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  1. summertime sadness, then maybe born to die or video games. but I only listened to it sporadically. I only went to download her music after the release of ultraviolence.
  2. did it just confirm the covers album lmao
  3. its just not her day today I'm starting to feel sad about the possibility of her being sad
  4. watch her being given perma ban
  5. ricogonzales6@gmail.com
  6. its her trap account!
  7. actually this just makes me believe more that it's hers
  8. she's being dramatic to announce a tour in south america
  9. k darling time to sing the fuck out of Life is a Highway
  10. God is a woman. Im beyond happy, not only for getting this performance but bc only us, diehard fans, know what it means after SNL. kinda crying rn
  11. are we getting a primavera festival worldwide tour? please please
  12. so were recognizing that they did in fact have at least a relationship? also being called a doll by your crush lmao idk if i would find it cute or hurtful
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