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  1. When he was an open and proud misogynist, cancel culture will get him soon enough for that one
  2. Honestly his reviews normally are pretty good and always valid, it’s just the mindless army that parrots his opinions that makes me hate him
  3. God I hate that RAT he could have given it an 11 and I would still DESPISE him. The way he has an army of incels that follow his every word and now there will be review bombing on all of the aggregator websites as always. It’s sick
  4. Ya it really didn’t make sense but I really don’t think there was anything they could have done differently, and at the end of the day it will still sell the same amount so what’s the difference between selling 35k week 1 & 25k week 2 versus selling 60k week 1 This is def the “thing I’ve never talked about” before and also probably why she randomly hates her mom but it’s not something worth speculating on as it seems pretty personal so that’s all I’ll give me thoughts on
  5. Damn, it would have been an easy #2 or maybe #1 if they didn’t fuck up the physicals. If dealer keeps getting more traction this week it could probably do a little more too
  6. Can y’all devote this energy into STREAMING DEALER instead
  7. It’s a lyric in a song called loved you then and now that was scrapped
  8. I don’t think it’s about g eazy, as annoying as he was he’s still a pretty successful musician so I doubt she’d have to give him money, unless that line isn’t meant to be literal
  9. She needs to make a video for dealer NOW or her teams needs to get it playlisting on Spotify it would literally be her biggest hit in years the locals are eating it up
  10. I can’t believe I didn’t like this when it leaked i think I was just in a bad mood literally every song is a 10 when will I escape her grasp over my mind
  11. your interest really made stacks out of it for me SO THANKS FOR THAT You said I was BAD let me show yew HOW BAD GIRLS DEW
  12. They should celebrate their new found friendship by releasing UFB!
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