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  1. better than your alt Synthpop faves
  2. How’s the ag cook song I’m at work so I can’t listen but I’m seeing him tonight and I hope he plays it
  3. I agree I just prefer spring/summer albums in general and Lana is just such a summer artist imo (both thematically and when she releases her albums-wise). I see all her albums other than BB summery and I hope she keeps it that way. I always associate her music with hot sunny afternoons, pink sunsets, and humid nights and I love it
  4. in the cock, in the cock, in the cockpit I’m your pilot tea
  5. This album truly makes me emotional. It was such a entering college album for me. It’s not my favorite but it’s possibly one of the most nostalgic records I’ve heard up to date. All songs make me nostalgic. And this era was unmatched <3 love you
  6. I absolutely love Caprisongs, maybe a bit more than Magdalene tbh but Killer is
  7. Accidentally fell asleep with Pharmacist by Alvvays on loop and it’s my top scrobbled song of the year now with 287 plays trying to catch Venice Bitch up because it’s been my top song for the past 2 years and was gonna be my top song this year before this happened love pharmacist but I’m trying to embrace tradition dksjdiei I already have VB with 145 this year so let’s see if I can catch up and balance my listens out doesn’t help that Venice is 10 minutes and pharmacist is 2
  8. we got out of his summer sky blue bentley death reflecting in the sky held my hand, to the ocean he led me i said, "i want, i want to die” vs So I moved to California but it’s just a state of mind it turns out everywhere you go, you take yourself, that’s not a lie wish that you could hold me or just say that you were mine it’s killing me slowly
  9. I know this is fake but if YTH is included my Stan card would be officially turned in I don’t need another mixtape we need new material
  10. there’s something magical about emotional house/electronic music
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