depression my entire life, and recently I've been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. I always felt weird, like I didn't belong, and I would punish myself for feeling that way. I hated feeling sad because people would always tell me I had no reason to. But then, I met Lana and her music literally changed my life. Like she described herself in WW, she's awkward but sweet, and so am I... And then in Beautiful, when she said "sadness can turn into happiness, I can turn blue into something beautiful" I felt that! Because whenever I feel sad, or nostalgic, it's when I feel like myself the most. I feel inspired by sadness. Some might say I romanticize it, but I disagree. I think, thanks to Lana, I learned how to exploit certain things I can't control for my own benefit, and now I don't feel alone, nor so misunderstood
  8. I'm bored, can Ivory Almond post fake Tough lyrics on musixmatch again
  9. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    I hope she gets cancelled soon, so we get Rep TV asap
  10. Hoping someone leak the full show like they did with Outside Lands lol
  11. plastiscguy

    Taylor Swift

    I unironically think ME! Is a great song
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