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  1. didnt she say she'd be off social media for awhile nnn
  2. Been discussing theories and nonsense for over a year, and now that we finally have legit info about the album, this thread dies...
  3. Imagine putting F*r Fr*e and F*cking up Sl*wly on the tracklist but not Dealer...
  4. Why bother with UV? Let's sign a petition for Lana to release COCC in the next hour
  5. Realistically speaking... 01. Born to Die 02. Chemtrails 03. Video Games 04. Cherry 05. White Mustang 06. Let Me Love You Like a Woman 07. National Anthem 08. Change / Black Beauty / Young and Beautiful 09. Ride 10. Pretty When You Cry 11. Yosemite 12. White Dress 13. Off to the Races 14. Doin Time 15. Summertime Sadness 16. Venice Bitch When she ignores most COCC tracks for the tour except For Free, Woman and BUS + the entire BTD album + some covers with old people
  6. 01. Intro + Honeymoon 02. Not All Who Wander Are Lost 03. Video Games 04. Let Me Love You Like a Woman 05. White Dress 06. Hope 07. Ride 08. Wild at Heart 09. Born to Die 10. Cherry 11. Tulsa Jesus Freak 12. High By The Beach 13. Dark - But Just a Game 14. Summertime Sadness 15. Black Beauty 16. Young and Beautiful 17. Dance Till We Die 18. Off to the Races 19. Chemtrails Under the Country Club 20. Venice Bitch + Outro
  7. I had a dream TJF leaked and it was one her best, most people here hated it cause the choruses felt flat, but the beat was just
  8. This is the third time, a Lana album won't have a song with strings at the beginning within the first two tracks... First, Paradise, then Lust for Life... Now Chemtrails... I know Ride has strings, but it doesn't really count. Not the way BTD, UV, HM and NFR do.
  9. I really hope White Dress has some strings at the beginning
  10. The website where the date showed up in, is legit. For example, they also listed Sour Candy by Gags to be out before the album, and it ended up being true! I think the website works with the iTunes store, so they share the same database...
  11. MAC is no snoozefest, that's VB. Hoping for more MAC songs like on COCK
  12. https://www.instagram.com/p/CKCa6cSBUOL/?igshid=12iijbgyqr6r7
  13. Cassette Girl: "Suck my titties, you wanker" I do not want to know what the guy who'll leak COCC will say
  14. Everytime some troll fakes a leak, a real song leaks... manifesting Dealer next
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