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  1. lets just say thank god none of you are music producers ot: tough - should have been re-worked to the trash bin on the desktop!
  2. This is already not charting in a single country on spotify my god
  3. Ya it’s honestly crazy how stuff can spiral and spread like this and just totally lose control I feel bad for the guy but also like, why pretend to be the person that tried to assassinate a former president or honestly, if this guy is actually named Thomas crooks then the news who reported it before police confirmed it then they better get sued. Cause honestly I have no clue what’s going on now
  4. This guy was trolling and it spiraled out of control he isn’t actually Thomas crooks
  5. Ya, I mean probably smart also some troll posted his own photo claiming to be the shooter and now it’s went omega viral and they are having a meltdown I can’t
  6. everything about this guy has definitely been scrubbed off the internet there’s like 2 things that have been found
  7. Not too much on the classic summer bummer but ya this is garbage and no Spotify streams will ever change that!
  8. We must endure but once the hype wears off the truth will shine through!
  9. Right like I want to like it but it just sounds so corny, like trap by the numbers devoid of any creativity really but whatever, just hope it isn’t on her album
  10. I’ll listen to this like twice but glad y’all are enjoying
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