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  1. All of her openers have intros that set the tone of the record perfectly...white dress better be no different!
  2. If she wouldn’t have caused QFTC 2.0 this week I think the controversy from last year would have been largely ignored. It was nearly a year old and people don’t remember that enough for it to generate clicks but, she has to cause round 2 literally the day she announced her album - so it was overshadowed by that
  3. it’s always the terf banged woke olympics gals that try it too like If you call yourself a critic, critique the music, don’t google “Lana Del Rey controversies 2020” and shove them into a blender HACK also: Her tweeting about getting a rash and the comments saying “deserved” lipsters chill
  4. someone correct me if im wrong on these but going into UV we heard the full song or snippets of: UV, SOC, BB, WC and The Other Woman was a cover HM: Title track, MTWBT, TLY, HBTB, Freak, DLMBM, Salvatore, Burnt Norton (HM Hotline ) LFL: Love, LFL, 13 Beaches intro, Cherry, White Mustang, Summer Bummer, Groupie Love, Coachella, Change NFR: literally every song so this will be the album with the most unknown songs since UV if she doesnt post anything else
  5. Ya we heard the entire first verse and chorus of norman which basically turned out to be the entire song since it doesn’t have a bridge and has a long ish outro
  6. I don’t think anyone realized it was bartender at the time though right? the fact that we went into an album literally knowing what every single song sounded like and some of them we had heard 1:30 or more before
  7. Pressing play on Yosemite for the first time is going to be the biggest emotional rollercoaster of all time
  8. omg didn’t someone just say they wanted her to sing more about her past on this album we are continuing to win at every turn it’s getting weird
  9. She’s really going to be singing about how she wants to get married but will forever be alone huh It’s ok ms girl me too me too
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