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  1. Can she please just have a heartbreak and earthquakes tour Wtf
  2. unless she changes it drastically to a shoegaze triphop dream pop masterpiece I don’t want it ..or she needs to give it the party 4 u treatment
  3. It’s me your lil Del Norte cunt
  4. Yesss I need a Honeymoon style album reveal, “introducing my 9th/10th album, preorder and track list reveal mañana”
  5. it’s giving NorCal Beach more and more Del Norte County out February 2023 the west coast never left her methinks
  6. she’s giving Sarah Michelle gellar omggg
  7. not saying I believe you at all but the reactions to this are giving the moment we found out the COCC album cover
  8. I’m hoping for Del Norte County still, especially after that ocean photo shoot. The Love Witch takes place in Eureka, which is right next to DNC and I would love some kitschy 70s witchy vibes music for an exploitation film vibes
  9. I’ve never been the biggest fan of Crash but Constant Repeat
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