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  1. Omg I got the zip password right and all the tracks appeared and I died… but then…
  2. TNBAR - I feel like maybe she rewrote this for personal reasons and it was an unnecessary revision for most of the rest of us. I think Architecture could have been left as a scrapped song, a fan nugget Love Song can get out of here and honestly HTD and HIAB can too
  3. Last week I put the wish out there that somebody start a fight because I was bored but now I’m scared to post here, some of you bitches are an organized ratchet fleet and I wouldn’t stand a chance anyway, I feel like I’ve been sleeping on If You Lie Down With Me and it might be incredible. You think it’s a brand new recording or is it something she and Barrie did years ago that we just didn’t know about?
  4. I honestly expect to be fully wrecked by Sweet Carolina, probably the best song on the (already amazing) album
  5. He leaves jail to spill no tea and only chastises us ban him #prisonforsweetcarolina and #banlustforlife
  6. BBS is 02:12 the same length as its predecessor Splish Splash
  7. Is there anyone who’s seen Don’t Look Now and has a confident plot assessment?
  8. I kinda vibe to this honestly, esp the doubling in the chorus, but I’m already a shameless LMLYLAW fan. Def better than that demo
  9. I’ll love you from afar or close up either way your voice and tone are beautiful
  10. O rly pray tell. I’m scared how you came to the latter conclusion
  11. Take it to the back if you really wanna talk
  12. Look at this thread, look at how tired we are. And this is Lana’s mood today
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