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  1. I just saw this album re-entered the Billboard 200 at spot nr. 97, this is insane
  2. Omg a Quavo collab I am here for that No clue how this would work on a country album but I trust Lana Maybe we are going cuntry after all
  3. I need Henry, Come On so bad right now I mean the Blues Skies cover is (partially) released now and I definitely think the next song we will get is a single from Lasso and it better drops within the next few weeks
  4. Love the new song, it's been on repeat It's somehow It's somehow orgasmic and has this feeling of having the best club summer night ever and then sitting in a car on the ride back home, windows down, wind in your hair and just having fun Also can't wait to experience it live
  5. Imagine we would get a visual album or another short film Lasso gonna slay harder than we expect Even if it's "just" for a music video, it's gonna be brilliant. Really exciting news Now I really hope that we get a single at the end of this month or in March, oh Henry come on
  6. Ngl I would hate this date bc I am in Nepal with university then and I probably won't have internet for days and speaking of experience, no time and privacy to listen to it and join the hype. It's kinda sad bc I missed the Ocean Blvd release day bc of almost the exact same reason. Or maybe you all should thank me bc everytime I'm going on an university trip it seems like Lana drops a new album But we don't know how reliable that is, I just had a dramatic moment
  7. Did You Know That There's A Smash Under Slaying Blvd I am so proud and happy that this album is doing these numbers Truly showing which album AOTY deserved
  8. Help what is going on? We need Henry Come On released as a single and not things l-wording seven months before the release
  9. Do we know when they will take place, I can't get through things like this anytime soon But they better give her deserved award unlike the stupid Scammys
  10. Also I forgot to say that Lana looked STUNNING, GORGEOUS and BEAUTIFUL @Black to Bluewe should definitely work on our psychic abilities
  11. This is just so unfair, disrespectful and disappointing towards Lana and I am so sad for her. But imo it was great that she got a shout out from Taylor and Jack and kinda from Billie too (she said that every song on that list was crazy good). And I am not the biggest Taylor fan but it was cute that she wanted Lana to be on the stage and gave her a little moment. Sure it was awkward a bit but imagine Taylor and Jack left her alone at the table, I am sure she would have gotten some hate for that too. And I mean Lana is a featured artist on Midnights as well and I am sure Taylor had good intentions. I still can't find a logical reason why Paramore and Boygenius won over Lana in the alt categories and I don't think Midnights deserved AOTY and A&W definitely deserved SOTY. But in the end it's not the artists to blame for but the voters in the grammy comitee. They clearly don't like her for whatever reason and the voters comment mentioning SNL sadly said it all. I just hope Lana, knows how beloved she is, that is she doing insane streaming numbers, that she paved the way and that we all proud of her and her art and that she is truly ahead of time. I hope she stops caring about the Grammys bc they clearly do not deserve her at all but yeah she deserved to get a Grammy more than anyone else it is long overdue. Literally talked to some friends this morning about this which are more like casual listeners and they were shocked and in disbelief when I told them that Lana never won a Grammy. But luckily there is so much important things out there than having a Grammy but for sure it would have been a nice credit. With that being said stream the true album of the year and of our hearts: Did You Know That There's A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
  12. I go to bed now bc fuck this shit show but idk if I can fall asleep bc I am so mad right now But a bit of hope is left, she has to win AOTY and /or SOTY, boyflopius had their moment which was more than enough and more than they deserved sorry not sorry Maybe I'll eat some chocolate and smoke a ciggy to calm down
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