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  1. I agree that she didn't need to call out an old member of the crew (by name???). She could have thanked the fans for listening for 12+ years hello but at the same time, her doing that makes me think this person has screwed her over many many times and this was the last straw
  2. How can the biggest festival mess up a headliner's mic?? I will literally never understand.
  3. FRIENDS- the Lana re-uploads keep getting taken down, but don't worry. I downloaded the set in full HQ quality and I'm going to upload it to Dropbox shortly.
  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXBNly3FZJE&t=373s&ab_channel=NickyandCoco I'm watching this to pass the time
  5. forgive my stupid ass post lmfao i'm a 24 year old woman and when lana was my age she was probably playing in bars thinking "will i ever make it??" well
  6. I did see Billie's story but I thought some sleuth confirmed it but yes I fully believe Billie x Lana is finally happening
  7. Y'ALL i'm already kind of drunk and we have 7 more hours
  8. Where is the confirmed Billie performance???? Confirmed???
  9. I second Cherry. Not my favorite song, barely makes it in the top 30, but live is incredible
  10. Yes it's a funny, tongue-in-cheek way of saying "I was crucified in 2012 but I will rise again" also it's giving major "I walked so y'all could run" vibes
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