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    Living in the tunnel under ocean blvd in the land of honeymoons and oil tycoons
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    Spending time in the nature, reading, listening to music & daydreaming
    Would love to learn how to surf one day
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  1. Honeymoon Cruel World Ride White Dress Born To Die Text Book Love Norman Fucking Rockwell The Grants
  2. My ranking: 1. Let The Light In 2. Fishtail 3. A&W 4. Taco Truck × VB 5. Grandfather 6. Peppers 7. Paris, Texas 8. Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd 9. Kintsugi 10. Fingertips 11. The Grants 12. Sweet 13. Jon Batiste Interlude 14. Judah Smith Interlude 15. Margaret No skip even though I dislike some parts of Margaret but some parts of it I really like The Interludes are a whole ass mood Even though Sweet, TG, Fingertips & Kintsugi are a bit lower I still really love them , such a great album
  3. The whole album is so good , I can't stop playing it it sounds better with each listen Candy Necklace gonna be the cherry on top whenever it arrives
  4. My top 5 right now in no order A&W Fishtail Peppers Let The Light In Grandfather But every song is so beautiful listening to Paris , Texas right now & wow it deserves a Top 5 spot too And Taco Truck might be my fave closer since Get Free
  5. The only reason I listened now is I won't be able to listen to the album until April bc in 3 days I go on two week university trip into some spanish mountains & we doing field work all day. Can't wait to re read all the collapses from release day when I come back But it's such a good album
  6. This album is so good Also yes it has variety but to me it has a very nice flow The Fishtail hate needs to stop
  7. When the rosemead exclusive baby tag is a hint & Lana sings I can be your exclusive rosemead baby on Peppers
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