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  1. @111 was also dragging us all because he had spilled about the first track before but no one believed him
  2. I dreamed Lana announced the new album... it had a weird, long name (something about lilacs on fire) and the cover was basically Chemtrails 2.0 (same font) except she was in full glam and the cover was in color It was a 18-track album, and it had 6 short interludes (they were instrumentals only, fortunately) The first track sampled a song by some rapper, it was a 3-min monologue over the backing track... Then the second track was LA Who Am I It was very experimental, basically Lust for Life 2.0 with many different genres at once
  3. I won't believe it until it's released... you know you can't trust her announcing stuff lol
  4. I hope we get another concert professionally livestreamed soon
  5. Did we ever find out who was that producer she was on a (video?) call with? Maybe that could serve as a hint for the sound of the next album (Unless she's scrapped their material)
  6. That's what I got from the interview, I'm excited to see what she comes up with
  7. 1. Endless Summer Tour 2. LA To the Moon Tour 3. Festival Tour 2023 4. Paradise Tour 5. BTD Promotional Tour 6. NFR! Tour
  8. I remember when the first MITA show happened...
  9. If it's fake I hope whoever did that has explosive diarrhea
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