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  1. The Grants studio version >>> Live. The production live is great but the performance doesn’t go anywhere and just meanders. The reason I love The Grants is because the lyrics how grandiose it sounds by the end but she like skips 3/4 of the song and just sings “I’m gonna take mine of you with me” it was pretty disappointing because I was ready to hear the whole song when I was in the audience
  2. I fully agree!! I’ve seen some people suggest Simon and Garfunkel, and I have always wanted her to cover Johnny Cash. It’s something I’m a bit more hesitant about now. It’s upsetting because I know she can do very good covers in a way that sounds unique to her (e.g The Other Woman, Once Upon a Dream, Season of the Witch, etc), this just sounds a bit lackluster to me
  3. It’s an unpopular opinion on here but I agree the original has so much soul. I would have loved a cover that was more like Hey Baby Blue or whatever it’s called but we just got the same Blue Bannisters ballad. I don’t think it should’ve gotten the pop Doin’ Time cover treatment, but that cover is a bit more true to the source material with some of its elements while this cover doesn’t have those iconic banjo/steel guitar sounds. This is just You’ll Never Walk Alone but much better. Beautiful cover overall but we know she can do better
  4. To be a fair, a more traditional country pop version like the original song (which would be more similar to the source material) would have been very nice. This is giving me a bit of You’ll Never Walk Alone vibes
  5. i forgot her Don't Delete The Kisses cover existed sksksksk better than in the shitty for sure https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yojLixUGmYc
  6. I find her love for American culture and incorporation of it in her music/persona so fascinating. It’s always been an obvious part of her whole shtick but she’s harnessed so many different aspects of Americana throughout her career and it shows just how diverse pure American culture is. AKA has a bit of a southwestern sound to it, I guess? She has that New York/Hamptons style in BTD, a bit of a Latina in LA thing going on with Tropico/Paradise, the whole retro futurism stuff with LFL, the very very Californian surf stuff in NFR, contemporary folk stuff in COCC, and now her recent stuff is pointing towards a more traditional country, southern sound. Now, I honestly wish she would retain that California aesthetic forever, but I would be lying if I said her music and aesthetic hasn’t shown me new types of music and aspects of American culture that I would have never bothered with before. I love seeing her music as a celebration of American culture
  7. there goes our hopes of Lana’s music being featured in any Sofia Coppola film sad day for film nerds
  8. It is not, in 2022 VIP seats were behind the main crowd but elevated. This year VIP was closer to the front but on the sides. Essentially VIP provided you with a better view and more space but not proximity to the front. Not sure how it was before but I’m guessing they will have a similar set up so it is fair for non-VIP holders to have the same chance to get to barricade.
  9. Lana’s fondness of Morgan Wallen’s bro-country music actually worries me I get you can like whatever music you like but after giving it a listen it’s HOT GARBAGE (and not in a campy way!) let’s hope no influence creeps into her new music..it would be much more reassuring if she enjoyed Zach Bryan’s newest album (which was GREAT) but for now all I know is she really likes Morgan Wallen..
  10. I’ve been to the last two (2022 and this year). Unfortunately not going to next year’s as I want to try something new but they were both very fun!! 2022 was their first festival after COVID so it was messy but the lineup was amazing, which made it worth it. There were some glaring issues in 2022, mainly with crowding in bigger stages and limited water refill stations, which was mostly fixed in 2023 (however the lineup wasn’t as good as 2022 so I don’t think it was as popular/crowded). Food and drink is very fairly priced. I’m from the US so it was surprising that the festival starts at 4pm and ends at like 6am the next day - the headliners are likely end at 2am each day. The weather is always perfect since Barcelona is by the beach, Barcelona is just a great city in general, and it’s an overall experience of a lifetime imo. The lineup is probably a godsend to us here at LB but I don’t think it’s amazing for the general public, so I suspect it will be more similar to 2023 than the hectic 2022. Lana is for sure the biggest draw, so expect her day and set to have the worst crowds. Overall, it’s amazing festival and for me, it’s been so worth it every time (I would try to spend another week or so in Barcelona/Spain just to make it worth it). let me know if you have any questions! I can talk about PS all day long
  11. This and the Seoul Halloween crowd crush make me really, really scared to be in crowds. It’s just not worth it :/ it feels like it’s just getting worse and more and more companies seem to just care about profit over safety
  12. I've been really into brill building music as of late, and it would be amazing if she could touch upon that genre..been obsessed with modern brill building songs..I'd say the closest she's gotten to the genre would be Love or Lust for Life, maybe How to Disappear/Wild at Heart (more as influences than actual brill building songs) and NO covers of a brill building song, I want an actual, original song
  13. I found out just a few days ago after years of loving that song that it’s a cover and not their own they ate that up so much
  14. It’s interesting, it kinda reminds me of Bon Iver’s stuff lol definitely has that 1975 sound also. Not sure how he went to making bangers like Rollercoaster or I Wanna Get Better to this though, those are genuinely really great songs. I don't really see this type of sound affecting Lana’s music with him, I typically think her music with him sounds different enough compared to other Antonoff-ettes, and is usually better lol I seriously can’t see any of them making songs like Grandfather or VB for example
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