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  1. so strange of her to literally make two versions of that song and just randomly drop it from her setlist I hope this phase passes somehow and it gets added back
  2. Lana’s online presence is as messy as Selena’s lol it’s hard not to watch lol
  3. same with Santa Monica Sinner and Del Norte County
  4. had a dream she added grins to her tour setlist why do I do this to myself
  5. is it just me or is the is a bit similar to taxi..I’m also drunk bye don’t roast me
  6. in our lust for life era the eyeliner better make a comeback
  7. Wondering if her small tour will be at US baseball stadiums lol? Seeing her at Dodgers stadium or Oracle Park would be iconic
  8. Not Charli related but I was listening to this song and it reminds me of AG Cook/HD PC music era miss it. Charli can learn a thing or two
  9. because it’s actually coming out in JUNE
  10. not a country album but imagine the collapse if the cover was serving this..she’s been basing her recent album covers off of random albums so this would be iconic
  11. Fear fun fear love fresh out of fucks forever HELLO COACHELLA
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