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  1. Not another album coming for +1m updates her discography really is timeless. Every album will have its time to shine one day
  2. This is beyond beating a dead horse at this point
  3. Jack haters kicking and screaming
  4. I honestly feel like she is doing these mini legs with only a few dates in them so if she randomly gets sick of the tour halfway through it and wants to stop *cough NFR tour cough* she can cancel it without backlash and having to worry about refunds/etc. it makes sense too since it seems like she’s able to sell out venues with pretty short notice anyways, so I feel like dates will keep appearing like a month or so out until she’s like ya I’m done with this.
  5. Y’all better get used to fighting in here for at least 18 more months
  6. Surely there will be more right at least I saw her at OSL
  7. Any show in Seattle/Vancouver/Portland/SF/LA will do for me but I just hope I can get a ticket for under $200 if she is doing like theaters and stuff she better do multiple dates per city, but I think for this she should just do arenas again like the LFL tour. She’s so much more of a touring force now they would all sell out instantly.
  8. I genuinely don’t get the repeated meltdowns over the set list like it only seems bad because this like the 20th show that you’ve watched via livestream after seeing her at OSL, it works perfectly and there are really no duds during it (other than maybe bartender which kinda sucks the energy down)
  9. Need a word stronger than mother
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