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  1. littleredpartydress

    Did her sing daydreams ever leak if no can someone leak it please
  2. I randomly got an instagram ad for one of these in my city as well in march
  3. Ya agreed, this is more what I meant in that post anyways. But after OBs vinyl success I am definitely worried about what they may force
  4. I really hope she doesn’t ever do the whole “multiple vinyls with multiple different bonus tracks on each” thing. different covers are one thing, they can be cool as collectibles - but forcing people to pay $40 for the same album + 1 new song that’s unavailable anywhere else is becoming such a cringe and awful trend
  5. Really not feeling this I feel like her songs are becoming indistinguishable honestly. The same formula is followed in each song and her vocal performances rarely vary anymore
  6. She def called them on herself I’m crying this is so 2014’d
  7. It’s fake the real song is Faustian Bargain by Saint Avangeline
  8. Hopefully they continue to add LTLI to more big playlists, it could easily become a massive hit right now but it’s definitely just needs a slight push
  9. Can we please collectively agree to ignore tagged 5 second LQ snippets this album cycle please thank you!
  10. I don’t understand why there are always so many issues with release dates on her releases? Didn’t this impact SYTH at some point too?
  11. Wait whaaaat I now feel like the odds that this changes completely and ends up releasing in may 2025 just went up 100%
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