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  1. Dance till we die has to have some of her most nauseating lyrics I don’t think I have ever rolled my eyes harder than I do when she sings “troubled by my circumstance burdened by the weight of fame” I really hope she gets out of singing about how difficult it is to be famous soon - but I unfortunately think the next album will, at least thematically, be the same except from an even stronger victim mindset since she feels everyone is out to get her
  2. Didn’t he produce madonnas SEX that is literally among the worst songs of all time. Why do we want this man anywhere near this again we want venice bitch 2.0 not white mustank 7.0
  3. Ok but she looks AMAZING lets hope it’s good does her hair looks slightly gray towards her hairline or am I crazy
  4. “Read the room” as if the casual everyday news reader has their finger on the pulse of what woke Twitter thinks about prince Phillip today The day these freaks stop controlling the narrative around every topic will be the day I am finally happy again so sick of it
  5. Y’all are weird we literally just got proof that the QFTC and all of her cancellations impacted her commercial success in like literally no way whatsoever so who tf cares yall worry about what Twitter warriors say WAYYYYY too much that shit is not the real world they live in a delusional plane of existence
  6. Right I’m not understanding cjskwknsbxb
  7. Not this...not this... this poor man has to regret swiping right on her on bumble at this point. The lipsters need to leave him be
  8. they have a cool water park there she should go and get some inspo...water slides over the kiddie pool next album
  9. They think she’s cardi b or Ariana or something I swear
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