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  1. Idk where to post this. Not sure if it’s been talked about
  2. so first this idiot leaks her songs outtakes photos literally anything she has ever done in her career and now uses their moderately large twitter platform to trash the upcoming album that 95% of her fanbase probably still hasnt heard with fans like these who needs haters truly ok they deleted but like. still... i hate some of these people
  3. tbh like its enough now... if she wants to make more uptempo stuff you can definitely do that without injecting trap into it at every chance
  4. I mean (most) people on here will respect opinions and it’s mostly just jokes, but you probably won’t get many people agreeing with you that the new album isn’t all that when it isn’t even released yet you gotta wait at least 6 months for people to start hating the newest release around here
  5. Quickly which one of you is Lana I know you are here I just know it show yourself and once you do, release THEE candy necklace
  6. Not a Tik tok of someone buying the vinyl early with over a million likes now every person that liked it needs to go buy the record!
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