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  1. This album found me in a very dark time in my life. In May 2014 I entered this kind of fugue state. Everyone’s faces began to blur into obscurity, voices dissolved into indistinguishable static, every step I walked felt like a weightless drift, and the days blurred into a seamless continuum. It felt like my insides had been hollowed out, and the thought of taking my own life became a relentless reverberation in my mind. I was only 18 years old and in my first year of uni, and I had to be brought back home. I still remember the freezing winter evening when UV leaked on Tumblr. I was babysitting and had just tucked the kids into bed, leaving me alone in the living room with nothing but the warmth of a crackling fire. How special it was to be able to sit in that kind of serene stillness while listening to this album for the first time. My mental health nonetheless worsened and I was admitted into an inpatient mental health facility. UV was my salvation in there. At the risk of sounding parasocial, it felt as if the album was crafted just for me, particularly Black Beauty. "Darling, you can't let everything seem so dark blue." I'll never forget sitting in the art room for hours on end, creating mosaics and listening to the songs over and over. But things did get better. And here I am, 10 years later. I’m engaged, pursuing my postgrad in psychology, and on a meticulously crafted cocktail of meds lmao. And I truly am so happy now. The magnificence of the sun and the ocean blue finally make sense to me. Happy 10th birthday Ultraviolence, thank you so much for being there for me.
  2. @Psychedelic Pussy @taco truck self-aware queens, we love to see healthy conflict resolution skills
  3. RIP Lasso say hi to Rock Candy Sweet and Tropico for me x
  4. I genuinely didn't think I'd be such a fan of blonde Lana wearing beige but she's kinda killing it?
  5. Her dress and headpiece is very much giving the idea of idea of "going back to your roots" for Garden of Time omg she slayed the theme so hard
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